Dead Rising 3 Achievement Guide and Solution {W.I.P.}

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    Dead Rising 3 Achievement Guide and Solution {W.I.P.}


    Starter - 10
    Complete Chapter 0.

    Once you reach Rhonda's garage, mosey around clearing out the surrounding area and doing side missions, including dealing with the first Psycho (Zhi), and eventually you'll be able to talk to Rhonda to progress the story. Talking to her will grant you the tactical handgun blueprint, and some other goodies.

    Wrathful - 25
    Defeat Zhi.

    This crazy martial arts wanna-be is the first Psycho you will come across, and you'll get a notification that he's around very shortly after reaching Rhonda's Garage (Garden of Peace mission). I recommend either grabbing a bit of food or boosting your health once or twice to make life easier, and you'll also want a medium-long range weapon because he uses a spear which can make close melee combat a bit difficult. The best bet, and the method I used, is to grab the Dragon Punch plans in the nearby dojo and use the motorcycle engine + boxing gloves to craft them prior to starting the fight. Once the fight starts, rotate X and Y to do a dashing punch and then a vertical spin punch when the dash draws you close enough to him. Continue using the Y spin punch until he backs away, or keep rotating the two since the X dash attack has a pretty high chance of staggering him. Overall, he's not too complicated, since he's pretty much just a straight up melee fight (or shoot him a lot fight).

    Quarantined - 10
    Complete Chapter 1.

    Very shortly after talking to Rhonda and finishing Chapter 0, you will take a turret rig to deal with the biker Psycho. Once he's dead, the achievement will pop (yes, the chapter is about 5 minutes long).

    Morgue-ified - 10
    Complete Chapter 2.

    In this chapter you will find yourself fighting through a zombie filled sewer, into a zombie filled graveyard, and finally into a morgue full of even more zombies. You'll have a handful of side missions to do as well, but no Psycho this time around, but as night falls you'll have a ton of PP coming your way so you might as well make this Chapter last. The chapter will end once you drive the hearse to the Diamond Panty.

    Greedy - 25
    Defeat Albert.

    During Chapter 3 you will be tasked with burning supplies in Almuda, where you will encounter Albert, the trippy boss that represents Greed. The entire fight is rather indirect, as you wander around the halls waiting for one of the hallucinations to get attacked by the real Albert, who will come up behind them and drug them, then use his saw on them. You must avoid hitting the wrong people, as fake Alberts do quite a bit of damage, and you will be doing none to the real Albert, thus you must wait until you either see the real Albert trying to drug and dismember someone, or wait until you hear the screams of his victims. Then you rush Albert and pummel him with your fists, or throw organ containers at him. Continue the process, occasionally shaking your control to avoid getting attacked by him, and you'll soon defeat him.

    Gluttonous - 25
    Defeat Darlene.

    Near the end of Chapter 03 you'll get a side mission called All You Can Eat, which will send you back to Inglewood. Stock up on whatever weapons you want, bring some followers too, and head to the buffet for a relatively easy fight. Darlene will troll around the room on her scooter, trying to charge you and stab your with her fork primarily, and she will also go devour food to recover her health. While she is doing this, you will get a Y and B prompt to start whacking her, which will then make her spin around in circles for a few seconds, allowing you to unload on her with your best weapons. This process will continue about three times, depending on how much she manages to heal during her eating phase.

    Family Man - 20
    Complete Chapter 3.

    This rather lengthy Chapter will come to an end after you get the ability to check to see if Red got fuel for the plane. Be sure to do the side quests, especially the Psycho stuff, prior to meeting up with Red at his base.

    Lusty - 25
    Defeat Dylan.

