Darksiders 2 game save xbox 360 RGH

Bladenight Sep 12, 2013

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    Sep 12, 2013
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    hi all i was trying to install two dlc's and ended up bugging my saved files T_T i spent 30 hours and this buggy Fecal Leaking gamebroke me AGAIN after it fuked me in the foundry anyhow i was at the point where i returned all pages from the book of the dead and i was about to go and beat the crap out of Coruption but i was doing all other side quests the dificulty was on normal I had most legendary weapons without the ones in the crusible and i was wondering can someone help me those are my saves : http://uploading.com/a42d25f3/dssave1-sav and http://uploading.com/cmb49c7a/dssave5-sav i really really want to play it from where I was i have no intention of starting over again if someone has a save i can use pls do share it and if u share it tell me how to copy the goddamn thing i get an error that its not the same user or something like that btw im was lvl 21 so above or same is ok for me ty

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