Destiny Update Messes With Exotic Weapons

Bullet Nov 17, 2014

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    Destiny rolled out an update earlier that added some new social aspects that enables users to access a channel for Team Chat, Public Events frequency increased by 10-15% in all public spaces and much more, including an unintentional change to exotic weapons which causes the to behave differently says Bungie:

    "If you're noticing Exotics behaving differently, the changes are unintentional. The Weekly Update will cover incoming Exotic tuning." Bungie Tweeted.

    So far the following changes have been confirmed by numerous guys over at the Destiny subreddit:

    Exotic weapon changes
    • Thorn DoT reduced from 7 to 3 damage per tick
    • Thorn's base damage in PvP reduced from 76 for a head shot to 58
    Ice Breaker
    • Ice Breaker explosion changed to have actual visible explosion now
    Pocket Infinity
    • Pocket Infinity scope has been changed
    • Potential fix for Pocket Infinity slow fire rate - Un-equip and re-equip
    Other changes
    • Many thumbnails updated, more than mentioned
    • Sounds of some weapons have been updated (e.g. Atheon's Epilouge)
    • No plus signs when pulling upgraded armour/weapons out of Vault
    • Dead Ghosts that were glitched are now fixed, but you need to log in/out to update Grimoire
    • Firefly now procs instantly on death by precision damage rather than being delayed several seconds
    • Jackolyte/Flight of Shadows fixed for users who couldn't equip them previously
    • Being in proximity to a patrol beacon will show mission type without pulling out Ghost
    • Stranger's Rifle reloads properly now, like other Pulse Rifles
    • Nightfall scaling has been changed. Now harder to solo, easier as a group
    Changes needing confirmation
    • Extra heavy ammo perks no longer stack, i.e. Armamentarium and Titan raid boots
    Meanwhile Bungie Community Manager 'Deej' has said that he is investigating the issues:

    A forum post over at the Destiny Forums has been started for people to officially report changes in Exotic weapons since the latest update V1.0.3 here.

    Have you noticed any weird changes since the latest update? If so let us know in the comments below.
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