    You'll get the mission for Dylan (Play Time) shortly after dealing with Darlene, and this time around you need to be alone, which means you'll have to lose your followers. If you're going straight to the mission, you can easily do this by just hopping on a motorcycle and riding off, and they'll be sent back to the safe house in a few seconds. The fight is very straight forward, and I would recommend 2-3 guns depending on your skill with ranged weapons and the amount of ammo they carry (I used an LMG and most of a Sgt's Pistol). Dylan will focus on damaging his two play pals with his fiery wiener, meaning you need to simply out damage him with whatever weapons you have - since he sort of fans his fire around, it's simply safer and easier to be at range, though melee is possible as well. He will launch fireballs at you from time to time that do rather minimal damage, so there isn't too much to worry about when this fight will only take about a minute to complete.

    Happy Camper - 20
    Complete Chapter 4.

    Chapter 4 has you doing favors for Red and making multiple trips to the Central City PD if you bother with the side missions. You will also come across a few rather crazy people who are just short of becoming full-fledged Psychos themselves. The achievement will pop once you drive the car loaded with gas to the hangar.

    Prideful - 25
    Defeat Jherii.

    Very soon after starting Chapter 5 you will get a call about the Look in the Mirror mission, where you will be introduced to the next Psycho, Jherii. She is a pretty powerful opponent, go figure, and she seems to be rather resistant to ranged weapons, but not ranged attacks from melee weapons, or of course melee attacks - though getting in close range can be pretty painful if she decides to swing her barbell. Staying just out of range of her and being sure to utilize LS to roll should keep you alive without much issue.

    Slothful - 25
    Defeat Theodore.

    Once you reach Chapter 5 you'll have time to explore as usual and soon enough you'll be offered the mission "Remotely Helpful", which sends you off to the NE part of Sunset Hills to deal with the Mayor's son, and your next Psycho nemesis, Sloth. If you've been keeping up with your side quests you may know that he has the key to the Central City Police Department's armory, so between that and this achievement, killing him is pretty rewarding.

    This fight is considerably different from other boss fights thus far because you never actually fight him, but instead you must destroy security power boxes throughout the house while dealing with his RC helicopter drones that will be following you around and shooting at you. I highly recommend bringing at least one follower with a gun (preferrably Assault Rifle), and they will deal with drones with their auto-aim while you run around the house blowing up the security system. Once the security system is down, head into the basement and the "fight" is over.

    Day at the Museum - 20
    Complete Chapter 5.

    After saving Diego from the Museum you will be allowed to wander around until Rhonda works on the plane. During this time you will probably want to work on your next Psycho when the mission "Remotely Helpful" comes up. Other than that, it's a pretty straightforward Chapter as far as free-roaming and side missions go.

    The Doctor is Out - 30
    Complete Chapter 6.

    Chapter 6 can be very short if you're just doing the side missions and primary mission as you only do a small bit of bouncing around the map between missions before you're ready for the last story mission. Once you escape from the lab, the achievement will pop.

    Envious - 25
    Defeat the envious survivor.

    This will most likely be the first thing you do after entering the 7th Chapter. A certain student of sorts has decided it is time for the learner to replace the master, and he has kidnapped a woman to help prove it. He has quite a bit of hit points, but he is also rather easily stunned by melee attacks allowing multiple hit combos to quickly chip away at his health. You can also choose to combo a weapon during combat to distract him, but I didn't find it necessary with my follower there helping me out a bit. The achievement will pop no matter what you decide to do with him after the fight.

    Them’s the Facts - 30
    Complete the Facts.

    Not totally clear on the requirements for this... I got it with an S rating if that makes a difference (all but 1 side mission completed and about 95% of items collected).

    Complete the Package - 50
    Complete Overtime.

    After completing the game, there will be a post-credits sequence where you chase General Hemlock around the city and you must destroy his zombie-harvesting droids. As soon as the cutscene finishes, starting Overtime, hop off the roof and grab a few assault rifles from the nearby gun shop if you don't already have some on you. You will have a follower for this round, however they will work more on keeping zombies off of you than they will shooting down any of the 60 droids you need to destroy.

    Nightmare Master - 75
    Complete chapter 7 in Nightmare Mode.

