Destiny: New Iron Banner Weapons +More!

bornbad Nov 18, 2015

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    Bungie has apparently revealed the two weapons you’ll be able to access for hitting Rank 5 in this week’s Iron Banner tournament in Destiny, showing a machine gun and a hand cannon (what appears to be an updated version of Timur’s Lash). This will allow for many people to take their gaming experience to a whole other level! Who will be excited to get their hands on these bad boys?​
    The tournament’s launch time hasn’t been confirmed yet, as you can see in the tweet above.​
    This Iron Banner will bring sweeping changes to the event, including a switch from Control (capture and defend points) to Clash (team deathmatch). Other updates should make participation a lot more attractive:​
    • Iron Banner reputation from winning matches increased by 20%
    • Activity completion rewards increased at all ranks, with even more significant increases at Rank 2 and above
    • Packages from Lord Saladin upon reaching Rank 3 and Rank 5
    • Iron Banner Artifacts can be obtained from the Rank 3 package
    • Iron Banner Ghost Shells can be obtained from the Rank 5 package or activity completion rewards
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