Destiny: Xur, location and exotic items 21st November

Bullet Nov 21, 2014

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    Its that time of the week again when the Agent of the nine is back pedaling his exotic wares in exchange for Strange coins. Xur is back at the Tower, and he's got a new assortment of Exotic goods that could help you out in the new Iron Banner PvP.

    This weekend, November 21-22, 2014, you will find the Agent Of The Nine at the Tower Hangar, hiding away in the Bar below the Shipwright. Head into the hangar, head all the way downstairs to the seedy bar. Head to the far back wall of the bar and you'll see Xur back there.

    Check out the items that Xur has for sale this weekend:

    No Backup Plans (Titan Class Gauntlets) - 13 Strange Coins
    Young Ahamkara's Spine (Hunter Class Gauntlets) - 13 Strange Coins
    Voidfang Vestments (Warlock Class Chest Armor) - 13 Strange Coins
    Mida Multi-Tool (Exotic Scout Rifle - Primary) - 23 Strange Coins
    Exotic Engram (Helmet) - 23 Motes of Light
    Auto, Fusion, and Machine Gun Telemetry
    Voide Drive (purple contrail) and Stealth Drive (red contrail)

    Let us know what you get, if anything.
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