    While on Nightmare mode you need to complete the last chapter prior to the credits. Unlike the standard story mode, you will be timed, so you must focus more on completing story missions and getting the items most important for finishing the game.

    You can either do Nightmare Mode first, or wait until you complete Story Mode and turn Nightmare Mode into basically a New Game +.

    Planner - 15
    Collect 5 blueprints.

    See "Master Builder"

    Journeyman - 20
    Collect 25 blueprints.

    See "Master Builder".

    Engineer - 25
    Collect 50 blueprints.

    See "Master Builder".

    Master Builder - 30
    Collect 100 blueprints.

    There are over 100 blueprints in the game, however you will need all of the weapon blueprints for another achievement anyway, so this will come naturally. The blueprints can come naturally through story progression and by picking them up in the environment (they're marked on your map as blue cog-type icons). You do not need to use the blueprint to construct anything, simply have it in your blueprint inventory, which can be found in the menus.

    Sideswiped - 10
    Complete 20 side missions.

    See "Duct Tape Master".

    Duct Tape Master - 20
    Create every combo weapon.

    You must find and use all 101 weapon blueprints found in the game, and since a vast majority of the blueprints come with the necessary materials located in the immediate vicinity of the blueprint, it's a good idea to craft the item as soon as you find the blueprint. Thankfully, this game makes catching up with item production a bit simpler for the more advanced weapons as you can use your weapon locker to get the necessary materials to craft the combo weapons while you're sitting safely in your base.

    Read Bullets Dead Rising 3 Combo Weapon Locations [ W.I.P ]

    T.I.O.D. Disciple - 5
    Create 50 combo weapons.

    You will probably get this through natural play, but otherwise you will definitely get this through the process involved in getting "Duct Tape Master".

    Collector - 5
    Pick up 250 different weapons.

    Pick up EVERYTHING.. you don't need to keep it, simply just pick it up and drop it again. My 250th item was a hair dryer, so anything goes with this one.

    Fashion Plate - 5
    Collect 100 different clothing items.

    Loot every piece of clothing you come across in the game, from shoes, to hats, to funny costumes. There are tons of clothing stores scattered throughout Los Perdidos, and your job is to simply tap B near them to equip them. Once you have it on and the item has been saved to your safe house clothes closet (which you can use as an in-game tracker), you can tap B again in the same spot to put on whatever you were wearing before.

    Local Hero - 5
    Save 1 survivor.

    Taylor should be your first survivor and you will encounter him shortly after leaving the diner and getting into the truck at the beginning of the game. You'll go under an overpass and an explosion on your right will blow open a path through a fence. Taylor's survivor icon will immediately appear just beyond the fence. Park the car, or use it to ram zombies, and completely clear the area, for Taylor to say thanks and run off. The achievement will pop once that happens. You'll get another chance about 100 yards down the road when you encounter Jodie, a woman stuck on the back of a semi truck trailer. Clear the area here as well if you somehow failed saving Taylor to get the achievement here (saving survivors is good PP, which is used for leveling, so I recommend saving everybody you come across).

    Man of the People - 10
    Save 15 stranded survivors.

    As you cruise around the game you will spot survivors fighting off huge groups of zombies and you will be prompted to help them out by clearing out the zombies. They will usually appear directly in front of you, and a running-man icon with the range to their location and the survivor name will also pop up on the screen to tell you where they are. You will need to find and save at least 15 of these people for the achievement to pop. Most of the survivors are alone, however there are at least 2 three-person groups that spawn on the freeway in the very middle of the map through the duration of the game. There are far more than 15 survivors that appear, however you might as well free every one you come across if you have the few seconds to clear the area and get yourself some easy PP to level up.

    Help Wanted - 10
    Add 5 survivors the survivor bulletin board.

