Daveybird's Soul Calibur 5 CaS pack 1[Xbox 360 gamesave]

Daveybird Mar 22, 2013

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    File Name: Daveybird's Soul Calibur 5 CaS pack 1
    File Submitter: DaveybirdFile Submitted: 20 Mar 2013
    File Category: Xbox360 Game Saves
    Here's my first Create-a-Soul pack for Soul Calibur V You will need to copy your profile ID in case you didn't know. Also, you must have the compatibility packs.

    Character Groups:

    Bird Knights (sword-wielders all wearing some armor and the Griffin head.)
    Characters: Blackbird (Patrokolos style, 1P, 2P, 3P), Galant (Don't know style offhand, 1P, 2P), Gryffn ( Sigfried style, 1P, 2P), Parrotte (Raphael style, 1P), Alioth (Patrokolos style, 1P, 2P), Reginald ( Aeon style, 1P, 2P),

    Kung Fist (generic martial artists who all use Devil Jin's style, except for Dale Chen, who uses Maxi's.)
    Characters: Sheng Tsao (1P, 2P), Sheng Tsao (Chinese Dragon form, 1P, 2P), Ming Choy (1P, 2P is Tigress form and is a little bigger), KarateGUY (1P) KarateGRRL (1P, pretty much a female KarateGUY), Dale Chen (1P)

    World of Destiny (characters who kinda fit in with the SoulCalibur universe.)
    Characters: Michael (Astaroth Style, 1P), Lustria (Ivy Style, 1P, 2P) Stuart (Sigfried Style, 1P), Big Chief (Aeon Style, 1P)

    FurHeads (characters with animal heads)
    Characters: Lady Marlene (Fox mask, Patrokolos style, 1P, 2P, 3P) Bigwolf (Wolf, Devil Jin style, 1P, 2P), Nikki (Catwoman, Natsu style, 1P, 2P), Grandor (Minotaur, Patrokolos style, 1P)

    Reptilians (a couple of reptile-people)
    Characters: Dragon Lord (European Dragon, Nightmare style, 1P, 2P), Lizard-Morph (Lizardman with Aeon's head, Devil Jin style, 1P, 2P)

    And one more thing. If you edit the animal head characters, then they lose their animal heads when their armor is broken. This is because I hexedited them to where they always stay on.

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