Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition confirmed for PS4 as March’s PS Plus game

Rocky Feb 26, 2014

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    The Asia PlayStation blog has confirmed Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition as one of March’s free PS Plus games for PS4. It comes after allegedly being outed in a leaked list of next month’s free line up.

    Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition confirmed for PS4
    Developer Housemarque had previously mentioned it was working an another PS4 project alongside some Resogun DLC. The Blog listed the game as available from the 6th of March along with Tokyo Jungle on PS3 and Malicious Rebirth on PS Vita. No word yet on the EU side of things so there’s a chance we might get something different. Here’s the listing however as it appears on the US Blog:

    New PS Plus Offers from 6th March

    A new round of PlayStation®Plus offers is coming out on 6th March. Here are some of the members’ exclusive offers that you should take note of:

    Free Contents:

    Title Platform
    Dead Nation™: Apocalypse Edition PS4™
    TOKYO JUNGLE (Chinese/Korean & English ver.) PS3™
    Malicious Rebirth (Chinese/Korean ver.) PS Vita


    Source - OPM
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