    As you progress through the game you will be tasked with completing side quests that will sometimes give you the option to add survivors to your survivor board to get them as followers. While looking at the side mission menu on the map screen, look to the right of the mission title to see if it has the survivor/running man icon, which means you can get one or more of the people involved in the mission as a follower. While doing these missions, make sure you pay attention because you can still complete the mission without talking to the person long enough to get them to follow you around. You are most likely to overlook survivors that are tied up or trap, which most likely occurs during the Psycho side missions, but keep your eyes open either way.

    Gang Banger - 5
    Lead a full posse of 5 survivors.

    In order to do this you will a) need at least 5 survivors on the survivors board, and B) need to have upgraded the first three tiers of Mechanic and Smarts for the +2 Maximum Posse Size, which they both give you (1+2+2=5). Once you have that, you can either roll through the game trying to keep your survivors alive, or wait until you have at least 5 available to follow you and pick them up at a board all at once. You'll probably want to invest in maximum life as well so your followers don't die so easily (if they die, they stay dead unless you have this ability).

    Driven - 5
    Drive 20 different vehicles.

    Drive 20 different vehicles!

    Zombie Killer - 5
    Kill 100 zombies.

    This should be your very first achievement, and will unlock shortly before or after entering the diner and meeting Rhonda and Floppy Dangler Of Doom at the beginning of the game.

    Zombie Butcher - 10
    Kill 1,000 zombies.

    See "Left 100,004 Dead".

    Zombie Slayer - 15
    Kill 10,000 zombies.

    See "Left 100,004 Dead".

    Master of Massacre - 20
    Kill 53,597 zombies.

    See "Left 100,004 Dead".

    Genius of Zombie Slaying - 25
    Kill 72,000 zombies.

    See "Left 100,004 Dead".

    Left 100,004 Dead - 30
    Kill 100,004 zombies

    This can be considerably easier than the kill achievements in the previous games as you have access to some pretty extreme vehicles, such as the Rollerhawg. The frustrating part comes with getting around as the game progresses due to the ever-increasing number of roadblocks, however cruising around Ingleton, which is probably the fastest and simplest place to farm, is still reasonably easy (just watch for randomly spawning propane tanks and gas cans. You will also want to maximize the mechanic skill for invulnerable vehicles (that can still flow over and then blow up, or blow up if you get off of them).

    Apprentice - 5
    Reach level 5.

    See "Maxed".

    Expert - 15
    Reach level 25.

    See "Maxed".

    Maxed! - 50
    Reach level 50.

    Due to the insane quality of the upper-tier combo weapons, leveling in this game can be incredibly easy once you unlock them, and the more powerful combo vehicles. The most important rule, when leveling, is to combo. Massive combos are more easily attainable by the super combo weapons (which is why they're awesome), and increasing their durability through books and skills can allow you to carry combos for longer periods of time. To capitalize on your combos you should also use special execution moves to get a boosted score for a single kill. Your list of execution can be found in the player menu of the game, with the initial one being the basic or weapon specific B and Y execution. All of the executions can be conducted when the Y and B prompt pops up on the left side of the screen, next to the combo, and they should be used on the tougher enemies to make sure they don't get in your way during the combo, and also because they give the most PP and will utilize the current multiplier the best (these include King Zombies, Prisoner Zombies, Football Zombies, etc.). When going on PP gaining runs, try to keep as many combo weapons on you as possible (use the list below for the best weapons and locations, rated by their power level).

    -Dragon Blade - House NW corner of map
    --Flame Mecha Dragon - In tunnel near flame trial in South Ingleton
    --Mecha Dragon Blade - On top of shack in alley NE of Rhonda's Garage
    ---Ultimate Mecha Dragon - Roof across from garage. Enter rear of Northern building through back alley.

