Dragon Age II's Next Add-On To Take Fan Feedback Into Account

madasahat Jun 17, 2011

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    Dragon Age II's Next Add-On To Take Fan Feedback Into Account


    BioWare is currently cooking up more DLC for Dragon Age II and is looking to address feedback from its core fanbase, while trying to appeal to new fans too. The developer declined to reveal specific details of what the next DAII add-on will include, but explained that it will look to appeal to a wider audience as it moves forward with the franchise.

    "We have some new DLC that's upcoming that's going to try and address some of the comments and try and provide the fans with the things they're looking for, both the core fans and the new fans," BioWare boss Ray Muzyka told Eurogamer. "We're committing to making sure all the products in the franchise going forward are going to appeal to a wide audience, both the core and more."

    Meanwhile, Muzyka reflected on how Dragon Age II performed critically after EA Games label President Frank Gibeau claimed that "we lost some fans with Dragon Age II".

    "It actually drew a lot of new players in who really love it. Many people who played Dragon Age: Origins loved it as well." said Muzyka. "But also there were a lot of fans of the original Dragon Age: Origins who weren't as happy with it. Maybe they were looking for more of the same, and it was different and innovative in ways they weren't expecting.

    "Commercially, it's been very successful. Critically it's been successful with a lot of new fans, and many of the old fans."

    No date or details have yet been revealed for the next Dragon Age II DLC, but an announcement can't be too far off.

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