Diablo 3 Patch Will Add Legendary sets, New Bounties and more

Bullet Feb 20, 2015

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    Blizzard has detailed a new update on Diablo 3, giving us a first look at what new features the new patch (2.2.0) will include. It is fair to say that the upcoming patch is massive and we will see quite a bit of new content added to the game.

    The future patch 2.2.0 will see the addition of "more sets that could compete with the most powerful ones currently in the game. To that end, we're debuting three new 6 piece sets in patch 2.2.0—Unhallowed Essence, Wrath of the Wastes, and Delsere's Magnum Opus" say Blizzard on the Battle.net.

    Current sets such as Immortal King's Call, Inna's Mantra, Natalya's Vengeance, Raiment of a Thousand Storms, Roland's Legacy, Tal Rasha's Elements, and Zunimassa's Haunt will be getting overhauled with new designs and further bonuses.

    Legendary Item Powers will be updated with the addition of Legendary armor, gems, rings, and so much more. In total there will be 15 new Legendary powers added to the game, as well as existing items also receiving some attention.

    Adventure Mode will soon have a total of 20 new bounties to discover in Acts II, IV, and V, as well as the addition of new fourteen new bounties called 'Exploration'. These bounties involve exploring and either rescuing NPC's or killing monsters you find, depending on whether or not the are goodies or baddies of course. Exploration bounties will span the entire game and will not be limited to certain acts.

    Patch 2.2.0 will also see the addition of three brand new Goblins, new cosmetics window, as well as several additional fixes, quality of life enhancements, and other changes not listed above.
    This patch is currently still being developed by Blizzard and will be available for testing when completed in the Public Test Region.
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