Destiny, The Best Game of 2014? [BAFTA]

Nasyr Mar 14, 2015

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    As Destiny took off in September, it really grew to everyones' liking. Many gamers found the game to be boring or "too easy" as they were slowly putting out missions to complete and the game was an overall drag when done. Earning it some good and bad titles through out it's time. But, after they got that aspect under control, the game sky rocketed in sales, ratings, and even in peoples minds. Also with the big Xur locations and updates they put out now, the game is well over entertainingly successful. Eventually there will come a time when the game dies out (sigh) but, it's best to enjoy it while it's here.

    As the UK BAFTA, being the most liked gaming awards channel, takes the lead with announcing Destiny as it's number one "Game of the year 2014" award. Many people like the BAFTA as their awards categories vary so much, that it's impossible for you to feel a game is being favorable picked. The multiple titles and awards handed out make it well explained as to why that game won, and to whom really did the best work within the games structure building. Not only do I like that but, I think many others would enjoy the fact of that as well.

    Here are the many categories and who was awarded:
    • Best Game: Destiny (Bungie)
    • Games Fellowship: David Braben
    • Artistic Achievement: Lumino City (State of Play Games)
    • Game Innovation: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (The Astronauts)
    • Audio Achievement: Alien: Isolation (Creative Assembly)
    • Mobile & Handheld: Monument Valley (Ustwo)
    • Multiplayer: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Blizzard)
    • Music: Far Cry 4 (Ubisoft Montreal – Cliff Martinez, Tony Gronick, Jerome Angelot)
    • Original IP: Valiant Hearts (Ubisoft Montpellier – Yoan Fanise, Paul Tumelaire, Simon Choquet)
    • Performer: Ashley Johnson (Ellie, The Last of Us: Left Behind)
    • Game Design: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Monolith Productions)
    • Story: The Last of Us: Left Behind (Naughty Dog – Neil Druckmann)
    • Family: Minecraft Console Editions (Mojang)
    • Sport: OlliOlli (Roll7 – John Ribbins, Simon Bennett, Tom Hegarty)
    • Persistent Game: League of Legends (Riot Games)
    • Debut Game: Never Alone (Upper One Games)
    • British Game: Monument Valley (Ustwo)
    • Ones to Watch: Chambara (Overly Kinetic)
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