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    item master list pulled directly from the pc files by PNGO and SMIZMAR

    so the first set of numbers are the hex code however it is backwards

    example 5D 4E F0 F7 from below would be put in as F7 F0 4E 5D

    this list is for every item in the game including dev and test items and legacy sets

    i will post this on other site also hopefully people will no longer try to charge for modding somebody's files if you need help with something please ask us and do not pay anybody to mod your game file it is very easy to do yourself!!!! we are posting this because we did come across people claiming to be "programmers" on PSN and trying to scam money by telling people they were the only ones that could do "good" mods screw those guys heres the list. if you need to see the 17 million damage weapons pm me thanks
    ;gb_id actorsno ilvl name localname
    0x5D4EF0F7 0x0000115F 7 Helm_002 Leather Hood
    0x5D4EF0F8 0x00001160 12 Helm_003 Coif
    0x5D4EF0F9 0x00001161 18 Helm_004 Arming Cap
    0x5D4EF0FA 0x00001162 24 Helm_005 Helmet
    0x5D4EF0FB 0x00001163 30 Helm_006 Plated Helm
    0x5D4EF537 0x0000E1B2 34 Helm_101 Crown
    0x5D4EF538 0x0000E1B3 38 Helm_102 Basinet
    0x5D4EF539 0x0000E1B4 42 Helm_103 Klappvisier
    0x5D4EF53A 0x0000E1B5 46 Helm_104 Casque
    0x5D4EF53B 0x0000E1B6 52 Helm_105 Great Helm
    0x5D4EF978 0x0000E1B8 55 Helm_201 Hounskull
    0x5D4EF979 0x0000E1B9 58 Helm_202 Stechhelm
    0x5D4EF97A 0x0000E1BA 60 Helm_203 Zischagge
    0x5D4EF97B 0x0000E1BB 61 Helm_204 Hellscape Mask
    0x5D4EF97C 0x0000E1BC 62 Helm_205 Sovereign Helm
    0x5D4EF97D 0x0000E1BD 63 Helm_206 Archon Crown
    0x601919A8 0x00000ED7 1 ChestArmor_001 Cloth Tunic
    0x601919A9 0x00000ED8 6 ChestArmor_002 Leather Doublet
    0x601919AA 0x00000ED9 11 ChestArmor_003 Brigandine Coat
    0x601919AB 0x00000EDA 17 ChestArmor_004 Chain Mail
    0x601919AC 0x00000EDB 23 ChestArmor_005 Splint Cuirass
    0x601919AD 0x00000EDC 29 ChestArmor_006 Plate Mail
    0x60191DE9 0x0000E606 33 ChestArmor_101 Stygian Harness
    0x60191DEA 0x0000E607 38 ChestArmor_102 Etched Jacket
    0x60191DEB 0x0000E608 43 ChestArmor_103 Jazeraint Mail
    0x60191DEC 0x0000E609 48 ChestArmor_104 Battle Armor
    0x60191DED 0x0000E60A 52 ChestArmor_105 Boneweave Hauberk
    0x6019222A 0x0000E60C 55 ChestArmor_201 Balor Armor
    0x6019222B 0x0000E60D 58 ChestArmor_202 Astral Mail
    0x6019222C 0x0000E60E 60 ChestArmor_203 Warlord Plate
    0x6019222D 0x0000E60F 61 ChestArmor_204 Doom Armor
    0x6019222E 0x0000E610 62 ChestArmor_205 Sovereign Mail
    0x6019222F 0x0000E611 63 ChestArmor_206 Archon Armor
    0xA4925340 0x000010A0 2 Gloves_001 Gloves
    0xA4925341 0x000010A1 6 Gloves_002 Leather Gloves
    0xA4925342 0x000010A2 12 Gloves_003 Hide Gloves
    0xA4925343 0x000010A3 18 Gloves_004 Chain Gloves
    0xA4925344 0x000010A4 24 Gloves_005 Gauntlets
    0xA4925345 0x000010A5 30 Gloves_006 Plated Gauntlets
    0xA4925781 0x0000E624 34 Gloves_101 Grips
    0xA4925782 0x0000E625 38 Gloves_102 Etched Gloves
    0xA4925783 0x0000E626 42 Gloves_103 Vambraces
    0xA4925784 0x0000E627 46 Gloves_104 Battle Gauntlets
    0xA4925785 0x0000E629 52 Gloves_105 Boneweave Gauntlets
    0xA4925BC2 0x0001130B 55 Gloves_201 Balor Fists
    0xA4925BC3 0x0001130C 58 Gloves_202 Manifers
    0xA4925BC4 0x0001130D 60 Gloves_203 Warlord Gauntlets
    0xA4925BC5 0x0001130E 61 Gloves_204 Stranglers
    0xA4925BC6 0x0001130F 62 Gloves_205 Sovereign Vambraces
    0xA4925BC7 0x00011310 63 Gloves_206 Archon Gauntlets
    0x7F9B3D17 0x00000D68 3 Boots_001 Shoes
    0x7F9B3D18 0x00000D69 7 Boots_002 Boots
    0x7F9B3D19 0x00000D6A 13 Boots_003 Heavy Boots
    0x7F9B3D1A 0x0000014A 19 Boots_004 Chain Boots
    0x7F9B3D1B 0x00000D6B 25 Boots_005 Sabatons
    0x7F9B3D1C 0x00000D6C 29 Boots_006 Greaves
    0x7F9B4158 0x0000E5FD 33 Boots_101 Silk Shoes
    0x7F9B4159 0x0000E5FE 38 Boots_102 Brogans
    0x7F9B415A 0x0000E5FF 43 Boots_103 Treads
    0x7F9B415B 0x0000E600 48 Boots_104 Heavy Sabatons
    0x7F9B415C 0x0000E601 52 Boots_105 Battle Greaves
    0x7F9B4599 0x0000E618 55 Boots_201 Balor Treads
    0x7F9B459A 0x0000E61A 58 Boots_202 Astral Greaves
    0x7F9B459B 0x0000E61B 60 Boots_203 Warlord Boots
    0x7F9B459C 0x0000E61C 61 Boots_204 Doom Treads
    0x7F9B459D 0x0000E61D 62 Boots_205 Sovereign Greaves
    0x7F9B459E 0x0000E61F 63 Boots_206 Archon Greaves
    0x15C8F04A 0x000014A1 13 Shoulders_002 Leather Mantle
    0x15C8F04B 0x000014A2 18 Shoulders_003 Shoulder Guards
    0x15C8F04C 0x000014A3 22 Shoulders_004 Amice
    0x15C8F04D 0x000014A4 26 Shoulders_005 Spaulders
    0x15C8F04E 0x000014A5 30 Shoulders_006 Shoulder Plates
    0x15C8F48A 0x0000E543 34 Shoulders_101 Etched Mantle
    0x15C8F48B 0x0000E544 38 Shoulders_102 Ailettes
    0x15C8F48C 0x0000E545 42 Shoulders_103 Pauldrons
    0x15C8F48D 0x0000E546 46 Shoulders_104 Sode
    0x15C8F48E 0x0000E547 52 Shoulders_105 Epaulets
    0x15C8F8CB 0x0000E549 55 Shoulders_201 Balor Pauldrons
    0x15C8F8CC 0x0000E54A 58 Shoulders_202 Espaliers
    0x15C8F8CD 0x0000E54B 60 Shoulders_203 Warlord Spaulders
    0x15C8F8CE 0x0000E54C 61 Shoulders_204 Doom Pauldrons
    0x15C8F8CF 0x0000E54D 62 Shoulders_205 Pallium
    0x15C8F8D0 0x0000E54E 63 Shoulders_206 Archon Spaulders
    0xD4429F37 0x00000D16 3 Belt_001 Sash
    0xD4429F38 0x00000D17 7 Belt_002 Hide Belt
    0xD4429F39 0x00000D18 12 Belt_003 Leather Belt
    0xD4429F3A 0x00000D19 17 Belt_004 Cord
    0xD4429F3B 0x00000D1A 22 Belt_005 Binding Rope
    0xD4429F3C 0x00000D1B 27 Belt_006 Chain Belt
    0xD442A378 0x00021F7B 32 Belt_101 Silk Sash
    0xD442A379 0x00021F7D 37 Belt_102 Waistwrap
    0xD442A37A 0x00021F7E 42 Belt_103 Strand
    0xD442A37B 0x00021F7F 47 Belt_104 Cupola
    0xD442A37C 0x00021F80 52 Belt_105 Cinch
    0xD442A7B9 0x00021F81 55 Belt_201 Grasp
    0xD442A7BA 0x00021F82 58 Belt_202 Sheath
    0xD442A7BB 0x00021F83 60 Belt_203 Cincture
    0xD442A7BC 0x00021F84 61 Belt_204 Girdle
    0xD442A7BD 0x00021F85 62 Belt_205 Heaven Strand
    0xD442A7BE 0x00021F88 63 Belt_206 High Scabbard
    0x7DE4EF0E 0x00021F40 10 BarbBelt_001 Warrior Belt
    0x7DE4EF0F 0x00021F42 12 BarbBelt_002 Harness
    0x7DE4EF10 0x00021F43 20 BarbBelt_003 Braid
    0x7DE4EF11 0x00021F44 28 BarbBelt_004 Grand Belt
    0x7DE4F34F 0x00021F40 34 BarbBelt_101 Baldric
    0x7DE4F350 0x00021F42 40 BarbBelt_102 Blade Harness
    0x7DE4F351 0x00021F43 46 BarbBelt_103 Iron Braid
    0x7DE4F352 0x00021F44 53 BarbBelt_104 Steel Chain
    0x7DE4F790 0x00021F40 56 BarbBelt_201 Lock
    0x7DE4F791 0x00021F42 60 BarbBelt_202 Bronze Links
    0x7DE4F792 0x00021F43 61 BarbBelt_203 Heavy Baldric
    0x7DE4F793 0x00021F44 62 BarbBelt_204 Grand Chain
    0xA5D58A16 0x000012D9 2 Pants_001 Cloth Pants
    0xA5D58A17 0x000012DA 6 Pants_002 Leather Pants
    0xA5D58A18 0x000012DB 11 Pants_003 Hide Breeches
    0xA5D58A19 0x000012DC 16 Pants_004 Chain Leggings
    0xA5D58A1A 0x000012DD 21 Pants_005 Faulds
    0xA5D58A1B 0x000012DE 26 Pants_006 Plate Leggings
    0xA5D58E57 0x0000E62B 32 Pants_101 Legwraps
    0xA5D58E58 0x0000E634 37 Pants_102 Etched Pants
    0xA5D58E59 0x0000E635 42 Pants_103 Chausses
    0xA5D58E5A 0x0000E636 47 Pants_104 Tassets
    0xA5D58E5B 0x0000E637 52 Pants_105 Boneweave Faulds
    0xA5D59298 0x0000E639 55 Pants_201 Leg Guards
    0xA5D59299 0x0000E63A 58 Pants_202 Poleyns
    0xA5D5929A 0x0000E63B 60 Pants_203 Warlord Leg Plates
    0xA5D5929B 0x0000E63C 61 Pants_204 Schynbalds
    0xA5D5929C 0x0000E63D 62 Pants_205 Sovereign Tassets
    0xA5D5929D 0x0000E63E 63 Pants_206 Archon Faulds
    0xCBCA2452 0x0000DC03 5 Bracers_001 Bracers
    0xCBCA2453 0x0000DC04 10 Bracers_002 Leather Cuffs
    0xCBCA2454 0x0000DC05 15 Bracers_003 Bindings
    0xCBCA2455 0x0000DC06 20 Bracers_004 Vambraces
    0xCBCA2456 0x0000DC07 25 Bracers_005 Bracelets
    0xCBCA2457 0x0000DC08 30 Bracers_006 Mail Bands
    0xCBCA2893 0x0000DC03 34 Bracers_101 Wristwraps
    0xCBCA2894 0x0000DC04 38 Bracers_102 Wristbands
    0xCBCA2895 0x0000DC05 42 Bracers_103 Stabilizers
    0xCBCA2896 0x0000DC06 46 Bracers_104 Wristguards
    0xCBCA2897 0x0000DC07 52 Bracers_105 Wristplates
    0xCBCA2CD4 0x0000DC03 55 Bracers_201 Armwraps
    0xCBCA2CD5 0x0000DC04 58 Bracers_202 Armbands
    0xCBCA2CD6 0x0000DC05 60 Bracers_203 Warbands
    0xCBCA2CD7 0x0000DC06 61 Bracers_204 Armguards
    0xCBCA2CD8 0x0000DC07 62 Bracers_205 Armplates
    0xCBCA2CD9 0x0000DC08 63 Bracers_206 Razorspikes
    0x6C3B0389 0x0000148B 1 Shield_001 Buckler
    0x6C3B038A 0x000001AA 6 Shield_002 Targe Shield
    0x6C3B038B 0x0000148C 11 Shield_003 Heater Shield
    0x6C3B038C 0x0000148D 16 Shield_004 Kite Shield
    0x6C3B038D 0x0000148E 21 Shield_005 Large Shield
    0x6C3B038E 0x0000148F 25 Shield_006 Gothic Shield
    0x6C3B038F 0x00001490 28 Shield_007 Tower Shield
    0x6C3B07CA 0x0000148B 31 Shield_101 Pelta
    0x6C3B07CB 0x000001AA 35 Shield_102 Rondache
    0x6C3B07CC 0x0000148C 39 Shield_103 Knight Shield
    0x6C3B07CD 0x0000148D 43 Shield_104 Ironwood Shield
    0x6C3B07CE 0x0000148E 47 Shield_105 Pavise
    0x6C3B07CF 0x0000148F 51 Shield_106 Bone Shield
    0x6C3B07D0 0x00001490 53 Shield_107 Savior
    0x6C3B0C0B 0x0000148B 55 Shield_201 Aspis
    0x6C3B0C0C 0x000001AA 57 Shield_202 Hoplon
    0x6C3B0C0D 0x0000148C 59 Shield_203 Defender
    0x6C3B0C0E 0x0000148D 60 Shield_204 Scutum
    0x6C3B0C0F 0x0000148E 61 Shield_205 Aegis
    0x6C3B0C10 0x0000148F 62 Shield_206 Dread Shield
    0x6C3B0C11 0x00001490 63 Shield_207 Sacred Shield
    0xEC013961 0x0000148C 59 Shield_203_104 Defender
    0xEC1351E2 0x0000148D 60 Shield_204_104 Scutum
    0xEC256A63 0x0000148E 61 Shield_205_104 Aegis
    0xEC3782E4 0x0000148F 62 Shield_206_104 Dread Shield
    0xEC499B65 0x00001490 63 Shield_207_104 Sacred Shield
    0x5BBEE1CC 0x00021F47 8 Quiver_001 Quiver
    0x5BBEE1CD 0x00021F48 12 Quiver_002 Canvas Quiver
    0x5BBEE1CE 0x00021F49 16 Quiver_003 Leather Quiver
    0x5BBEE1CF 0x00021F4A 22 Quiver_004 Hunting Quiver
    0x5BBEE1D0 0x00021F4B 27 Quiver_005 Assassin Quiver
    0x5BBEE60D 0x00021F47 32 Quiver_101 Heavy Quiver
    0x5BBEE60E 0x00021F48 38 Quiver_102 Barbed Quiver
    0x5BBEE60F 0x00021F49 42 Quiver_103 Hallowed Quiver
    0x5BBEE610 0x00021F4A 48 Quiver_104 Stalker Quiver
    0x5BBEE611 0x00021F4B 53 Quiver_105 Razorspine Quiver
    0x5BBEEA4E 0x00021F47 56 Quiver_201 Deadeye Quiver
    0x5BBEEA4F 0x00021F48 59 Quiver_202 Bonetooth Quiver
    0x5BBEEA50 0x00021F49 60 Quiver_203 Consecrated Quiver
    0x5BBEEA51 0x00021F4A 61 Quiver_204 Runic Quiver
    0x5BBEEA52 0x00021F4B 62 Quiver_205 Sanctified Quiver
    0x718EBB53 0x000012CA 8 Orb_001 Eagle Orb
    0x718EBB54 0x000012CB 12 Orb_002 Spellbook
    0x718EBB55 0x000012CC 20 Orb_003 Smoked Spheres
    0x718EBB56 0x000012CD 28 Orb_004 Cursed Skull
    0x718EBF94 0x000012CA 34 Orb_101 Sanctuary Globe
