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GamrInsanity Jul 10, 2010

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    This information comes form the latest Game Informer…

    - Can import data from the original game
    - Flemeth will appear
    - Causing issues with party members won’t always be a bad thing:

    “They won’t necessarily leave. They may still join you, but they’re going to try to show you up, and that may influence battle in a different way.”

    - Mass Effect 2 conversation wheel, now a symbol is shown to show what sort of reply it is (ex: aggressive or sarcastic)
    - Manner in which the story unfolds will be different than previous BioWare titles:

    “Dragon Age II has a framed narrative structure, which means that the exploits of Hawke occured in the past, but are being retold in the present.” “Narrators with unique insights into the events in question tell the tale of his past adventures.”

    - Events from the original at the start may be shown, but from a different perspective:

    “Dragon Age II begins as the events of Origins are still taking place, so you may see some familiar events from a different angle.”

    - Will see the consequences of our actions sooner instead of a little text at the end of the game
    - PC version’s combat system the same for the most part:

    “The PC version implements the same strategic approach afforded by a mouse-and-keyboard control scheme. Rather than try to mimic the PC experience on consoles, Dragon Age II has a battle system more tailored to the strengths of the PS3 and 360.”

    Another quote:

    “You may be controlling a different character in Dragon Age II, but the choices your Grey Warden made in Origins are still imported from your save and reflected in the world.”

    About the conversation system:

    “Dragon Age II uses a conversation system similar to Mass Effect’s, where players select paraphrased versions of the dialogue from a wheel. An icon in the middle of the wheel even illustrates the line’s basic intent (like aggressive or sarcastic), so you can focus more on the interaction rather than reading and analyzing your dialogue choices.”

    Game Informer speaking about the game, having played the Xbox 360 version:

    “[Game Informer] can confirm that it is faster, more responsive, and more fluid than before. As soon as you press a button, something happens. As a warrior, Hawke threw down special strikes and used a new dash move to slash through darkspawn with ease. It isn’t on the Dynasty Warriors side of the spectrum, but with obvious improvements to the targeting system and animations, playing Dragon Age II with a controller finally feels natural.”


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