Diablo III Listed For Xbox One

Rocky Jan 14, 2014

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    Activision Blizzard has yet to announce Diablo III for Xbox One, which seems like an odd decision, especially as the game is coming to

    PS4. That hasn't prevented Diablo III from popping up on a retailer's site with listings for an Xbox One version.

    Currently, Diablo III for Xbox One is available to pre-order at Best Buy Canada and Best Buy subsidiary Futureshop with cover art claiming that the game is 'coming soon'. The listing could be placeholder while we wait for an official announcement declaring that Diablo III is coming to Xbox One, or it could be the real deal. It's probably the former.

    Check out a screengrab of the Diablo III Xbox One listing on Best Buy Canada below. Is Diablo III coming to Xbox One? Make of this what you will. Until an official announcement is forthcoming, Diablo III for Xbox One may or may not be a reality. As ever, stay tuned.


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