    0x718EBF95 0x000012CB 40 Orb_102 Fiendish Folio
    0x718EBF96 0x000012CC 46 Orb_103 Triad
    0x718EBF97 0x000012CD 53 Orb_104 Screaming Skull
    0x718EC3D5 0x000012CA 56 Orb_201 Power Sphere
    0x718EC3D6 0x000012CB 60 Orb_202 Codex
    0x718EC3D7 0x000012CC 61 Orb_203 Orbit Stones
    0x718EC3D8 0x000012CD 62 Orb_204 Demi Lich
    0xF185B594 0x00021F53 10 SpiritStone_001 Glass Star
    0xF185B595 0x00021F54 12 SpiritStone_002 Thought Mirror
    0xF185B596 0x00021F55 20 SpiritStone_003 Third Eye
    0xF185B597 0x00021F56 28 SpiritStone_004 Onyx Cluster
    0xF185B9D5 0x00021F53 34 SpiritStone_101 Sunstone
    0xF185B9D6 0x00021F54 40 SpiritStone_102 Prism
    0xF185B9D7 0x00021F55 46 SpiritStone_103 Seer Shard
    0xF185B9D8 0x00021F56 53 SpiritStone_104 Igneous Studs
    0xF185BE16 0x00021F53 56 SpiritStone_201 Solarius
    0xF185BE17 0x00021F54 60 SpiritStone_202 Meditator
    0xF185BE18 0x00021F55 61 SpiritStone_203 Ghost Sight
    0xF185BE19 0x00021F56 62 SpiritStone_204 Star Crown
    0x68A4A8FE 0x00021F74 10 WizardHat_001 Wanderer Hat
    0x68A4A8FF 0x00021F75 12 WizardHat_002 Journey Mask
    0x68A4A900 0x00021F76 20 WizardHat_003 Scholarly Fez
    0x68A4A901 0x00021F77 28 WizardHat_004 Charlatan Cap
    0x68A4AD3F 0x00021F74 34 WizardHat_101 Conjurer Shade
    0x68A4AD40 0x00021F75 40 WizardHat_102 Mystic Shade
    0x68A4AD41 0x00021F76 46 WizardHat_103 Mentor Cap
    0x68A4AD42 0x00021F77 53 WizardHat_104 Traveler Hat
    0x68A4B180 0x00021F74 56 WizardHat_201 Sage Hat
    0x68A4B181 0x00021F75 60 WizardHat_202 Sinister Mask
    0x68A4B182 0x00021F76 61 WizardHat_203 Archmage Headpiece
    0x68A4B183 0x00021F77 62 WizardHat_204 Elder Hat
    0x24F4F812 0x00021F6A 10 VoodooMask_001 Tribal Mask
    0x24F4F813 0x00021F6B 12 VoodooMask_002 Shaman Mask
    0x24F4F814 0x00021F6C 20 VoodooMask_003 Chieftain Mask
    0x24F4F815 0x00021F6D 28 VoodooMask_004 Spirit Mask
    0x24F4FC53 0x00021F6A 34 VoodooMask_101 Woodwraith Bark
    0x24F4FC54 0x00021F6B 40 VoodooMask_102 Burial Mask
    0x24F4FC55 0x00021F6C 46 VoodooMask_103 Naga Mask
    0x24F4FC56 0x00021F6D 53 VoodooMask_104 Umbra Mask
    0x24F50094 0x00021F6A 56 VoodooMask_201 Screaming Mask
    0x24F50095 0x00021F6B 60 VoodooMask_202 Underworld Mask
    0x24F50096 0x00021F6C 61 VoodooMask_203 Manitou Mask
    0x24F50097 0x00021F6D 62 VoodooMask_204 Deva
    0x026F677A 0x00021F4E 10 Cloak_001 Hunter Cloak
    0x026F677B 0x00021F50 12 Cloak_002 Shroud
    0x026F677C 0x00021F51 20 Cloak_003 Cape
    0x026F677D 0x00021F52 28 Cloak_004 Tabard
    0x026F6BBB 0x00021F4E 34 Cloak_101 Wrap
    0x026F6BBC 0x00021F50 40 Cloak_102 Lurker Shroud
    0x026F6BBD 0x00021F51 46 Cloak_103 Talma
    0x026F6BBE 0x00021F52 53 Cloak_104 Cardinal
    0x026F6FFC 0x00021F4E 56 Cloak_201 Veteran Cloak
    0x026F6FFD 0x00021F50 60 Cloak_202 Death Shroud
    0x026F6FFE 0x00021F51 61 Cloak_203 Stalker Cape
    0x026F6FFF 0x00021F52 62 Cloak_204 Dread Cloak
    0xF7D858A5 0x00021F57 8 Mojo_001 Wanga Doll
    0xF7D858A6 0x00021F58 12 Mojo_002 Shrunken Head
    0xF7D858A7 0x00021F5A 20 Mojo_003 Caged Horror
    0xF7D858A8 0x00021F5B 28 Mojo_004 Viper
    0xF7D85CE6 0x00021F57 34 Mojo_101 Gris-Gris Moppet
    0xF7D85CE7 0x00021F58 40 Mojo_102 Tzantza
    0xF7D85CE8 0x00021F5A 46 Mojo_103 Living Tentacle
    0xF7D85CE9 0x00021F5B 53 Mojo_104 Copperhead
    0xF7D86127 0x00021F57 56 Mojo_201 Wicker Man
    0xF7D86128 0x00021F58 60 Mojo_202 Muttering Head
    0xF7D86129 0x00021F5A 61 Mojo_203 Unspeakable Thing
    0xF7D8612A 0x00021F5B 62 Mojo_204 Kurastian Asp
    0x92D7890B 0x00036F00 28 Mojo_shadowClone
    0x27399BE7 0x00030F1C 34 Offhand_Other_001
    ;gb_id actorsno ilvl name localname
    0x622256D4 0x00001158 1 HealthPotionMinor Minor Health Potion
    0xA3D2745D 0x00001157 10 HealthPotionLesser Lesser Health Potion
    0x8DCB100F 0x00001159 15 HealthPotion Health Potion
    0xBA89E919 0x00001156 20 HealthPotionGreater Greater Health Potion
    0x621DE2C8 0x00001154 25 HealthPotionMajor Major Health Potion
    0x6295859E 0x0000115A 30 HealthPotionSuper Super Health Potion
    0x9A7D34E9 0x0003745B 40 HealthPotionHeroic Heroic Health Potion
    0xA6552A13 0x0003745C 50 HealthPotionResplendent Resplendent Health Potion
    0x62836510 0x0003745E 55 HealthPotionRunic Runic Health Potion
    0xA791E51D 0x0003745D 60 HealthPotionMythic Mythic Health Potion
    0xD079F2C3 0x00001618 1 TownPortalStone Town Portal Stone
    0x88545731 0x0002E899 1 StoneOfRecall Town Portal
    0x78937BB0 0x000010AB 1 HealthGlobe1 Health Globe
    0x78937BB1 0x000010AB 1 HealthGlobe2 Health Globe
    0x78937BB2 0x000010AB 1 HealthGlobe3 Health Globe
    0x78937BB3 0x000010AB 1 HealthGlobe4 Health Globe
    0x78937BB4 0x000010AB 1 HealthGlobe5 Health Globe
    0x78937BB5 0x000010AB 1 HealthGlobe6 Health Globe
    0x78937BB6 0x000010AB 1 HealthGlobe7 Health Globe
    0x78937BB7 0x000010AB 1 HealthGlobe8 Health Globe
    0x78937BB8 0x000010AB 1 HealthGlobe9 Health Globe
    0x8B02F1E0 0x000010AB 1 HealthGlobe10 Health Globe
    0x8B02F1E5 0x000010AB 1 HealthGlobe15 Health Globe
    0x8B02F201 0x000010AB 1 HealthGlobe20 Health Globe
    0x8B02F206 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe25 Health Globe
    0x8B02F222 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe30 Health Globe
    0x8B02F227 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe35 Health Globe
    0x8B02F243 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe40 Health Globe
    0x8B02F248 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe45 Health Globe
    0x8B02F264 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe50 Health Globe
    0x8B02F269 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe55 Health Globe
    0x8B02F285 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe60 Health Globe
    0x8B02F28A 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe65 Health Globe
    0x8B02F2A6 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe70 Health Globe
    0x8B02F2AB 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe75 Health Globe
    0x8B02F2C7 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe80 Health Globe
    0x8B02F2CC 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe85 Health Globe
    0x8B02F2E8 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe90 Health Globe
    0x8B02F2ED 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe95 Health Globe
    0xEB612E10 0x00014F26 1 HealthGlobe100 Health Globe
    0x984B5CB1 0x000330C5 1 CupCake5
    0xA1B6F27D 0x000330C5 1 CupCake10
    0xA1B6F282 0x000330C5 1 CupCake15
    0xA1B6F29E 0x000330C5 1 CupCake20
    0xA1B6F2A3 0x000330E0 1 CupCake25
    0xA1B6F2BF 0x000330E0 1 CupCake30
    0xA1B6F2C4 0x000330E0 1 CupCake35
    0xA1B6F2E0 0x000330E0 1 CupCake40
    0xEC8AC773 0x00027EAB 1 ArcaneGlobe
    0xC5BE12C7 0x0000D940 1 PowerUpStealth
    0x7289A15B 0x0000D536 1 PowerUpAttackSpeed
    0xCCC7487A 0x0000D577 1 PowerUpCooldownReset
    0x1B22ECB3 0x0000D939 1 PowerUpInvulnerability
    0x00B4F1D1 0x00031948 1 PowerUpDamage
    0xD23AF9EF 0x00036667 1 PvP_HealingDude
    0x445D54F0 0x0000139D 7 Ring_01 Ring
    0x445D54F1 0x0000139E 9 Ring_02 Ring
    0x445D54F2 0x0000139F 11 Ring_03 Ring
    0x445D54F3 0x000013A0 14 Ring_04 Ring
    0x445D54F4 0x000013A1 16 Ring_05 Ring
    0x445D54F5 0x000013A2 19 Ring_06 Ring
    0x445D54F6 0x000013A3 21 Ring_07 Ring
    0x445D54F7 0x000013A4 23 Ring_08 Ring
    0x445D54F8 0x000013A5 26 Ring_09 Ring
    0x445D5510 0x000013A6 28 Ring_10 Ring
    0x445D5511 0x000013A7 31 Ring_11 Ring
    0x445D5512 0x0000019E 33 Ring_12 Ring
    0x445D5513 0x000013A8 35 Ring_13 Ring
    0x445D5514 0x000013A9 38 Ring_14 Ring
    0x445D5515 0x000013AA 41 Ring_15 Ring
    0x445D5516 0x000013AB 44 Ring_16 Ring
    0x445D5517 0x000013AC 47 Ring_17 Ring
    0x445D5518 0x000013AD 51 Ring_18 Ring
    0x445D5519 0x000013AE 54 Ring_19 Ring
    0x445D5531 0x000013AF 57 Ring_20 Ring
    0x445D5532 0x000013B0 60 Ring_21 Ring
    0x445D5533 0x000013B1 61 Ring_22 Ring
    0x445D5534 0x000013B2 62 Ring_23 Ring
    0x6444C589 0x00000C66 10 Amulet01 Amulet
    0x6444C58A 0x00000C67 14 Amulet02 Amulet
    0x6444C58B 0x00000C68 18 Amulet03 Amulet
    0x6444C58C 0x00000C69 22 Amulet04 Amulet
    0x6444C58D 0x00000C6A 26 Amulet05 Amulet
    0x6444C58E 0x00000C6B 30 Amulet06 Amulet
    0x6444C58F 0x00000C6C 35 Amulet07 Amulet
    0x6444C590 0x00000C6D 40 Amulet08 Amulet
    0x6444C591 0x00000C6E 45 Amulet09 Amulet
    0x6444C5A9 0x00000C6F 50 Amulet10 Amulet
    0x6444C5AA 0x00000C70 55 Amulet11 Amulet
    0x6444C5AB 0x00000C71 60 Amulet12 Amulet
    0x6444C5AC 0x00000C72 61 Amulet13 Amulet
    0x6444C5AD 0x00000C73 62 Amulet14 Amulet
    0x44630365 0x0002E8A4 21 Templar_Special_001 Holy Tome
    0x44630366 0x0002E8A5 30 Templar_Special_002 Spear Fragment
    0x446307A6 0x0002E8A4 34 Templar_Special_101 Sacred Text
    0x446307A7 0x0002E8A5 38 Templar_Special_102 Blade Shard
    0x446307A8 0x0002E8A6 43 Templar_Special_103 Martyr Tears
    0x446307A9 0x0002E8A7 48 Templar_Special_104 Chalice
    0x44630BE7 0x0002E8A4 51 Templar_Special_201 Libram Spiritus
    0x44630BE8 0x0002E8A5 54 Templar_Special_202 Blade Remnant
    0x44630BE9 0x0002E8A6 57 Templar_Special_203 Saint Tears
    0x44630BEA 0x0002E8A7 60 Templar_Special_204 Grail
    0xF24BF91F 0x0002E8AE 21 Scoundrel_Special_001 Dice
    0xF24BF920 0x0002E8AF 30 Scoundrel_Special_002 Glass Blade
    0xF24BFD60 0x0002E8AE 34 Scoundrel_Special_101 Loaded Dice
    0xF24BFD61 0x0002E8AF 38 Scoundrel_Special_102 Crystal Edge
    0xF24BFD62 0x0002E8B0 43 Scoundrel_Special_103 Clasp
    0xF24BFD63 0x0002E8B1 48 Scoundrel_Special_104 Sand Pouch
    0xF24C01A1 0x0002E8AE 51 Scoundrel_Special_201 Bone Dice
    0xF24C01A2 0x0002E8AF 54 Scoundrel_Special_202 Diamond Razor
    0xF24C01A3 0x0002E8B0 57 Scoundrel_Special_203 Brooch
    0xF24C01A4 0x0002E8B1 60 Scoundrel_Special_204 Dust Satchel
    0x2D629AAE 0x0002E8A8 21 Enchantress_Special_001 Mirror
    0x2D629AAF 0x0002E8AB 30 Enchantress_Special_002 Eye
    0x2D629EEF 0x0002E8A8 34 Enchantress_Special_101 Scrying Glass
    0x2D629EF0 0x0002E8AB 38 Enchantress_Special_102 Blink
    0x2D629EF1 0x0002E8AC 43 Enchantress_Special_103 Crucible
    0x2D629EF2 0x0002E8AD 48 Enchantress_Special_104 Root
    0x2D62A330 0x0002E8A8 51 Enchantress_Special_201 Eternity Mirror
    0x2D62A331 0x0002E8AB 54 Enchantress_Special_202 Oculus
    0x2D62A332 0x0002E8AC 57 Enchantress_Special_203 Cauldron
    0x2D62A333 0x0002E8AD 60 Enchantress_Special_204 Herb
    0x07869277 0x00000178 1 Gold1 Gold
    0x07869278 0x00033130 1 Gold2 Gold
    0x07869279 0x000010D9 1 Gold3 Gold
    0x0786927A 0x000010D8 1 Gold4 Gold
    0x0786927B 0x000010D7 1 Gold5
    0xF88B87F8 0x0000E95E 1 Junk_01 Charm[NYI]
    0xF88B87F9 0x0000E95E 3 Junk_02 Page of Fate [NYI]
    0xF88B87FA 0x0000E95E 5 Junk_03 Crafter Skillup Page[NYI]
    0xF88B87FB 0x0000E95E 7 Junk_04 OH NOES! JUNK!
