Diablo 3 for May Release

XPGBuSh Mar 18, 2012

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    The long awaited Diablo III now has a release date to its name. Most fans of the series can expect a May 15th release, however some locales will have to wait until June 7th, Blizzard have said.

    The game is already available for digital preorder from the official Diablo 3 website. This will allow users to play the game as soon as the servers go live. The game can also be purchased from your regular game store upon release. If the regular game isn’t enough for you, a more expensive collectors addition will be available to purchase. As well as the game, this will include a two-disc DVD set entailing the behind the scenes development of the game; a book consisting of over 200 pages of Art of Diablo 3, exclusive content for the game itself, Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft; and a 4GB USB soulstone (with full versions of Diablo II and it’s add-on, Lord of Destruction, preloaded onto it).

    Diablo III will not ship with PvP capabilities. Activision-Blizzard currently are not happy with the state of their competitive arena and thus it will be introduced with a later update. The game itself will be in full working order in the meantime, however.
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