Preview DmC Accolades Trailer Shows Universal Love for the Reboot

Rocky Jan 30, 2013

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    Capcom and Ninja Theory have released a new DmC trailer today, showcasing the array of accolades the Devil May Cry reboot has received since its launch a couple of weeks ago.

    Suffice to say, the critical reception for Ninja Theory's reboot has been incredibly positive, which is why the video is full of high review scores from a range of gaming sites around the interweb.

    In fact, it even includes our very own review score, which is nice, innit? You can read our DmC: Devil May Cry review here, and watch the DmC accolades trailer down there. It's out now, as is the new DmC Costumes Pack, which includes three alternate Dante outfits - Classic Dante, Dark Dante and Neo Dante - for 320 Microsoft Points.

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