    0xF88B87FC 0x0000E95E 9 Junk_05 Trunk Junk
    0xF88B87FD 0x0000E95E 11 Junk_06 Junkorama
    0xABD89EEF 0x0000DE1C 14 Amethyst_01 Chipped Amethyst
    0xABD89EF0 0x0000DE1D 22 Amethyst_02 Flawed Amethyst
    0xABD89EF1 0x0000DE1E 30 Amethyst_03 Amethyst
    0xABD89EF2 0x0000DE1F 36 Amethyst_04 Flawless Amethyst
    0xABD89EF3 0x0000DE20 42 Amethyst_05 Perfect Amethyst
    0xABD89EF4 0x0000DE21 48 Amethyst_06 Radiant Amethyst
    0xABD89EF5 0x0000DE22 54 Amethyst_07 Square Amethyst
    0xABD89EF6 0x0000DE23 60 Amethyst_08 Flawless Square Amethyst
    0xABD89EF7 0x0000DE24 61 Amethyst_09 Perfect Square Amethyst
    0xABD89F0F 0x0000DE25 62 Amethyst_10 Radiant Square Amethyst
    0xABD89F10 0x0000DE26 63 Amethyst_11 Star Amethyst
    0xABD89F11 0x0000DE27 64 Amethyst_12 Flawless Star Amethyst
    0xABD89F12 0x0000DE28 65 Amethyst_13 Perfect Star Amethyst
    0xABD89F13 0x0000DE29 66 Amethyst_14 Radiant Star Amethyst
    0x98AE95FA 0x0000DE38 14 Emerald_01 Chipped Emerald
    0x98AE95FB 0x0000DE39 22 Emerald_02 Flawed Emerald
    0x98AE95FC 0x0000DE3A 30 Emerald_03 Emerald
    0x98AE95FD 0x0000DE3B 36 Emerald_04 Flawless Emerald
    0x98AE95FE 0x0000DE3C 42 Emerald_05 Perfect Emerald
    0x98AE95FF 0x0000DE3D 48 Emerald_06 Radiant Emerald
    0x98AE9600 0x0000DE3E 54 Emerald_07 Square Emerald
    0x98AE9601 0x0000DE3F 60 Emerald_08 Flawless Square Emerald
    0x98AE9602 0x0000DE40 61 Emerald_09 Perfect Square Emerald
    0x98AE961A 0x0000DE41 62 Emerald_10 Radiant Square Emerald
    0x98AE961B 0x0000DE42 63 Emerald_11 Star Emerald
    0x98AE961C 0x0000DE43 64 Emerald_12 Flawless Star Emerald
    0x98AE961D 0x0000DE44 65 Emerald_13 Perfect Star Emerald
    0x98AE961E 0x0000DE45 66 Emerald_14 Radiant Star Emerald
    0x5F8BF542 0x0000DE0E 14 Ruby_01 Chipped Ruby
    0x5F8BF543 0x0000DE0F 22 Ruby_02 Flawed Ruby
    0x5F8BF544 0x0000DE10 30 Ruby_03 Ruby
    0x5F8BF545 0x0000DE11 36 Ruby_04 Flawless Ruby
    0x5F8BF546 0x0000DE12 42 Ruby_05 Perfect Ruby
    0x5F8BF547 0x0000DE13 48 Ruby_06 Radiant Ruby
    0x5F8BF548 0x0000DE14 54 Ruby_07 Square Ruby
    0x5F8BF549 0x0000DE15 60 Ruby_08 Flawless Square Ruby
    0x5F8BF54A 0x0000DE16 61 Ruby_09 Perfect Square Ruby
    0x5F8BF562 0x0000DE17 62 Ruby_10 Radiant Square Ruby
    0x5F8BF563 0x0000DE18 63 Ruby_11 Star Ruby
    0x5F8BF564 0x0000DE19 64 Ruby_12 Flawless Star Ruby
    0x5F8BF565 0x0000DE1A 65 Ruby_13 Perfect Star Ruby
    0x5F8BF566 0x0000DE1B 66 Ruby_14 Radiant Star Ruby
    0x7AB65DAE 0x0000DE54 14 Topaz_01 Chipped Topaz
    0x7AB65DAF 0x0000DE55 22 Topaz_02 Flawed Topaz
    0x7AB65DB0 0x0000DE56 30 Topaz_03 Topaz
    0x7AB65DB1 0x0000DE57 36 Topaz_04 Flawless Topaz
    0x7AB65DB2 0x0000DE58 42 Topaz_05 Perfect Topaz
    0x7AB65DB3 0x0000DE59 48 Topaz_06 Radiant Topaz
    0x7AB65DB4 0x0000DE5A 54 Topaz_07 Square Topaz
    0x7AB65DB5 0x0000DE5B 60 Topaz_08 Flawless Square Topaz
    0x7AB65DB6 0x0000DE5C 61 Topaz_09 Perfect Square Topaz
    0x7AB65DCE 0x0000DE5D 62 Topaz_10 Radiant Square Topaz
    0x7AB65DCF 0x0000DE5E 63 Topaz_11 Star Topaz
    0x7AB65DD0 0x0000DE5F 64 Topaz_12 Flawless Star Topaz
    0x7AB65DD1 0x0000DE60 65 Topaz_13 Perfect Star Topaz
    0x7AB65DD2 0x0000DE61 66 Topaz_14 Radiant Star Topaz
    0xC9C09BA6 0x0002638D 5 PowerPotion Power Potion
    0x5728942E 0x00001484 5 ScrollDetection
    0x60F0BE25 0x00029117 5 TalismanUnlock Talisman
    0x93FD3963 0x00029118 5 StoneOfWealth Cauldron of Jordan
    0xF20A70A2 0x0000D4E9 15 Dye_01 Tanner's Dye
    0xF20A70C4 0x0002434C 15 Dye_12 Spring Dye
    0xF20A70A4 0x00024340 15 Dye_03 Winter Dye
    0xF20A70A5 0x00024341 15 Dye_04 Aquatic Dye
    0xF20A70AA 0x00024348 31 Dye_09 Autumn Dye
    0xFFFFF07E 0x00024343 31 Dye_06 Ranger's Dye
    0xF20A70C9 0x00024352 31 Dye_17 Royal Dye
    0xF20A70A6 0x00024342 31 Dye_05 Cardinal Dye
    0xF20A70A9 0x00024345 31 Dye_08 Desert Dye
    0xF20A70C2 0x0002434A 51 Dye_10 Lovely Dye
    0xF20A70C7 0x00024350 51 Dye_15 Mariner's Dye
    0xF20A70C3 0x0002434B 51 Dye_11 Summer Dye
    0xF20A70C5 0x0002434D 51 Dye_13 Elegant Dye
    0xF20A70CA 0x00024353 60 Dye_18 Infernal Dye
    0xF20A70CB 0x00024354 60 Dye_19 Purity Dye
    0xF20A70E3 0x00024355 60 Dye_20 Abyssal Dye
    0xF20A70C6 0x0002434F 60 Dye_14 Forester's Dye
    0xF20A70C8 0x00024351 60 Dye_16 Golden Dye
    0x88C39268 0x00024356 15 Dye_Vanishing Vanishing Dye
    0xDDB760C1 0x00024357 5 Dye_Remover All-Soap's Miraculous Dye Remover
    0x6F464549 0x00033CD6 5 Dye_CE_01 Bottled Cloud
    0x6F46454A 0x00033CD7 5 Dye_CE_02 Bottled Smoke
    0x0E222536 0x00033763 1 AngelWings_Blue Angelic Wings
    0x98797486 0x0003E540 1 BugWings Blade Wings
    0x7B0EDEA3 0x0002E597 14 Crafting_Tier_01B Subtle Essence
    0x7B0EDEA4 0x0002E598 16 Crafting_Tier_01C Fallen Tooth
    0x7B0EDEC4 0x0002E59D 34 Crafting_Tier_02B Shimmering Essence
    0x7B0EDEC5 0x0002E59E 40 Crafting_Tier_02C Lizard Eye
    0x7B0EDEE5 0x0002E5A1 52 Crafting_Tier_03B Wishful Essence
    0x7B0EDEE6 0x0002E5A2 54 Crafting_Tier_03C Encrusted Hoof
    0x7B0EDF06 0x0002E5A5 61 Crafting_Tier_04B Exquisite Essence
    0x7B0EDF07 0x0002E5A6 62 Crafting_Tier_04C Iridescent Tear
    0x7B0EDF08 0x0002E5A7 63 Crafting_Tier_04D Fiery Brimstone
    0xC3263226 0x000375A3 31 Crafting_Training_Page_Blacksmith Page of Blacksmithing
    0xD839EFB2 0x000375A4 31 Crafting_Training_Page_Jeweler Page of Jewelcrafting
    0x1D7E7302 0x00038528 51 Crafting_Training_Tome_Blacksmith_Hell Tome of Blacksmithing
    0xD4EB970E 0x00038529 51 Crafting_Training_Tome_Jeweler_Hell Tome of Jewelcrafting
    0xC629608D 0x0002E453 61 Crafting_Training_Tome_Inferno Tome of Secrets
    0xA0D43018 0x00000CC0 1 Orn_Bag_01
    0x34CCF6C3 0x00000D29 1 Orn_BlizzconPrize
    0xD052F988 0x0002C1D9 1 CowBell Wirt's Bell
    0x2B37E20B 0x0003464B 1 Cow_Water Liquid Rainbow
    0xD0515C01 0x0003464C 1 Cow_Gem Gibbering Gemstone
    0xDA7A494C 0x0003464D 1 Cow_Bone Leoric’s Shinbone
    0x0BCD3CF1 0x00037444 1 ScrapPaper_01 Page of Useless Scribbling
    0x0BCD3CF2 0x00037444 1 ScrapPaper_02
    0x0BCD3CF3 0x00037444 1 ScrapPaper_03
    0x0BCD3CF4 0x00037444 1 ScrapPaper_04
    0xBF258CBC 0x0003E741 63 Key_Destruction Key of Destruction
    0x3F6FF18A 0x0003E73F 63 Key_Hate Key of Hate
    0xF777F2E6 0x0003E740 63 Key_Terror Key of Terror
    0xD935EE9D 0x0003EE83 63 RedPortalDevice Infernal Machine
    0xCD8DBDFD 0x0003D7D1 63 CraftingPlan_Smith_Smith_RedPortalDevice Plan: Infernal Machine
    0x952FF4A7 0x0002F058 63 CraftingPlan_Jeweler_ShardRing Design: Hellfire Ring
    0x7725F7CC 0x0003EE9B 63 DemonOrgan_Eye Vengeful Eye
    0xD98D4877 0x0003EEA8 63 DemonOrgan_Tooth Devil’s Fang
    0x934596D0 0x0003EEA3 63 DemonOrgan_SpineCord Writhing Spine
    0xA8C96A72 0x0003D7D1 1 CraftingPlan_Smith_Smith_StaffofCow Plan: Staff of Herding
    0x267AD970 0x0003D7D1 1 CraftingPlan_Smith_Smith_StaffofCow_Nightmare Plan: Nightmarish Staff of Herding
    0xE2199CF6 0x0003D7D1 1 CraftingPlan_Smith_Smith_StaffofCow_Hell Plan: Hellish Staff of Herding
    0x0F153582 0x0003D7D1 1 CraftingPlan_Smith_Smith_StaffofCow_Inferno Plan: Infernal Staff of Herding
    0xBA2A0AEC 0x0002F058 61 CraftingPlan_Jeweler_GemCombine_Amethyst_11_12 Design: Flawless Star Amethyst
    0xBA2A974E 0x0002F058 62 CraftingPlan_Jeweler_GemCombine_Amethyst_12_13 Design: Perfect Star Amethyst
    0xBA2B23B0 0x0002F058 63 CraftingPlan_Jeweler_GemCombine_Amethyst_13_14 Design: Radiant Star Amethyst
    0x1F192AD7 0x0002F058 61 CraftingPlan_Jeweler_GemCombine_Emerald_11_12 Design: Flawless Star Emerald
    0x1F19B739 0x0002F058 62 CraftingPlan_Jeweler_GemCombine_Emerald_12_13 Design: Perfect Star Emerald
    0x1F1A439B 0x0002F058 63 CraftingPlan_Jeweler_GemCombine_Emerald_13_14 Design: Radiant Star Emerald
    0x7FFA975F 0x0002F058 61 CraftingPlan_Jeweler_GemCombine_Ruby_11_12 Design: Flawless Star Ruby
    0x7FFB23C1 0x0002F058 62 CraftingPlan_Jeweler_GemCombine_Ruby_12_13 Design: Perfect Star Ruby
    0x7FFBB023 0x0002F058 63 CraftingPlan_Jeweler_GemCombine_Ruby_13_14 Design: Radiant Star Ruby
    0x3402FF8B 0x0002F058 61 CraftingPlan_Jeweler_GemCombine_Topaz_11_12 Design: Flawless Star Topaz
    0x34038BED 0x0002F058 62 CraftingPlan_Jeweler_GemCombine_Topaz_12_13 Design: Perfect Star Topaz
    0x3404184F 0x0002F058 63 CraftingPlan_Jeweler_GemCombine_Topaz_13_14 Design: Radiant Star Topaz
    0x87E4CA6C 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Shield_04 Plan: Exalted Dread Shield
    0x4CCE7A39 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Helm_04 Plan: Exalted Sovereign Helm
    0x0F37A52C 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Shoulders_04 Plan: Exalted Pallium
    0x2068116A 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Chest_04 Plan: Exalted Sovereign Mail
    0xEF919F92 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Fist_04 Plan: Exalted Golden Talon
    0xCFE28786 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_CombatStaff_04 Plan: Exalted Zhezl
    0x421873D2 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Axe_1H_04 Plan: Exalted Galraki
    0xD9F8CCA3 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Sword_1H_04 Plan: Exalted Conquest Sword
    0x9B41178A 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Mace_1H_04 Plan: Exalted Crag Hammer
    0x9CF22370 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_MightyWeapon_1H_04 Plan: Exalted Massacre Axe
    0x9D043BF1 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_MightyWeapon_2H_04 Plan: Exalted Behemoth
    0x422A8C53 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Axe_2H_04 Plan: Exalted Sagaris
    0xDA0AE524 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Sword_2H_04 Plan: Exalted Oni Blade
    0x9B53300B 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Mace_2H_04 Plan: Exalted Slag Hammer
    0xF92322C6 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Wand_04 Plan: Exalted Strike Wand
    0xDDA42408 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_CeremonialKnife_04 Plan: Exalted Flesh Ripper
    0x04E86970 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Staff_04 Plan: Exalted Mythical Staff
    0x15F3DB26 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Dagger_04 Plan: Exalted Piercer
    0x43A3C3FF 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Orb_04 Plan: Exalted Orbit Stones
    0x17C2A231 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Mojo_04 Plan: Exalted Unspeakable Thing
    0x325C14B8 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Quiver_04 Plan: Exalted Runic Quiver
    0xEA4DA9EE 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Crossbow_04 Plan: Exalted Doomcaster