    -Reaper - Alley West of garage
    --Fire Reaper - In parking lot/courtyard of apartment building NE of Rhonda's Garage
    --Death Mask Reaper - Melee weapon shop North of garage
    ---Ultimate Grim Reaper - On top of building next to small park in Ingleton

    -Electric Staff - Back alley in SW Almuda
    --Electrofire Staff - Fire station in N Almuda
    --Electroice Staff - Roof of Almuda Farms, across from bus depot
    ---Elemental Staff - On top of power grid area in Almuda

    -Power Shout - Roof next to Almuda garage
    --Electric Shout - Roof of building across from Fire Station in N Almuda
    --Super Shout - Roof of Almuda auto body shop that has a trial and tragic end on it
    ---Ultimate Shout - Dumpster next to construction site in Almuda

    Specialist - 50
    Max out a single attribute.

    In order to max out a single attribute, you must put as many points in it as possible and then reach level 50 to unlock the final tier, which you must also max out. Don't worry too much about attribute distribution as you will be able to max out all of your skills eventually.

    Be a Floppy Dangler Of Doom! - 5
    Join a Co-op game.

    Customizer - 5
    Create 5 combo vehicles.

    See "Master Mechanic".

    Master Mechanic - 10
    Create every combo vehicle.

    There are a total of 11 combo vehicles, many of which are unlocked via the story, one from skills (Mobile Locker) and the remaining are found in the open world alongside the weapon blueprints. For whatever reason this unlocks after creating 10 out of the apparent 11 combo vehicles.

    Mobile Locker
    Junk Car
    Turret Rig
    Mini Bike
    Junk Truck
    Party Slapper
    Junk Bike

    A Little Ambition - 5
    Purchase 1 Attribute.

    See "Ladder Climber".

    Ladder Climber - 10
    Purchase 10 Attributes.

    Once you reach Rhonda's garage, you will be able to use attribute points gained by leveling up to purchase attributes in the player section of the select menus. Upgrading attributes can increase stats such as damage dealt, and the size of your health pool, and also allow you to be more lenient when combining items for combo weapons, allowing you to use any type of a certain item when crafting the combo weapons.

    Prestigious - 10
    Complete 10 PP Trials.

    See "Prestige Hound".

    Almost Famous - 25
    Complete 25 PP Trials.

    See "Prestige Hound".

    Prestige Hound - 50
    Complete all PP Trials.

    PP trials are challenge-type tasks that keep track of how many locations you've visited or enemies you've killed, depending on the trial. Some of them are unlocked right off the bat, while others unlock as you reach a certain point in the story or obtain the necessary weapon or vehicle. You will occasionally get progress pop-ups on screen as you complete the trials, and the trials themselves can be found under the "player" portion of the menus. There are generally far too many trials to complete in a single playthrough without extra effort, luckily they carry over between playthroughs, and Chapter select, allowing you to complete them at your leisure post-game along with your other achievements.

    Certified Survivalist - 5
    Win 25 Survival Training Bronze medals.

    See "Survival Training Master".

    Survival Training Silver - 10
    Win 25 Survival Training Silver medals.

    See "Survival Training Master".

    Survival Training Master - 20
    Win 25 Survival Training Gold medals.

    Looking at your in-game map, you will notice hollowed out star icons. These star icons signify training challenges that you can complete for massive PP bonuses, making these important for both leveling progress and for the achievements. All of the challenges task you with killing a certain number of enemies with a certain type of weapon or vehicle, such as fire or electric weapons, combo weapons only, or unarmed only within one minute. Many of the challenges can be completed using the Rollerhawg to quickly roll around the nearby area killing enemies, and the more difficult unarmed ones can be completed using the unarmed bonus damage book and the A and Y knee drop combo.

    Some quick notes: fire weapons can include the Rollerhawg, Flame Mecha Dragon, Flame Arrows, etc. and does not include explosives. Electric weapons can include the Elemental staff (use A or X until you reach the electric element and then use the trigger to shoot lightning!), Rolling Thunder, and shockdozer.

    Also note that you can go anywhere during the challenge, and you're not confined to a particular area, however you will want to plan out where you go prior to starting the challenge to maximize your kill efficiency.

    Source/Credits X360A and Google
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