Destiny: 13 Million Players

Nasyr Aug 24, 2015

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    As Destiny's Taken King patch takes the stage it has pushed Destiny to a close with 13 million players now following there game. Destiny has definitely been impressive over it's time since release. I can for sure say I can back up there product as they truly care about there community and what they put out for us. And that there always on top of the game and doing updates to it for fixes and content. As where in other games once it's released they don't care because there already working on the next game they will be coming out with for next year.
    I could say an example of this is Ubisoft and how you see a new game coming out every month because the struggle with money and delivering a well product so they have to keep making a new game to keep up with money to continue. There's the market for you..​
    The fact that Destiny has gone from the most boring game to the most liked game since there start really shows the mentality they have for the game itself. The Taken King update gives you various abilities and boosts that with the ability to track bounties effectively with more Exotic weapons on the market for the taking. This new update definitely tops the cake for this game overall and will continue to grow them and there game as a whole. If they keep up this good work they could be looking at 20 million very soon and over taking Call of Duty. ​
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