    0x2525EE44 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Bow_04 Plan: Exalted Phantom Bow
    0x15C05A29 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_HandCrossbow_04 Plan: Exalted Impellor
    0x87E4CA6D 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Shield_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Dread Shield
    0x4CCE7A3A 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Helm_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Sovereign Helm
    0x0F37A52D 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Shoulders_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Pallium
    0x2068116B 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Chest_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Sovereign Mail
    0x19F8315A 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Pants_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Sovereign Tassets
    0xB8257F44 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Gloves_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Sovereign Vambraces
    0x6663083B 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Boots_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Sovereign Greaves
    0xC158B816 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Bracers_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Armplates
    0x7EF4E45B 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Belt_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Heaven Strand
    0xEF919F93 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Fist_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Golden Talon
    0xCFE28787 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_CombatStaff_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Zhezl
    0x421873D3 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Axe_1H_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Galraki
    0xD9F8CCA4 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Sword_1H_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Conquest Sword
    0x9B41178B 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Mace_1H_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Crag Hammer
    0x9CF22371 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_MightyWeapon_1H_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Massacre Axe
    0x9D043BF2 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_MightyWeapon_2H_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Behemoth
    0x422A8C54 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Axe_2H_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Sagaris
    0xDA0AE525 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Sword_2H_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Oni Blade
    0x9B53300C 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Mace_2H_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Slag Hammer
    0xF92322C7 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Wand_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Strike Wand
    0xDDA42409 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_CeremonialKnife_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Flesh Ripper
    0x04E86971 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Staff_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Mythical Staff
    0x15F3DB27 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Dagger_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Piercer
    0x43A3C400 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Orb_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Orbit Stones
    0x17C2A232 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Mojo_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Unspeakable Thing
    0x325C14B9 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Quiver_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Runic Quiver
    0xEA4DA9EF 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Crossbow_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Doomcaster
    0x2525EE45 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Bow_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Phantom Bow
    0x15C05A2A 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_HandCrossbow_05 Plan: Exalted Fine Impellor
    0x87E4CA6E 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Shield_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Dread Shield
    0x4CCE7A3B 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Helm_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Sovereign Helm
    0x0F37A52E 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Shoulders_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Pallium
    0x2068116C 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Chest_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Sovereign Mail
    0x19F8315B 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Pants_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Sovereign Tassets
    0xB8257F45 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Gloves_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Sovereign Vambraces
    0x6663083C 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Boots_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Sovereign Greaves
    0xC158B817 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Bracers_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Armplates
    0x7EF4E45C 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Belt_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Heaven Strand
    0x1FAC239E 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_ChampionsBelt_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Heavy Baldric
    0x6A59F23F 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_Cloak_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Stalker Cape
    0x39F1B119 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_SpiritStone_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Ghost Sight
    0xBAB859D7 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_VoodooMask_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Manitou Mask
    0xFA749B43 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Armor_WizardHat_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Archmage Headpiece
    0xEF919F94 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Fist_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Golden Talon
    0xCFE28788 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_CombatStaff_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Zhezl
    0x421873D4 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Axe_1H_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Galraki
    0xD9F8CCA5 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Sword_1H_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Conquest Sword
    0x9B41178C 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Mace_1H_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Crag Hammer
    0x9CF22372 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_MightyWeapon_1H_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Massacre Axe
    0x9D043BF3 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_MightyWeapon_2H_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Behemoth
    0x422A8C55 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Axe_2H_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Sagaris
    0xDA0AE526 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Sword_2H_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Oni Blade
    0x9B53300D 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Mace_2H_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Slag Hammer
    0xF92322C8 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Wand_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Strike Wand
    0xDDA4240A 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_CeremonialKnife_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Flesh Ripper
    0x04E86972 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Staff_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Mythical Staff
    0x15F3DB28 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Dagger_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Piercer
    0x43A3C401 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Orb_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Orbit Stones
    0x17C2A233 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Mojo_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Unspeakable Thing
    0x325C14BA 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Quiver_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Runic Quiver
    0xEA4DA9F0 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Crossbow_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Doomcaster
    0x2525EE46 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_Bow_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Phantom Bow
    0x15C05A2B 0x0002F056 46 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Weapon_HandCrossbow_06 Plan: Exalted Grand Impellor
    0xF5EE0C60 0x0002F056 25 CraftingPlan_Smith_T04_Legendary_Weapon_CombatStaff Plan: Lai Yui's Taiji
    0xFE316F46 0x0002F056 25 CraftingPlan_Smith_T04_Legendary_Armor_Shield Plan: Wall of Bone
    0xE7D88EDE 0x0002F056 25 CraftingPlan_Smith_T04_Legendary_Weapon_Bow Plan: Longshot
    0x8F07C4CC 0x0002F056 25 CraftingPlan_Smith_T04_Legendary_Weapon_MightyWeapon2H Plan: Unending War
    0xD96C83DF 0x0002F056 25 CraftingPlan_Smith_T04_Legendary_Weapon_CeremonialDagger Plan: Umbral Oath
    0x454F4CB4 0x0002F056 25 CraftingPlan_Smith_T04_Legendary_Armor_Belt Plan: Quick Draw Belt
    0xF18D4D0D 0x0002F056 32 CraftingPlan_Smith_T05_Legendary_Weapon_Axe_1H Plan: The Wedge
    0x105743AB 0x0002F056 32 CraftingPlan_Smith_T05_Legendary_Weapon_Staff Plan: The Magi
    0xAB26104C 0x0002F056 32 CraftingPlan_Smith_T05_Legendary_Weapon_Mojo Plan: Bitterness
    0x8052693F 0x0002F056 45 CraftingPlan_Smith_T06_Legendary_Armor_Gloves Plan: Pendergrasps
    0x191DD905 0x0002F056 45 CraftingPlan_Smith_T06_Legendary_Weapon_HandCrossbow Plan: Deadeye
    0xE7705DE8 0x0002F056 55 CraftingPlan_Smith_T07_Legendary_Weapon_Mace_2H Plan: Cataclysm
    0x1891E36D 0x0002F056 55 CraftingPlan_Smith_T07_Legendary_Weapon_MightyWeapon_1H Plan: Harvest Moon
    0x3B8D5ECF 0x0002F056 55 CraftingPlan_Smith_T07_Legendary_Weapon_Fist Plan: Demon Hand
    0x3FDDA65C 0x0002F056 55 CraftingPlan_Smith_T07_Legendary_Weapon_Orb Plan: Singularity
    0x1014E738 0x0002F056 58 CraftingPlan_Smith_T08_Legendary_Armor_Boots Plan: Lost Boys
    0xE807EDEC 0x0002F056 58 CraftingPlan_Smith_T08_Legendary_Weapon_Crossbow Plan: Starspine
