Dark Souls 3 Preview - Brutal and Beautiful

FreddyZVoorhees Jun 19, 2015

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    Dark Souls 3 is everything you can expect from a sequence of the series. It is violent, beautiful, mysterious, yet familiar. The demo could not be played, but the Bandai Namco exhibited the complex mechanics that veterans expect the famous and challenging series. Much of what I saw in the preview event was the old Dark Souls that fans of the original know and love. The stage had shown the name of Wall of Lodoleth, a stone ruined fortress similar to Undead Parish of the first game. Bridges, walkways and vast and dangerously narrow basements make up the interspersed environment. The fire early in the boss's office at the end, you have the feeling that the routes bifurcate and overlap each other, that there is more stage than what is immediately apparent.

    "The areas are interconnected as in the first Dark Souls," said the director Hidetaka Miyazaki. "Having an interconnected map is too cool." The enemies encountered during the demo were hostile zombies to powerful knights with large shields and spears. Some of these undead resort to violence, while others kneel and pray to the sun faded. A dragon made an appearance and gave a brim to spit fire in a horde of zombies. The most mysterious enemy was a seemingly normal guy in the middle of a group that prayed on a roof. Suddenly, the citizen became a horrible monster that devastated tar all nearby enemies and also the player.


    The final boss was named Dancer of the Frigid Valley, a large, thin creature moved like smoke from a candle with a graceful pace but unpredictable. It reminded me a bit of Voldo in Soul Calibur, only instead of claws, had a long sword of fire that threw flames around the room with each stroke.

    According to Miyazaki, the heads have multiple stages in which his blows change. Too bad the demonstrator did not reach the second level of the fight.

    Despite being massacred by the head, the guy who demonstrated the game came in several battles against the smaller Lodoleth enemies. It's hard to say how the fight without having the chance to play it, but the options are practically the same. The combination of sword and shield is back, but you can also wield two weapons. I saw the character with a long sword dodge and counterattack an enemy, stab another in the back and stun opponents blocking their blows. During the course of the demo, he also found and used a ******* sword, a bow and arrow and a pair of double-edged blades called Legion Scimitars. On top of this, there are the good old fire bombs.


    The newest combat feature is called Ready Stance and enables the use of special devastating abilities as a powerful biting attack and a low blow up that makes them fly enemies. Are special moves that go beyond the simple strong attacks executed in other games in the franchise. They give paints to be more similar to those charged Bloodborne attacks.

    Miyazaki noted that "enhanced controls" leave the movement during combat more "intuitive". And for those who hated avoidance steps of Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3 brings the traditional avoidance with bearings of other Souls.

    In addition to the Ready Stance, small tombstones are another novelty. When you are near one, you can press the action button to "offer flames" and involve a tombstone with a blue light. After on, an epitaph reads: ". Unknown Grave He raised his sword against Lord of Cinder."

    There is a great feature of the game, according to Miyazaki, who explained how they can be used as landmarks, torches or a simple way to learn curiosities of mythology.


    And with regard to this mythology? Miyazaki said nothing. When asked if the game will be set in Lordran, Drangleic or another first kingdom, simply stated that "Dark Souls 3 shares the same world with Dark Souls Dark Souls 1 and 2". Also remained silent when asked about the giant knight without face at the end of the trailer, whom he referred to as Lord of Cinder. Would Gwyn? It would be the character of the first Dark Souls? No comments yet.

    Much about Dark Souls 3 will remain secret. The development team did not say hardly anything about the multiplayer, only that it exists and that there will be invoking signs and matches training. Nothing is revealed about the sacrifice of mechanical commented, but Miyazaki made mention of it and promised more information "here a while."
    What I could see, however, it is amazing. Everything about the visual and the atmosphere of the game Dark Souls reminds one, of the giant sets the background sound system and through the design of enemies, stages, weapons and armor.


    Miyazaki described the desired visual style as a kind of "worn beauty." There was a moment in the demo that transmitted it to perfection: the character stood before the body of a dragon and watched particles of dust and ashes being carried by the wind, lit by the rays of the sun dying in the sky.

    I've always loved the first Dark Souls the ease with which he could convey a sense of desperation so great, both in visual and tragic sounds like the aforementioned dragon, as the absurdly giant world and relentless dangers that lurk there.

    However, part of this worship comes from the field of game systems, to see the world as if it were my second home and discover the history that happened there. All this will have to be discussed in the near future, when the Dark Souls 3 team has more to prove and a demo which can be played.


    Dark Souls 3 will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC in early 2016.
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