DOOM 2 - You Have Huge Guts - Achievement Guide

Bullet Sep 17, 2011

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    Okay so for those who don't know this achievement, it's kill a Cyberdemon with your fists. Now at first you would think, "Seriously? GTFO" but thats not the case. The Cyberdemon doesn't have to be killed with just your fists. Damage him down then finish him off with a punch.

    I highly recommend you clear the area of all enemies besides the Cyberdemon, then proceed to fight him. Also save before you attempt achievement, will save you alot of trouble.

    The Cyberdemon normally walks a few steps, fires 3 rockets then repeats. Be warned though, the time between attack varies from time to time. He could walk 10 feet then attack or even 2 feet then attack. Just a heads up.

    I recommend attempting this on Map 08 Tricks & Traps. Room full of Barons of Hell. Grab Soulsphere and temp invincibility, kill enough Barons to get passage to Cyber demon. I have various methods on how to kill him!

    1. (Room cleared of all Barons, but no power ups)Wait until he decides to stop firing, can easily dodge his rockets.Two direct hits with BFG 9000 up close, few plasma round (20-30) now if he doesn't die here, save, proceed to punch him, hopefully he will die. Reload save if he dies before punching or if you die.

    2.(With powerups on & Baron's still in the room) They could easily screw your achievement up. Once the Cyberdemon sees you, he will fire but it will hit everything in front of him, so the Baron's that have taken damage off him, will attack him, its most likely the Cyberdemon will kill'em all but slight chance when you are attacking, a stray Baron could finish him off!

    3.(For those who cannot be arsed to try this out from scratch.This isn't on Map08 Tricks & Traps, this is from my savefile on "No Rest For The Living" the last level. Grab the saveset over at http://www.xpgamesav...-on-earth-180g/ ) The room is cleared and its just you and the Cyberdemon, if he is in that boxed area and you don't feel like risking going, just wander away from area and he should leave, where he will be out in the open. Now's your chance to get it. Again avoid the 3 fire attack system, run up and hit(Might be more then once) then he should die!

    Follow above and you should pwn that Cybie in no time B)!

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