    0xC996E8FD 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Weapon_Dagger Plan: Blood-Magic Blade
    0x13C14A1A 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Weapon_Sword_1H Plan: Griswold's Masterpiece
    0xC436614A 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Weapon_Axe_2H Plan: Fire Brand
    0xB0F68F21 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Weapon_Mace_1H Plan: Earthshatter
    0xE55D031B 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Weapon_Bow Plan: Venomhusk
    0x5C4D6D9D 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Weapon_CombatStaff Plan: Rozpedin's Staff
    0x9108AE1D 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Weapon_Wand Plan: Ruinstoke
    0xE9553BCF 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Weapon_Quiver Plan: Black Bone Arrows
    0x42D70B30 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Armor_Helm Plan: The Helm of Command
    0x3D44544C 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Armor_Bracers Plan: Wondrous Deflectors
    0x9D5F7F41 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Armor_Chest Plan: Robes of the Rydraelm
    0x9E470D90 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Armor_Pants Plan: Gehennas
    0x817EC743 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Armor_Shoulders Plan: Seven Sins
    0x2DE2B951 0x0002F056 23 CraftingPlan_Smith_T04_Legendary_Set_Normal_001 Plan: Born's Defiance
    0x2DE2B952 0x0002F056 25 CraftingPlan_Smith_T04_Legendary_Set_Normal_002 Plan: Cain's Fate
    0x0AB7E928 0x0002F056 32 CraftingPlan_Smith_T05_Legendary_Set_Nightmare_001 Plan: Captain Crimson's Finery
    0xE0D3D4AA 0x0002F056 43 CraftingPlan_Smith_T06_Legendary_Set_Nightmare_002 Plan: Aughild's Victory
    0x6E111470 0x0002F056 53 CraftingPlan_Smith_T07_Legendary_Set_Hell_001 Plan: Asheara's Uniform
    0x3CFA8B52 0x0002F056 56 CraftingPlan_Smith_T08_Legendary_Set_Hell_002 Plan: Guardian's Contingency
    0xCAB71F56 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Set_Inferno_001 Plan: Demon's Skin
    0xCAB71F57 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Set_Inferno_002 Plan: Sage's Plight
    0xCAB71F58 0x0002F056 61 CraftingPlan_Smith_T10_Legendary_Set_Inferno_003 Plan: Hallowed Defenders
    ;gb_id actorsno ilvl name localname
    0x63072426 0x00000CAD 1 Axe_1H_001 Hand Axe
    0x63072427 0x00000CAE 6 Axe_1H_002 Broad Axe
    0x63072428 0x00000CAF 11 Axe_1H_003 Double Axe
    0x63072429 0x00000CB0 16 Axe_1H_004 Heavy Axe
    0x6307242A 0x00000CB1 20 Axe_1H_005 Battle Axe
    0x6307242B 0x00000CB2 24 Axe_1H_006 Marauder Axe
    0x6307242C 0x00000CB3 28 Axe_1H_007 Soldier Axe
    0x63072867 0x00000CAD 32 Axe_1H_101 Hatchet
    0x63072868 0x00000CAE 36 Axe_1H_102 Ono
    0x63072869 0x00000CAF 40 Axe_1H_103 Bullova
    0x6307286A 0x00000CB0 44 Axe_1H_104 Adze
    0x6307286B 0x00000CB1 48 Axe_1H_105 Chopper
    0x6307286C 0x00000CB2 50 Axe_1H_106 Toporok
    0x6307286D 0x00000CB3 52 Axe_1H_107 Masakari
    0x63072CA8 0x00000CAD 54 Axe_1H_201 Tomahawk
    0x63072CA9 0x00000CAE 56 Axe_1H_202 Crescent Axe
    0x63072CAA 0x00000CAF 58 Axe_1H_203 Arreat Axe
    0x63072CAB 0x00000CB0 60 Axe_1H_204 Balestarius
    0x63072CAC 0x00000CB1 61 Axe_1H_205 Skartaran Axe
    0x63072CAD 0x00000CB2 62 Axe_1H_206 Galraki
    0x63072CAE 0x00000CB3 63 Axe_1H_207 Arch Axe
    0xB24F75FA 0x00000F3F 3 Dagger_001 Simple Dagger
    0xB24F75FB 0x00000F40 8 Dagger_002 Shiv
    0xB24F75FC 0x00000F41 13 Dagger_003 Short Dagger
    0xB24F75FD 0x00000F42 17 Dagger_004 Dagger
    0xB24F75FE 0x00000F43 21 Dagger_005 Poignard
    0xB24F75FF 0x00000F44 25 Dagger_006 Stiletto
    0xB24F7600 0x00000F45 29 Dagger_007 Skiver
    0xB24F7A3B 0x00000F3F 34 Dagger_101 Jagged Dagger
    0xB24F7A3C 0x00000F40 37 Dagger_102 Kindjal
    0xB24F7A3D 0x00000F41 40 Dagger_103 Pugio
    0xB24F7A3E 0x00000F42 43 Dagger_104 Rondel
    0xB24F7A3F 0x00000F43 46 Dagger_105 Scramasax
    0xB24F7A40 0x00000F44 49 Dagger_106 Main Gauche
    0xB24F7A41 0x00000F45 51 Dagger_107 Spine
    0xB24F7E7C 0x00000F3F 53 Dagger_201 Kukri
    0xB24F7E7D 0x00000F40 55 Dagger_202 Pavade
    0xB24F7E7E 0x00000F41 57 Dagger_203 Cinquedea
    0xB24F7E7F 0x00000F42 59 Dagger_204 Skain
    0xB24F7E80 0x00000F43 61 Dagger_205 Basilard
    0xB24F7E81 0x00000F44 62 Dagger_206 Piercer
    0xB24F7E82 0x00000F45 63 Dagger_207 Darkblade
    0xDA228E31 0x00021F5E 8 CeremonialDagger_1H_001 Stone Knife
    0xDA228E32 0x00021F61 13 CeremonialDagger_1H_002 Kris Blade
    0xDA228E33 0x00021F62 18 CeremonialDagger_1H_003 Jagged Edge
    0xDA228E34 0x00021F63 27 CeremonialDagger_1H_004 Flint Knife
    0xDA229272 0x00021F5E 33 CeremonialDagger_1H_101 Sacrifice Blade
    0xDA229273 0x00021F61 37 CeremonialDagger_1H_102 Flayer
    0xDA229274 0x00021F62 42 CeremonialDagger_1H_103 Bone Saw
    0xDA229275 0x00021F63 48 CeremonialDagger_1H_104 Beast Tusk
    0xDA2296B3 0x00021F5E 52 CeremonialDagger_1H_201 Scalping Razor
    0xDA2296B4 0x00021F61 56 CeremonialDagger_1H_202 Obsidian Edge
    0xDA2296B5 0x00021F62 60 CeremonialDagger_1H_203 Skin Cutter
    0xDA2296B6 0x00021F61 61 CeremonialDagger_1H_204 Exquisite Knife
    0xDA2296B7 0x00021F62 62 CeremonialDagger_1H_205 Flesh Ripper
    0xDA2296B8 0x00021F63 63 CeremonialDagger_1H_206 Veil Piercer
    0x49B51828 0x00001025 8 FistWeapon_1H_001 Knuckles
    0x49B51829 0x00001026 13 FistWeapon_1H_002 Spikes
    0x49B5182A 0x00001027 18 FistWeapon_1H_003 Talon
    0x49B5182B 0x00001028 27 FistWeapon_1H_004 Shuko
    0x49B51C69 0x00001025 33 FistWeapon_1H_101 Breaker
    0x49B51C6A 0x00001026 37 FistWeapon_1H_102 Iron Fist
    0x49B51C6B 0x00001027 42 FistWeapon_1H_103 Claw
    0x49B51C6C 0x00001028 48 FistWeapon_1H_104 Kastet
    0x49B520AA 0x00001025 52 FistWeapon_1H_201 Grappler
    0x49B520AB 0x00001026 56 FistWeapon_1H_202 Hammer Hand
    0x49B520AC 0x00001027 60 FistWeapon_1H_203 Demon Fang
    0x49B520AD 0x00001026 61 FistWeapon_1H_204 Pulverizer
    0x49B520AE 0x00001027 62 FistWeapon_1H_205 Golden Talon
    0x49B520AF 0x00001028 63 FistWeapon_1H_206 Heaven Hand
    0x699ABDF3 0x00000EFB 12 CombatStaff_2H_001 Wooden Bo
    0x699ABDF4 0x00000EFC 16 CombatStaff_2H_002 Spade
    0x699ABDF5 0x00000EFD 21 CombatStaff_2H_003 Eiku
    0x699ABDF6 0x00000EFE 30 CombatStaff_2H_004 Taiji
    0x699AC234 0x00000EFB 33 CombatStaff_2H_101 Jodo Staff
    0x699AC235 0x00000EFC 38 CombatStaff_2H_102 Sibat
    0x699AC236 0x00000EFD 44 CombatStaff_2H_103 Trost
    0x699AC237 0x00000EFE 50 CombatStaff_2H_104 Svardstav
    0x699AC675 0x00000EFB 52 CombatStaff_2H_201 Lathi
    0x699AC676 0x00000EFC 55 CombatStaff_2H_202 Silambam
    0x699AC677 0x00000EFD 58 CombatStaff_2H_203 Drevko
    0x699AC678 0x00000EFC 61 CombatStaff_2H_204 Grand Taiji
    0x699AC679 0x00000EFD 62 CombatStaff_2H_205 Zhezl
    0x699AC67A 0x00000EFE 63 CombatStaff_2H_206 Guru Staff
    0x9D4B0BBE 0x00001225 3 Mace_1H_001 Club
    0x9D4B0BBF 0x00001226 8 Mace_1H_002 Cudgel
    0x9D4B0BC0 0x00001227 13 Mace_1H_003 Morning Star
    0x9D4B0BC1 0x00001228 17 Mace_1H_004 Mace
    0x9D4B0BC2 0x00001229 21 Mace_1H_005 Flanged Mace
    0x9D4B0BC3 0x0000122A 25 Mace_1H_006 Hammer
    0x9D4B0BC4 0x0000018A 29 Mace_1H_007 War Gavel
    0x9D4B0FFF 0x00001225 34 Mace_1H_101 Bludgeon
    0x9D4B1000 0x00001226 37 Mace_1H_102 Spiked Baton
    0x9D4B1001 0x00001227 40 Mace_1H_103 War Mace
    0x9D4B1002 0x00001228 43 Mace_1H_104 Gada
    0x9D4B1003 0x00001229 46 Mace_1H_105 Pernach
    0x9D4B1004 0x0000122A 49 Mace_1H_106 Heavy Hammer
    0x9D4B1005 0x0000018A 51 Mace_1H_107 War Hammer
    0x9D4B1440 0x00001225 53 Mace_1H_201 Skull Crusher
    0x9D4B1441 0x00001226 55 Mace_1H_202 Truncheon
    0x9D4B1442 0x00001227 57 Mace_1H_203 Death Mace
    0x9D4B1443 0x00001228 59 Mace_1H_204 Tripyor
    0x9D4B1444 0x00001229 61 Mace_1H_205 Goedendag
    0x9D4B1445 0x0000122A 62 Mace_1H_206 Crag Hammer
    0x9D4B1446 0x0000018A 63 Mace_1H_207 Demolisher
    0xEFD9CCD7 0x0000158C 2 Sword_1H_001 Short Sword
    0xEFD9CCD8 0x00001590 6 Sword_1H_002 Sabre
    0xEFD9CCD9 0x00001593 10 Sword_1H_003 Broadsword
    0xEFD9CCDA 0x00001594 14 Sword_1H_004 Longsword
    0xEFD9CCDB 0x00001591 18 Sword_1H_005 Falchion
    0xEFD9CCDC 0x00001592 22 Sword_1H_006 Scimitar
    0xEFD9CCDD 0x000001B8 26 Sword_1H_007 War Sword
    0xEFD9CCDE 0x00001595 30 Sword_1H_008 ******* Sword
    0xEFD9D118 0x0000158C 34 Sword_1H_101 Gladius
    0xEFD9D119 0x00001590 36 Sword_1H_102 Cutlass
    0xEFD9D11A 0x00001593 38 Sword_1H_103 Battle Sword
    0xEFD9D11B 0x00001594 40 Sword_1H_104 Knight Sword
    0xEFD9D11C 0x00001591 43 Sword_1H_105 Dao
    0xEFD9D11D 0x00001592 46 Sword_1H_106 Shamshir
    0xEFD9D11E 0x000001B8 48 Sword_1H_107 Raid Sword
    0xEFD9D11F 0x00001595 50 Sword_1H_108 Ancient Sword
    0xEFD9D559 0x0000158C 51 Sword_1H_201 Spatha
    0xEFD9D55A 0x00001590 53 Sword_1H_202 Pirate Sword
    0xEFD9D55B 0x00001593 55 Sword_1H_203 Strong Sword
    0xEFD9D55C 0x00001594 57 Sword_1H_204 King Blade
    0xEFD9D55D 0x00001591 59 Sword_1H_205 Tulwar
    0xEFD9D55E 0x00001592 61 Sword_1H_206 Saif
    0xEFD9D55F 0x000001B8 62 Sword_1H_207 Conquest Sword
    0xEFD9D560 0x00001595 63 Sword_1H_208 Rune Sword
    0x655C4CC7 0x000018AF 6 Axe_2H_001 Lumber Axe
    0x655C4CC8 0x000018B0 12 Axe_2H_002 War Axe
    0x655C4CC9 0x000018B1 18 Axe_2H_003 Tabarzin
    0x655C4CCA 0x000018B2 24 Axe_2H_004 Military Axe
    0x655C4CCB 0x000018B3 30 Axe_2H_005 Great Axe
    0x655C5108 0x000018AF 35 Axe_2H_101 Timber Axe
    0x655C5109 0x000018B0 39 Axe_2H_102 Francisca
    0x655C510A 0x000018B1 43 Axe_2H_103 Fang Axe
    0x655C510B 0x000018B2 47 Axe_2H_104 Parashu
    0x655C510C 0x000018B3 51 Axe_2H_105 Labrys
    0x655C5549 0x000018AF 55 Axe_2H_201 Fell Axe
    0x655C554A 0x000018B0 59 Axe_2H_202 Valaska
    0x655C554B 0x000018B1 61 Axe_2H_203 Ripper Axe
    0x655C554C 0x000018B2 62 Axe_2H_204 Sagaris
    0x655C554D 0x000018B3 63 Axe_2H_205 Decapitator
    0x9FA0345F 0x000018BA 12 Mace_2H_001 Two-Handed Club
    0x9FA03460 0x000018BB 16 Mace_2H_002 Two-Handed Mace
    0x9FA03461 0x000018BC 20 Mace_2H_003 Two-Handed Hammer
    0x9FA03462 0x000018BD 24 Mace_2H_004 Maul
    0x9FA03463 0x000018BE 28 Mace_2H_005 Mallet
    0x9FA03464 0x000018BF 31 Mace_2H_006 Great Hammer
    0x9FA038A0 0x000018BA 34 Mace_2H_101 Dire Club
    0x9FA038A1 0x000018BB 37 Mace_2H_102 Dire Mace
    0x9FA038A2 0x000018BC 40 Mace_2H_103 Sledge Hammer
    0x9FA038A3 0x000018BD 43 Mace_2H_104 Great Maul
    0x9FA038A4 0x000018BE 46 Mace_2H_105 War Mallet
    0x9FA038A5 0x000018BF 49 Mace_2H_106 Rock Breaker
    0x9FA03CE1 0x000018BA 52 Mace_2H_201 Wrecker
    0x9FA03CE2 0x000018BB 55 Mace_2H_202 Dread Mace
