Disney Infinity Complete Achievement List

Rocky Jun 26, 2013

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    Star Extractor 5
    Collect 15 Stars in a Play Set.

    1 more to go 10
    Collect 15 Stars in 2 Play Sets.

    All Star 25
    Collect 15 Stars in 3 Play Sets.

    It's a Start 10
    Collect 50 Stars.

    Wish Upon a Star 100
    Collect 70 Stars in the Disney Infinity Starter Pack.

    New friends 10
    Play a 2-player game using two different Characters.

    Character Plunder 4
    Unlock 3 Character Chests.

    Character Elite Force 100
    Level up 3 Characters to Level 15.

    Character Elite Set 25
    Level up 2 Characters to Level 15.

    Character Elite 10
    Level up 1 Character to Level 15.

    Visit the Hall 4
    Visit the Hall of Heroes.

    Infinity and Beyond 10
    Play 3 Play Sets and the Toy Box.

    All Modes 10
    Drive a car, pilot a helicopter, and a ride a mount.

    Power Up! 4
    Place one Power Disc on the Disney Infinity Base.

    Great Communicator 10
    Talk to mission givers 20 times throughout Disney Infinity.

    Defender of the Universe 10
    Defeat 100 enemies throughout Disney Infinity.

    It's a Party 10
    Play a 4 player game.

    Sorry? 4
    Defeat another player's Character.

    Not Sorry? 10
    Defeat 40 player Characters.

    Acrobat 5
    Stand on top of a stack of 4 Characters.

    The Champion 10
    Win First Place in a multiplayer Adventure.

    Creator 5
    Save 4 different Toy Box worlds.

    Graduate 10
    Complete all Mastery Adventures.

    Import master 10
    Place a toy from a Play Set in a Toy Box you are hosting.

    Spin start 10
    Take 10 turns in the Disney Infinity Vault.

    Spin Master 15
    Take 20 turns in the Disney Infinity Vault.

    Bonus Bank 10
    Win 5 bonuses in the Disney Infinity Vault.

    Toy Maker Extreme 15
    Take 30 turns in the Disney Infinity Vault.

    Star Hunter 10
    Get 18 Stars from Adventures.

    Feat Novice 10
    Complete 25 feats.

    Feat Master 15
    Complete 75 feats.

    Not Last! 10
    Complete 3 Adventures to bronze standard.

    Almost There 25
    Complete 3 Adventures to silver standard.

    It's All Gold! 100
    Complete 3 Adventures to gold standard.

    Team Work 5
    Complete a story mission in a multiplayer game.

    Getting It Started 4
    Complete a story mission.

    Journey Complete 10
    Complete the story in a Play Set.

    Another Happy Outcome 25
    Complete the story in 2 Play Sets.

    There is no "end" in infinity! 100
    Complete the story in 3 Play Sets.

    Full of Toys 10
    Unlock 10 toys from Play Sets.

    Power Pack! 10
    Buy 2 Packs from one Play Set.

    Multi-Tool! 10
    Buy 2 Tools from one Play Set.

    City Planner 10
    Buy 4 Play Set buildings and place them in the Toy Box.

    Doesn't This Look Better? 10
    Customize 6 buildings in the Play Sets.

    Challenger 5
    Complete the "Easy" level on all Challenges in a single Play Set.

    Challenging 10
    Complete the "Medium" level on all Challenges in a single Play Set.

    Challenges Conquered 25
    Complete the "Hard" level on all Challenges in a single Play Set.

    That Was Easy 10
    Complete 5 Challenges on easy.

    That Was Rough 25
    Complete 5 Challenges on medium.

    That Was A Challenge 100
    Complete 5 Challenges on hard.

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