    0x9FA03CE3 0x000018BC 58 Mace_2H_203 War Sledge
    0x9FA03CE4 0x000018BD 61 Mace_2H_204 War Maul
    0x9FA03CE5 0x000018BE 62 Mace_2H_205 Slag Hammer
    0x9FA03CE6 0x000018BF 63 Mace_2H_206 Doom Hammer
    0xB0435940 0x00001300 8 Polearm_001 Bardiche
    0xB0435941 0x00001301 12 Polearm_002 Pike
    0xB0435942 0x00001302 16 Polearm_003 Guisarme
    0xB0435943 0x00001303 20 Polearm_004 Hache
    0xB0435944 0x00001304 24 Polearm_005 Glaive
    0xB0435945 0x00001305 28 Polearm_006 Pole Axe
    0xB0435946 0x00001306 30 Polearm_007 Halberd
    0xB0435947 0x00001307 33 Polearm_008 Lance
    0xB0435D81 0x00001300 35 Polearm_101 Voulge
    0xB0435D82 0x00001301 38 Polearm_102 Naginata
    0xB0435D83 0x00001302 40 Polearm_103 Croc
    0xB0435D84 0x00001303 42 Polearm_104 Battle Hache
    0xB0435D85 0x00001304 44 Polearm_105 Bisento
    0xB0435D86 0x00001305 46 Polearm_106 Great Pole Axe
    0xB0435D87 0x00001306 48 Polearm_107 Battle Halberd
    0xB0435D88 0x00001307 50 Polearm_108 Partizan
    0xB04361C2 0x00001300 52 Polearm_201 Lochaber Axe
    0xB04361C3 0x00001301 54 Polearm_202 Fauchard
    0xB04361C4 0x00001302 56 Polearm_203 Skewer
    0xB04361C5 0x00001303 58 Polearm_204 War Crest
    0xB04361C6 0x00001304 60 Polearm_205 Kwan Dao
    0xB04361C7 0x00001305 61 Polearm_206 War Thresher
    0xB04361C8 0x00001306 62 Polearm_207 Grand Halberd
    0xB04361C9 0x00001307 63 Polearm_208 Dread Lance
    0xF22EF578 0x000018C6 7 Sword_2H_001 Two-Handed Sword
    0xF22EF579 0x000018C8 12 Sword_2H_002 Flamberge
    0xF22EF57A 0x000018C7 18 Sword_2H_003 Dervish
    0xF22EF57B 0x000018C9 22 Sword_2H_004 Executioner Sword
    0xF22EF57C 0x000001E3 26 Sword_2H_005 Nodachi
    0xF22EF57D 0x000018CA 30 Sword_2H_006 Claymore
    0xF22EF9B9 0x000018C6 34 Sword_2H_101 Great Sword
    0xF22EF9BA 0x000018C8 37 Sword_2H_102 Reaver
    0xF22EF9BB 0x000018C7 40 Sword_2H_103 Kilij
    0xF22EF9BC 0x000018C9 43 Sword_2H_104 Mameluke
    0xF22EF9BD 0x000001E3 46 Sword_2H_105 Nagamaki
    0xF22EF9BE 0x000018CA 49 Sword_2H_106 Grand Sword
    0xF22EFDFA 0x000018C6 52 Sword_2H_201 Highland Sword
    0xF22EFDFB 0x000018C8 55 Sword_2H_202 Brimstone Sword
    0xF22EFDFC 0x000018C7 58 Sword_2H_203 Yatagan
    0xF22EFDFD 0x000018C9 61 Sword_2H_204 Colossus Blade
    0xF22EFDFE 0x000001E3 62 Sword_2H_205 Oni Blade
    0xF22EFDFF 0x000018CA 63 Sword_2H_206 Warlord Sword
    0x83562E38 0x00000D75 3 Bow_001 Short Bow
    0x83562E39 0x00000D76 10 Bow_002 Warden Bow
    0x83562E3A 0x00000D77 15 Bow_003 Long Bow
    0x83562E3B 0x00000D78 21 Bow_004 Recurve Bow
    0x83562E3C 0x00000D79 26 Bow_005 Hunting Bow
    0x83562E3D 0x00000D7A 30 Bow_006 Battle Bow
    0x83563279 0x00000D75 32 Bow_101 Siege Bow
    0x8356327A 0x00000D76 36 Bow_102 Maruki
    0x8356327B 0x00000D77 39 Bow_103 Yumi
    0x8356327C 0x00000D78 42 Bow_104 Composite Bow
    0x8356327D 0x00000D79 46 Bow_105 Daikyu
    0x8356327E 0x00000D7A 49 Bow_106 Hankyu
    0x835636BA 0x00000D75 52 Bow_201 Higoyumi
    0x835636BB 0x00000D76 55 Bow_202 Ranger Bow
    0x835636BC 0x00000D77 58 Bow_203 Longshot Bow
    0x835636BD 0x00000D78 61 Bow_204 Sniper Bow
    0x835636BE 0x00000D79 62 Bow_205 Phantom Bow
    0x835636BF 0x00000D7A 63 Bow_206 Revenant Bow
    0x0ACA5382 0x000001F1 6 Crossbow_001 Light Crossbow
    0x0ACA5383 0x000019D3 10 Crossbow_002 Crossbow
    0x0ACA5384 0x000019D4 14 Crossbow_003 Heavy Crossbow
    0x0ACA5385 0x000019D5 18 Crossbow_004 Arbalest
    0x0ACA5386 0x000019D6 22 Crossbow_005 Lian Nu
    0x0ACA5387 0x000019D7 25 Crossbow_006 War Crossbow
    0x0ACA5388 0x00017F6F 28 Crossbow_007 Porcupine
    0x0ACA57C3 0x000001F1 35 Crossbow_101 Siege Crossbow
    0x0ACA57C4 0x000019D3 36 Crossbow_102 Quarrelbow
    0x0ACA57C5 0x000019D4 38 Crossbow_103 Heavy Siege Crossbow
    0x0ACA57C6 0x000019D5 41 Crossbow_104 Slingbow
    0x0ACA57C7 0x000019D6 46 Crossbow_105 Chokonu
    0x0ACA57C8 0x000019D7 49 Crossbow_106 War Caster
    0x0ACA57C9 0x00017F6F 52 Crossbow_107 Scorpion
    0x0ACA5C04 0x000001F1 53 Crossbow_201 Windlass
    0x0ACA5C05 0x000019D3 54 Crossbow_202 Cranequin
    0x0ACA5C06 0x000019D4 56 Crossbow_203 Dread Crossbow
    0x0ACA5C07 0x000019D5 59 Crossbow_204 Nayin
    0x0ACA5C08 0x000019D6 61 Crossbow_205 Stonebow
    0x0ACA5C09 0x000019D7 62 Crossbow_206 Doomcaster
    0x0ACA5C0A 0x00017F6F 63 Crossbow_207 Hellion Crossbow
    0xEA57154B 0x000142C2 8 HandXbow_001 Simple Hand Crossbow
    0xEA57154C 0x000142CF 9 HandXbow_002 Light Hand Crossbow
    0xEA57154D 0x000236BA 11 HandXbow_003 Stake Thrower
    0xEA57154E 0x000236BB 13 HandXbow_004 Hand Crossbow
    0xEA57154F 0x000236BC 17 HandXbow_005 Slinglock
    0xEA571550 0x000236BE 21 HandXbow_006 Quillshot
    0xEA571551 0x000236BF 25 HandXbow_007 Nail Spitter
    0xEA571552 0x000236C0 29 HandXbow_008 Heavy Stake Thrower
    0xEA57198C 0x000142C2 32 HandXbow_101 Sling Pistol
    0xEA57198D 0x000142CF 35 HandXbow_102 Crosslock
    0xEA57198E 0x000236BA 37 HandXbow_103 Siege Lock
    0xEA57198F 0x000236BB 41 HandXbow_104 Arcus
    0xEA571990 0x000236BC 43 HandXbow_105 Cranequin
    0xEA571991 0x000236BE 46 HandXbow_106 Spine Thrower
    0xEA571992 0x000236BF 48 HandXbow_107 Heavy Arcus
    0xEA571993 0x000236C0 50 HandXbow_108 Bolt Rack
    0xEA571DCD 0x000142C2 52 HandXbow_201 Runic Sling Pistol
    0xEA571DCE 0x000142CF 54 HandXbow_202 Splinter Shot
    0xEA571DCF 0x000236BA 56 HandXbow_203 Windlash
    0xEA571DD0 0x000236BB 58 HandXbow_204 Blade Spitter
    0xEA571DD1 0x000236BC 60 HandXbow_205 Heavy Cranequin
    0xEA571DD2 0x000236BE 61 HandXbow_206 Runic Arcus
    0xEA571DD3 0x000236BF 62 HandXbow_207 Impellor
    0xEA571DD4 0x000236C0 63 HandXbow_208 Exorcist
    0xF9F6170B 0x0000154B 5 Spear_001 Javelin
    0xF9F6170C 0x0000154C 11 Spear_002 Fuscina
    0xF9F6170D 0x0000154D 17 Spear_003 Spear
    0xF9F6170E 0x0000154E 23 Spear_004 Hasta
    0xF9F6170F 0x0000154F 29 Spear_005 Pilum
    0xF9F61B4C 0x0000154B 32 Spear_101 Angon
    0xF9F61B4D 0x0000154C 36 Spear_102 Assegai
    0xF9F61B4E 0x0000154D 40 Spear_103 War Spear
    0xF9F61B4F 0x0000154E 46 Spear_104 Spontoon
    0xF9F61B50 0x0000154F 52 Spear_105 Yari
    0xF9F61F8D 0x0000154B 55 Spear_201 Harpoon
    0xF9F61F8E 0x0000154C 58 Spear_202 Impaler
    0xF9F61F8F 0x0000154D 61 Spear_203 Qiang
    0xF9F61F90 0x0000154E 62 Spear_204 Vel
    0xF9F61F91 0x0000154F 63 Spear_205 Centurion Spear
    0x81E51CA4 0x0000156B 8 Staff_001 Short Staff
    0x81E51CA5 0x0000156C 13 Staff_002 Long Staff
    0x81E51CA6 0x0000156D 17 Staff_003 Yew Staff
    0x81E51CA7 0x0000156E 21 Staff_004 Gnarled Staff
    0x81E51CA8 0x0000156F 25 Staff_005 Bone Staff
    0x81E51CA9 0x000001B6 29 Staff_006 Battle Staff
    0x81E51CAA 0x00001570 33 Staff_007 War Staff
    0x81E520E5 0x0000156B 37 Staff_101 Mentor Staff
    0x81E520E6 0x0000156C 39 Staff_102 Obsidian Staff
    0x81E520E7 0x0000156D 42 Staff_103 Petrified Staff
    0x81E520E8 0x0000156E 44 Staff_104 Elder Staff
    0x81E520E9 0x0000156F 47 Staff_105 Shamanic Staff
    0x81E520EA 0x000001B6 49 Staff_106 High Priest Staff
    0x81E520EB 0x00001570 51 Staff_107 Arcane Staff
    0x81E52526 0x0000156B 53 Staff_201 Hyperion Staff
    0x81E52527 0x0000156C 55 Staff_202 Stygian Staff
    0x81E52528 0x0000156D 57 Staff_203 Primordial Staff
    0x81E52529 0x0000156E 59 Staff_204 Archaic Staff
    0x81E5252A 0x0000156F 61 Staff_205 Conquest Staff
    0x81E5252B 0x000001B6 62 Staff_206 Mythical Staff
    0x81E5252C 0x00001570 63 Staff_207 Sovereign Staff
    0x0548EBDA 0x000001E7 8 Wand_001 Lesser Wand
    0x0548EBDB 0x00001915 9 Wand_002 Oak Wand
    0x0548EBDC 0x00001916 13 Wand_003 Wand
    0x0548EBDD 0x00001917 16 Wand_004 Steel Wand
    0x0548EBDE 0x00001918 20 Wand_005 Mentor Wand
    0x0548EBDF 0x00001919 24 Wand_006 Enchanter Wand
    0x0548EBE0 0x0000191A 28 Wand_007 Grim Wand
    0x0548F01B 0x000001E7 35 Wand_101 Petrified Wand
    0x0548F01C 0x00001915 38 Wand_102 Duelist Wand
    0x0548F01D 0x00001916 41 Wand_103 Jade Wand
    0x0548F01E 0x00001917 44 Wand_104 Battle Wand
    0x0548F01F 0x00001918 47 Wand_105 Divination Wand
    0x0548F020 0x00001919 50 Wand_106 Sorcery Wand
    0x0548F021 0x0000191A 52 Wand_107 Silversteel Wand
    0x0548F45C 0x000001E7 54 Wand_201 Greater Wand
    0x0548F45D 0x00001915 56 Wand_202 Guardian
    0x0548F45E 0x00001916 58 Wand_203 Magus Wand
    0x0548F45F 0x00001917 60 Wand_204 Spellbinder
    0x0548F460 0x00001918 61 Wand_205 Archmage Wand
    0x0548F461 0x00001919 62 Wand_206 Strike Wand
    0x0548F462 0x0000191A 63 Wand_207 Desolator Wand
    0x114A1045 0x00021F24 8 MightyWeapon1H_001 Sickle
    0x114A1046 0x00021F33 12 MightyWeapon1H_002 Carver
    0x114A1047 0x00021F36 20 MightyWeapon1H_003 Maw Axe
    0x114A1048 0x00021F37 28 MightyWeapon1H_004 War Blade
    0x114A1486 0x00021F24 32 MightyWeapon1H_101 Scythe
    0x114A1487 0x00021F33 39 MightyWeapon1H_102 Machete
    0x114A1488 0x00021F36 47 MightyWeapon1H_103 Gutwrench
    0x114A1489 0x00021F37 52 MightyWeapon1H_104 Rage Blade
    0x114A18C7 0x00021F24 57 MightyWeapon1H_201 Reaper
    0x114A18C8 0x00021F33 61 MightyWeapon1H_202 Chopsword
    0x114A18C9 0x00021F36 62 MightyWeapon1H_203 Massacre Axe
    0x114A18CA 0x00021F37 63 MightyWeapon1H_204 Slayer
    0x139F38E6 0x00021F38 12 MightyWeapon2H_001 Petrified Trunk
    0x139F38E7 0x00021F3D 15 MightyWeapon2H_002 Giant Sword
    0x139F38E8 0x00021F3E 21 MightyWeapon2H_003 Giant Hammer
    0x139F38E9 0x00021F3F 27 MightyWeapon2H_004 Giant Axe
    0x139F3D27 0x00021F38 36 MightyWeapon2H_101 Redwood War Club
    0x139F3D28 0x00021F3D 41 MightyWeapon2H_102 Colossus Sword
    0x139F3D29 0x00021F3E 46 MightyWeapon2H_103 Crusher
    0x139F3D2A 0x00021F3F 51 MightyWeapon2H_104 Colossus Axe
    0x139F4168 0x00021F38 56 MightyWeapon2H_201 Battersmash
    0x139F4169 0x00021F3D 61 MightyWeapon2H_202 Titan Sword
    0x139F416A 0x00021F3E 62 MightyWeapon2H_203 Behemoth
    0x139F416B 0x00021F3F 63 MightyWeapon2H_204 Titan Axe
    0x63072425 0x00000CAD 1 Axe_1H_000 Weathered Hand Axe
    0xDA228E30 0x00021F5E 1 CeremonialDagger_1H_000 Simple Knife
    0x0548EBD9 0x000001E7 1 Wand_000 Apprentice's Wand
    0x49B51827 0x00001025 1 FistWeapon_1H_000 Worn Knuckles
    0xEA57154A 0x000142C2 1 HandXbow_000 Initiate's Hand Crossbow
    0xB7EE0D54 0x00036EF8 27 MightyWeapon2H_shadowClone_Normal
    0xFDE1A1CA 0x00036EF8 27 MightyWeapon2H_shadowClone_Nightmare
    0x6FD14510 0x00036EF8 27 MightyWeapon2H_shadowClone_Hell
    0x319A1F5C 0x00036EF8 27 MightyWeapon2H_shadowClone_Inferno
    0xC1D19807 0x00036EFF 27 CeremonialDagger_shadowClone_Normal
    0x2CF3139D 0x00036EFF 27 CeremonialDagger_shadowClone_Nightmare
    0xC9DC8703 0x00036EFF 27 CeremonialDagger_shadowClone_Hell
    0x77EF006F 0x00036EFF 27 CeremonialDagger_shadowClone_Inferno
    0xEFF758A8 0x00036EF9 30 CombatStaff_shadowClone_Normal
    0x4E991C9E 0x00036EF9 30 CombatStaff_shadowClone_Nightmare
    0x18A7AB64 0x00036EF9 30 CombatStaff_shadowClone_Hell
    0x6ACCD530 0x00036EF9 30 CombatStaff_shadowClone_Inferno
    0x5F4A5B19 0x00036EFD 25 HandXbow_shadowClone_Normal
    0xE262D56F 0x00036EFD 25 HandXbow_shadowClone_Nightmare
    0xC9C55D95 0x00036EFD 25 HandXbow_shadowClone_Hell
    0xC48025C1 0x00036EFD 25 HandXbow_shadowClone_Inferno
    0xCB9BAD52 0x00036EFE 29 Staff_shadowClone_Normal
    0x662A2908 0x00036EFE 29 Staff_shadowClone_Nightmare
    0x12FACD8E 0x00036EFE 29 Staff_shadowClone_Hell
    0xBAFBBF1A 0x00036EFE 29 Staff_shadowClone_Inferno
    0xBFC8B712 0x00033600 1 StaffOfCow Staff of Herding
    0x27FA6E10 0x00033600 1 StaffOfCow_Nightmare Nightmarish Staff of Herding
    0xEDC1CD96 0x00033600 1 StaffOfCow_Hell Hellish Staff of Herding
    0x74672222 0x00033600 1 StaffOfCow_Inferno Infernal Staff of Herding
    ;gb_id actorsno ilvl name localname
    0x2A96B6F0 0x00000C66 25 Unique_Amulet_PvP_3v3_30 Art of War 3v3
    0x647AD7EA 0x00000C66 25 Unique_Amulet_PvP_4v4_30_All Art of War All
    0x647AD8FA 0x00000C67 25 Unique_Amulet_PvP_4v4_30_Att Art of War Attack
    0xF3DE27DB 0x00000C68 25 Unique_Amulet_PvP_4v4_30_Prec Art of War Precision
    0x647AE3C0 0x00000C69 25 Unique_Amulet_PvP_4v4_30_Def Art of War Defense
    0x647B30E4 0x00000C6A 25 Unique_Amulet_PvP_4v4_30_Vit Art of War Vitality
    0xF3E1D929 0x00000C6B 25 Unique_Amulet_PvP_4v4_30_Will Art of War Willpower
    0x7C1CDD35 0x0000139D 25 Unique_Ring_PvP_30_All Echo Band All
    0x7C1CDE45 0x0000139E 25 Unique_Ring_PvP_30_Att Echo Band Attack
    0xFFC0D686 0x0000139F 25 Unique_Ring_PvP_30_Prec Echo Band Precision
    0x7C1CE90B 0x000013A0 25 Unique_Ring_PvP_30_Def Echo Band Defense
    0x7C1D362F 0x000013A1 25 Unique_Ring_PvP_30_Vit Echo Band Vitality
    0xFFC487D4 0x000013A2 25 Unique_Ring_PvP_30_Will Echo Band Willpower
    0x6B7A51CD 0x00000C66 60 Unique_Amulet_PvP_4v4_60_All Born for War All
    0x6B7A52DD 0x00000C67 60 Unique_Amulet_PvP_4v4_60_Att Born for War Attack
    0xDACCDE1E 0x00000C68 60 Unique_Amulet_PvP_4v4_60_Prec Born for War Precision
    0x6B7A5DA3 0x00000C69 60 Unique_Amulet_PvP_4v4_60_Def Born for War Defense
    0x6B7AAAC7 0x00000C6A 60 Unique_Amulet_PvP_4v4_60_Vit Born for War Vitality
    0x831C5718 0x0000139D 60 Unique_Ring_PvP_60_All Sherman Signet All
    0x831C5828 0x0000139E 60 Unique_Ring_PvP_60_Att Sherman Signet Attack
    0xE6AF8CC9 0x0000139F 60 Unique_Ring_PvP_60_Prec Sherman Signet Precision
    0x831C62EE 0x000013A0 60 Unique_Ring_PvP_60_Def Sherman Signet Defense
    0x831CB012 0x000013A1 60 Unique_Ring_PvP_60_Vit Sherman Signet Vitality
    0x22261E11 0x00035CA6 60 ThorTest_Mojo
    0x7D27FA3F 0x00033F2C 60 ThorTest_Orb
    0x4DE6BAB8 0x000303FE 60 ThorTest_Quiver
    0x51A585F5 0x00030366 60 ThorTest_Shield
    ;gb_id actorsno ilvl name localname
    0x08BC3DE9 0x00000F3F 10 Set_001_GiyuasFang
    0x5A632C03 0x0000158C 20 BladeoftheAncients
    0x073496DC 0x000018AF 5 Axe_2H_Pvp_001 Trusty Battleaxe
    0x073496DD 0x000018B1 12 Axe_2H_Pvp_002 Mighty Battleaxe
    0x073496DE 0x000018B9 20 Axe_2H_Pvp_003 Heroic Reaper
    0x95939EEC 0x0000158C 5 Sword_1H_Pvp_001 Shortsword
    0x95939EED 0x00001593 12 Sword_1H_Pvp_002 Mighty Longword
    0x95939EEE 0x00001593 20 Sword_1H_Pvp_003 Heroic ******* Sword
    0x17AC7791 0x0000156B 5 Staff_1H_Pvp_001 Staff
    0x17AC7792 0x0000156B 12 Staff_1H_Pvp_002 Mighty Staff
    0x17AC7793 0x0000156B 20 Staff_1H_Pvp_003 Heroic Staff
    0x1F234EA5 0x0000156B 5 Monk_Staff_1H_Pvp_001
    0x1F234EA6 0x0000156B 12 Monk_Staff_1H_Pvp_002
    0x1F234EA7 0x00000EFF 20 Monk_Staff_1H_Pvp_003
    0x2D6D8317 0x000001F1 5 Crossbow_Pvp_001 Heavy Crossbow
    0x2D6D8318 0x000019D3 5 Crossbow_Pvp_002 Mighty Crossbow
    0x2D6D8319 0x000019D4 5 Crossbow_Pvp_003 Heroic Crossbow
    0x216D480F 0x00001591 8 Sword_1H_Crafted_001 Blacksteel Shortsword
    0x7B1C24D5 0x0000156B 8 Staff_2H_Crafted_001 Elderwood Staff
    0x1B360CAA 0x00001915 8 Wand_1H_Crafted_001 Elderwood Wand
    0xAA455965 0x0000158C 5 Debug_Sword_001 Don's Sword of Testing
    0xAA455966 0x0000158C 5 Debug_Sword_002 Don's 2H Sword of Testing
    0x0C096194 0x00000CAD 5 Debug_Axe_001
    0x0C096195 0x000018AF 5 Debug_Axe_002
    0x0697CBC0 0x00000F3F 5 Debug_Dagger_001
    0xF0A71216 0x00001025 5 Debug_FistWeapon_001
    0xB1AC20EC 0x00001225 5 Debug_Mace_001
    0xB1AC20ED 0x00001225 5 Debug_Mace_002
    0x8D9667C6 0x00001300 5 Debug_Polearm_001
    0x454AE9BE 0x00000D75 5 Debug_Bow_001
    0x927F32C8 0x000019D2 5 Debug_CrossBow_001
    0x0C07CC11 0x0000154B 5 Debug_Spear_001
    0x93F6D1AA 0x0000156B 5 Debug_Staff_001
    0x05D51820 0x000001E7 5 Debug_Wand_001
    0x439A9F1E 0x00030455 5 Debug_Constant_Mace_2H Professional Russian's 2H Mace
    0xD069E5A6 0x0002F177 5 Debug_Constant_Axe_2H Professional Russian's 2H Axe
    0xFAE75597 0x00030930 5 Debug_Constant_Sword_2H Professional Russian's 2H Sword
    0x439A9EFD 0x0002DF1D 5 Debug_Constant_Mace_1H Professional Russian's 1H Mace
    0xD069E585 0x0002E615 5 Debug_Constant_Axe_1H Professional Russian's 1H Axe
    0xFAE75576 0x00030F6E 5 Debug_Constant_Sword_1H Professional Russian's 1H Sword
    0xD5CA6D59 0x0002FC47 5 Debug_Constant_Dagger Professional Russian's Dagger
    0x9B1B84F7 0x0002F05A 5 Debug_Constant_Bow Professional Russian's Bow
    0x334A83EA 0x00033B25 5 Debug_Constant_HandXBow Professional Russian's Crossbow Pistol
    0xFE976B79 0x0003362F 5 Debug_Constant_Wand Professional Russian's Wand
    0x3C5BE40C 0x0002EC60 5 Debug_100DPS_Mace_2H Professional Russian's 100 DPS 2H Mace
    0x067F44D4 0x0002EA59 5 Debug_100DPS_Axe_2H Professional Russian's 100 DPS 2H Axe
    0x0BD13845 0x0002E798 5 Debug_100DPS_Sword_2H Professional Russian's 100 DPS 2H Sword
    0x3C5BE3EB 0x0002DF19 5 Debug_100DPS_Mace_1H Professional Russian's 100 DPS 1H Mace
    0x067F44B3 0x0002C4EC 5 Debug_100DPS_Axe_1H Professional Russian's 100 DPS 1H Axe
    0x0BD13824 0x0002F7B1 5 Debug_100DPS_Sword_1H Professional Russian's 100 DPS 1H Sword
    0x0BDFCC87 0x0002FA66 5 Debug_100DPS_Dagger Professional Russian's 100 DPS Dagger
    0x5D5382E5 0x0002ADDD 5 Debug_100DPS_Bow Professional Russian's 100 DPS Bow
    0x44346698 0x00033B21 5 Debug_100DPS_HandXBow Professional Russian's 100 DPS Crossbow Pistol
    0x07CF2727 0x0002F34B 5 Debug_100DPS_Wand Professional Russian's 100 DPS Wand
    0xB0104591 0x0002D435 5 Debug_Slow_Sword_1H Professional Russian's Slow Sword
    0xE8737405 0x000337BA 5 Debug_Slow_HandXBow Professional Russian's Slow Crossbow Pistol
    0x8ECE8614 0x0002C741 5 Debug_Slow_Wand Professional Russian's Slow Wand
    0x971AE87A 0x0002EFFF 5 Debug_Fast_Sword_1H Professional Russian's Fast Sword
    0xCF7E16EE 0x0002FF39 5 Debug_Fast_HandXBow Professional Russian's Fast Crossbow Pistol
    0xAA921C7D 0x0002C73A 5 Debug_Fast_Wand Professional Russian's Fast Wand
    0xE1055FDE 0x00030F6E 5 Debug_Stun_Sword Professional Russian's Stun Proc Sword
    0x97F5B392 0x00030F6E 5 Debug_Fear_Sword Professional Russian's Fear Proc Sword
    0xD5504BB5 0x00030F6E 5 Debug_Freeze_Sword Professional Russian's Freeze Proc Sword
    0xE25776DD 0x00030F6E 5 Debug_Blind_Sword Professional Russian's Blind Proc Sword
    0xE6D823E0 0x00030F6E 5 Debug_Chill_Sword Professional Russian's Chill Proc Sword
    0x6862FD59 0x00030F6E 5 Debug_Slow_Sword Professional Russian's Slow Proc Sword
    0x3F65D7BB 0x00030F6E 5 Debug_Knockback_Sword Professional Russian's Knockback Proc Sword
    0xFD8A52C5 0x00030F6E 5 Debug_Immobilize_Sword Professional Russian's Stun Proc Sword
    0x1C6A3577 0x0002ADDD 5 Debug_Stun_Bow Professional Russian's Stun Proc Bow
    0x6C0A0C2B 0x0002ADDD 5 Debug_Fear_Bow Professional Russian's Fear Proc Bow
    0x888A3F8E 0x0002ADDD 5 Debug_Freeze_Bow Professional Russian's Freeze Proc Bow
    0xEFFC80B6 0x0002ADDD 5 Debug_Blind_Bow Professional Russian's Blind Proc Bow
    0xAF5810F9 0x0002ADDD 5 Debug_Chill_Bow Professional Russian's Chill Proc Bow
    0xA73C3832 0x0002ADDD 5 Debug_Slow_Bow Professional Russian's Chill Proc Bow
    0x51A11214 0x0002ADDD 5 Debug_Knockback_Bow Professional Russian's Knockback Proc Bow
    0xC177429E 0x0002ADDD 5 Debug_Immobilize_Bow Professional Russian's Immobilize Proc Bow
    0xC63623D0 0x00035F71 5 ThorTest_MightyWeapon_1H
    0xC63623F1 0x000336F6 5 ThorTest_MightyWeapon_2H
    0x28C7E012 0x0002E615 5 ThorTest_Axe_1H
    0x28C7E033 0x0002F177 5 ThorTest_Axe_2H
    0xA7B7EB2A 0x0002DF1D 5 ThorTest_Mace_1H
    0xA7B7EB4B 0x00030455 5 ThorTest_Mace_2H
    0xE2AE2743 0x00030F6E 5 ThorTest_Sword_1H
    0xE2AE2764 0x00030930 5 ThorTest_Sword_2H
    0xAFF1C7AC 0x0002FFDA 5 ThorTest_Polearm
    0x6756E8F7 0x000301E7 5 ThorTest_Spear
    0x67590A10 0x0002FB4F 5 ThorTest_Staff
    0x4CFFA626 0x00033CF0 5 ThorTest_CombatStaff
    0xF6432965 0x0003315E 5 ThorTest_CeremonialDagger
    0x2E2867E6 0x0002FC47 5 ThorTest_Dagger
    0x2B525E3C 0x00001029 5 ThorTest_FistWeapon
    0x7D27C2A4 0x0002F05A 5 ThorTest_Bow
    0x9DC8106E 0x00033B25 5 ThorTest_Crossbow
    0x1B1155B7 0x00033B25 5 ThorTest_HandXBow
    0x222B5EC6 0x0003362F 5 ThorTest_Wand
    ;gb_id actorsno ilvl name localname
    0x4239EDB2 0x0002FA66 14 Unique_Dagger_003 The Barber
    0x4239EDB6 0x00036081 35 Unique_Dagger_007 Pig Sticker
    0x4239EDB1 0x0002F043 56 Unique_Dagger_002 Kill
    0x4239EDB5 0x0002FC47 61 Unique_Dagger_006 Blood-Magic Blade
    0x4239EDD0 0x000358C1 62 Unique_Dagger_010 Wizardspike
    0x17866731 0x0002F399 19 Unique_CeremonialDagger_003 Moon Slayer
    0x17866734 0x0002F01C 28 Unique_CeremonialDagger_006 Umbral Oath
    0x17866732 0x00036702 43 Unique_CeremonialDagger_004 Ziggurat Tooth
    0x1786672F 0x0002FE9A 53 Unique_CeremonialDagger_001 Anessazi Edge
    0x17866730 0x0003315E 61 Unique_CeremonialDagger_002 The Gidbinn
    0x17866736 0x0002FB2A 62 Unique_CeremonialDagger_008 Last Breath
    0x24410A34 0x0001C1C4 24 Unique_Sword_1H_017 Monster Hunter
    0x24410A0E 0x00036646 39 Unique_Sword_1H_002 Wildwood
    0x24410A2E 0x0002E470 44 Unique_Sword_1H_011 Devil Tongue
    0x24410A0F 0x0002F7B1 47 Unique_Sword_1H_003 The Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis
    0x24410A31 0x0002D435 58 Unique_Sword_1H_014 Doombringer
    0x24410A10 0x0002C84B 60 Unique_Sword_1H_004 Skycutter
    0x24410A36 0x000364C5 61 Unique_Sword_1H_019 Griswold's Masterpiece
    0x24410A13 0x0001C1C5 61 Unique_Sword_1H_007 Sever
    0x24410A2F 0x0002EFFF 62 Unique_Sword_1H_012 Azurewrath
    0x269632AF 0x0000E911 19 Unique_Sword_2H_002 The Zweihander
    0x269632D0 0x00030930 30 Unique_Sword_2H_012 Faithful Memory
    0x269632B1 0x0002C507 38 Unique_Sword_2H_004 Scourge
    0x269632CF 0x000359F2 50 Unique_Sword_2H_011 Blackguard
    0x269632B4 0x0002CF78 56 Unique_Sword_2H_007 Blade of Prophecy
    0x269632B5 0x0002CF7E 59 Unique_Sword_2H_008 The Sultan of Blinding Sand
    0x269632CE 0x0002CF7B 61 Unique_Sword_2H_010 Maximus
    0x269632AE 0x0002E798 61 Unique_Sword_2H_001 The Grandfather
    0x269632B0 0x0002C4F7 62 Unique_Sword_2H_003 Warmonger
    0xF2F19BDE 0x0001C6A2 12 Unique_Axe_1H_003 Genzaniku
    0xF2F19BE2 0x0002C4EC 25 Unique_Axe_1H_007 The Burning Axe of Sankis
    0xF2F19BDF 0x0001C6A3 41 Unique_Axe_1H_004 The Wedge
    0xF2F19BDC 0x0001C6A4 49 Unique_Axe_1H_001 Flesh Tearer
    0xF2F19BE1 0x0002E615 59 Unique_Axe_1H_006 The Butcher's Sickle
    0xF2F19BE0 0x0001C6A5 61 Unique_Axe_1H_005 Sky Splitter
    0xF546C47F 0x0002D8C0 19 Unique_Axe_2H_003 The Executioner
    0xF546C47D 0x0002D87E 36 Unique_Axe_2H_001 Butcher's Carver
    0xF546C49E 0x0002EA59 57 Unique_Axe_2H_011 Messerschmidt's Reaver
    0xF546C49D 0x000018B9 61 Unique_Axe_2H_010 Fire Brand
    0xF546C485 0x0002F177 61 Unique_Axe_2H_009 Skorn
    0x2A847A35 0x0002DF19 26 Unique_Mace_1H_002 Odyn Son
    0x2A847A34 0x0002DF15 35 Unique_Mace_1H_001 Echoing Fury
    0x2A847A38 0x0002DF09 41 Unique_Mace_1H_005 Nutcracker
    0x2A847A3A 0x0002DF1D 47 Unique_Mace_1H_007 Telranden's Hand
    0x2A847A36 0x00019109 52 Unique_Mace_1H_003 Neanderthal
    0x2A847A3B 0x0002DEFE 60 Unique_Mace_1H_008 Nailbiter
    0x2A847A3C 0x0002DF11 61 Unique_Mace_1H_009 Earthshatter
    0x2A847A55 0x0002DF0D 62 Unique_Mace_1H_011 Sun Keeper
    0x2CD9A2D7 0x0001839B 17 Unique_Mace_2H_003 Boneshatter
    0x2CD9A2D5 0x0000E8F1 29 Unique_Mace_2H_001 Crushbane
    0x2CD9A2F7 0x0002EC60 35 Unique_Mace_2H_012 Wrath of the Bone King
    0x2CD9A2F5 0x0002E978 43 Unique_Mace_2H_010 Skywarden
    0x2CD9A2DA 0x0002E994 53 Unique_Mace_2H_006 Cataclysm
    0x2CD9A2D6 0x0002E992 59 Unique_Mace_2H_002 Sledge of Athskeleng
    0x2CD9A2DD 0x00030455 62 Unique_Mace_2H_009 Schaefers's Hammer
    0x3D7CC7B7 0x0002FFDA 25 Unique_Polearm_002 Pledge of Caldeum
    0x3D7CC7B9 0x0002EC52 36 Unique_Polearm_004 Standoff
    0x3D7CC7B8 0x0002F039 59 Unique_Polearm_003 Heart Slaughter
    0x3D7CC7B6 0x0002FBA3 62 Unique_Polearm_001 Vigilance
    0x89F57004 0x000301E7 18 Unique_Spear_004 Scrimshaw
    0x89F57001 0x0002EBD6 41 Unique_Spear_001 Arreat's Law
    0x89F57002 0x0003001E 56 Unique_Spear_002 The Three Hundredth Spear
    0x89F57003 0x0002F6C1 62 Unique_Spear_003 Empyrean Messenger
    0x1E9ED1B2 0x0002ADDC 11 Unique_Bow_005 Uskang
    0x1E9ED1B4 0x00035DEE 22 Unique_Bow_007 Longshot
    0x1E9ED1B5 0x000362F2 35 Unique_Bow_008 The Raven's Wing
    0x1E9ED1AE 0x0002ADDD 43 Unique_Bow_001 Etrayu
    0x1E9ED1D3 0x0002ADDE 52 Unique_Bow_015 Cluckeye
    0x1E9ED1CE 0x000362C5 61 Unique_Bow_010 Venomhusk
    0x1E9ED1B6 0x0002F05A 62 Unique_Bow_009 Windforce
    0x468F09EB 0x00017F73 11 Unique_XBow_006 Bakkan Caster
    0x468F09E6 0x0003644E 26 Unique_XBow_001 Demon Machine
    0x468F0A07 0x0002F6AB 42 Unique_XBow_011 Buriza-Do Kyanon
    0x468F09E9 0x0002F98D 58 Unique_XBow_004 Starspine
    0x468F0A08 0x0003204A 60 Unique_XBow_012 Pus Spitter
    0x468F09E7 0x0002F144 61 Unique_XBow_002 Hellrack
    0x468F09E8 0x00036240 62 Unique_XBow_003 Manticore
    0x1EBE5287 0x0002FF39 33 Unique_HandXBow_007 Dawn
    0x1EBE5286 0x0002FA06 42 Unique_HandXBow_006 Deadeye
    0x1EBE5285 0x0002EFD3 57 Unique_HandXBow_005 Izzuccob
    0x1EBE5284 0x0002F010 59 Unique_HandXBow_004 Balefire Caster
    0x1EBE52A3 0x00036F9D 61 Unique_HandXBow_012 Calamity
    0x6B682375 0x0002EE69 29 Unique_Mighty_1H_006 Fjord Cutter
    0x6B682392 0x0002F3CE 48 Unique_Mighty_1H_012 Ambo's Pride
    0x6B682370 0x0002F0C1 55 Unique_Mighty_1H_001 Harvest Moon
    0x6B682374 0x0002F44B 62 Unique_Mighty_1H_005 Blade of the Warlord
    0x6DBD4C33 0x0002FED4 25 Unique_Mighty_2H_012 Unending War
    0x6DBD4C14 0x0002FC6A 37 Unique_Mighty_2H_004 Bastion's Revered
    0x6DBD4C11 0x0002F479 56 Unique_Mighty_2H_001 The Gavel of Judgment
    0x6DBD4C16 0x0002FA42 62 Unique_Mighty_2H_006 Fury of the Vanished Peak
    0xCDE41463 0x0002AF43 10 Unique_Fist_008 Crystal Fist
    0xCDE4145E 0x0002FF78 19 Unique_Fist_003 Rabid Strike
    0xCDE41462 0x000239BA 28 Unique_Fist_007 Fleshrake
    0xCDE4147F 0x0001FDFD 38 Unique_Fist_013 Scarbringer
    0xCDE4147E 0x0002AF42 49 Unique_Fist_012 Sledge fist
    0xCDE4145F 0x0002F3B3 53 Unique_Fist_004 Demon Hand
    0xCDE41460 0x000239B9 57 Unique_Fist_005 Logan's Claw
    0xCDE41461 0x000239BB 61 Unique_Fist_006 Won Khim Lau
    0xCDE41464 0x0002AF41 62 Unique_Fist_009 The Fist of Az'Turrasq
    0xEC848BAA 0x0002FA49 13 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_002 Balance
    0xEC848BB0 0x0003313E 25 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_008 Lai Yui's Taiji
    0xEC848BAD 0x000301D0 39 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_005 The Clouds and the Moon
    0xEC848BAF 0x000301CC 45 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_007 The Paddle
    0xEC848BAB 0x0002EF56 53 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_003 Incense Torch of the Grand Temple
    0xEC848BAC 0x00030110 61 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_004 Rozpedin's Staff
    0xEC848BB1 0x000301C9 62 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_009 Flying Dragon
    0x11E475A1 0x0002CFA4 34 Unique_Staff_008 Autumn's Call
    0x11E4759B 0x0000E8DC 37 Unique_Staff_002 The Magi
    0x11E4759A 0x0000E8D1 48 Unique_Staff_001 The Broken Staff
    0x11E4759F 0x0002F528 56 Unique_Staff_006 Maloth's Focus
    0x11E4759C 0x0002FB4F 60 Unique_Staff_003 Wormwood
    0x11E475A0 0x0002F22A 61 Unique_Staff_007 The Tormentor
    0x11E475A2 0x0002EEA7 62 Unique_Staff_009 The Grand Vizier
    0x09A5FE12 0x0002C73A 29 Unique_Wand_003 Starfire
    0x09A5FE15 0x0002F34B 36 Unique_Wand_006 Blackhand Key
    0x09A5FE11 0x0002C737 54 Unique_Wand_002 Gesture of Orpheus
    0x09A5FE30 0x0002C6EB 60 Unique_Wand_010 Fragment of Destiny
    0x09A5FE18 0x0002C741 61 Unique_Wand_009 Ruinstoke
    0x09A5FE33 0x0002C6DE 61 Unique_Wand_013 Slorak's Madness
    0xFC356ADD 0x0002F9B3 13 Unique_Mojo_003 Gazing Demise
    0xFC356AE3 0x0002EFD4 29 Unique_Mojo_009 Thing of the Deep
    0xFC356ADC 0x0002F9AC 32 Unique_Mojo_002 Bitterness
    0xFC356ADE 0x0002F9AF 57 Unique_Mojo_004 Homunculus
    0xFC356AE2 0x0002EB2E 62 Unique_Mojo_008 Uhkapian Serpent
    0x0CD75ECD 0x0002CF87 13 Unique_Orb_005 Winter Flurry
    0x0CD75ECB 0x0002FAFD 41 Unique_Orb_003 Triumvirate
    0x0CD75ECC 0x0002FA37 51 Unique_Orb_004 Singularity
    0x0CD75EC9 0x0002EF40 62 Unique_Orb_001 The Oculus
    0xEBA95983 0x000303F9 11 Unique_Quiver_002 Sin Seekers
    0xEBA95987 0x000303FD 23 Unique_Quiver_006 Fletcher's Pride
    0xEBA95986 0x000303FC 33 Unique_Quiver_005 Silver Star Piercers
    0xEBA95985 0x000303FB 43 Unique_Quiver_004 Holy Point Shot
    0xEBA95982 0x000303F8 54 Unique_Quiver_001 Flint Ripper Arrowheads
    0xEBA95984 0x000303FA 61 Unique_Quiver_003 Black Bone Arrows
    0xEBA95988 0x000303FE 61 Unique_Quiver_007 Dead Man's Legacy
    0xFC257B60 0x0002545B 25 Unique_Shield_011 Wall of Bone
    0xFC257B45 0x0002545A 36 Unique_Shield_007 Denial
    0xFC257B42 0x0000F06E 52 Unique_Shield_004 Centurion
    0xFC257B46 0x0002FB3D 56 Unique_Shield_008 Lidless Wall
    0xFC257B40 0x00030366 61 Unique_Shield_002 Ivory Tower
    0xFC257B47 0x0002EFE4 62 Unique_Shield_009 Stormshield
    0x61AC032C 0x00035DD6 19 Unique_Helm_001 Broken Crown
    0x61AC032D 0x0002FDB8 25 Unique_Helm_002 Leoric's Crown
    0x61AC0332 0x000301AD 47 Unique_Helm_007 Blind Faith
    0x61AC032F 0x00035D85 53 Unique_Helm_004 Giant Skull
    0x61AC032E 0x0003057E 59 Unique_Helm_003 Andariel's Visage
    0x61AC0331 0x00036959 61 Unique_Helm_006 Mempo of Twilight
    0x61AC034D 0x000366A9 62 Unique_Helm_011 The Helm of Command
    0x347CCB1A 0x00030256 19 Unique_Gloves_014 Magefist
    0x347CCAF7 0x00030255 25 Unique_Gloves_002 Frostburn Gauntlets
    0x347CCAF6 0x00030257 35 Unique_Gloves_001 Pendergrasps
    0x347CCAF8 0x0003234A 39 Unique_Gloves_003 Tasker and Theo
    0x347CCAFC 0x00032348 56 Unique_Gloves_007 Stone Gauntlets
    0x347CCB17 0x00032343 61 Unique_Gloves_011 Gladiator Gauntlets
    0x0F9A962D 0x00032334 6 Unique_Boots_010 The Crudest Boots
    0x0F9A9615 0x00032336 21 Unique_Boots_009 Lut Socks
    0x0F9A960D 0x00030268 41 Unique_Boots_001 Boj Anglers
    0x0F9A9611 0x00032335 51 Unique_Boots_005 Lost Boys
    0x0F9A9614 0x00036500 61 Unique_Boots_008 Ice Climbers
    0x0F9A9613 0x00032338 62 Unique_Boots_007 Fire Walkers
    0xD89FB16E 0x0002F481 8 Unique_Belt_002 Vigilante Belt
    0xD89FB175 0x0002F486 19 Unique_Belt_009 The Witching Hour
    0xD89FB170 0x0002F483 28 Unique_Belt_004 Quick Draw Belt
    0xD89FB18D 0x0002F487 33 Unique_Belt_010 Goldwrap
    0xD89FB16D 0x0002F480 43 Unique_Belt_001 Saffron Wrap
    0xD89FB174 0x0002F485 53 Unique_Belt_008 String of Ears
    0xD89FB16F 0x0002F482 56 Unique_Belt_003 Angel Hair Braid
    0xD89FB171 0x0002F484 61 Unique_Belt_005 Hellcat Waistguard
    0x38F45C38 0x0002F496 11 Unique_Bracer_004 Steady Strikers
    0x38F45C3A 0x0002F498 26 Unique_Bracer_006 Gungdo Gear
    0x38F45C37 0x0002F495 35 Unique_Bracer_003 Slave Bonds
    0x38F45C39 0x0002F497 53 Unique_Bracer_005 Lacuni Prowlers
    0x38F45C36 0x0002F494 59 Unique_Bracer_002 Promise of Glory
    0x38F45C35 0x0002F493 61 Unique_Bracer_001 Wondrous Deflectors
    0x38F45C3B 0x0002F49C 62 Unique_Bracer_007 Strongarm Bracers
    0x0A40C55F 0x00030253 18 Unique_Chest_012 Aquila Cuirass
    0x0A40C565 0x00032327 30 Unique_Chest_018 Heart of Iron
    0x0A40C55D 0x00030254 38 Unique_Chest_010 Chaingmail
    0x0A40C542 0x000364F7 55 Unique_Chest_006 Cindercoat
    0x0A40C53D 0x00032330 59 Unique_Chest_001 Goldskin
    0x0A40C566 0x00032329 61 Unique_Chest_019 Robes of the Rydraelm
    0x0A40C53E 0x00032328 62 Unique_Chest_002 Tyrael's Might
    0x35D4E312 0x00030264 12 Unique_Pants_007 Pox Faulds
    0x35D4E30D 0x000330A3 43 Unique_Pants_002 Hammer Jammers
    0x35D4E30C 0x000330A1 53 Unique_Pants_001 Swamp Land Waders
    0x35D4E310 0x0003650C 61 Unique_Pants_005 Gehennas
    0x35D4E311 0x00030260 62 Unique_Pants_006 Depth Diggers
    0x0E3ACACC 0x000307AD 43 Unique_Shoulder_001 Barter Town Pads
    0x0E3ACACD 0x00030E76 53 Unique_Shoulder_002 Death Watch Mantle
    0x0E3ACAD2 0x00036983 61 Unique_Shoulder_007 Seven Sins
    0x0E3ACACE 0x0003126D 62 Unique_Shoulder_003 Vile Ward
    0x421D6F0E 0x000363DB 13 Unique_SpiritStone_005 See No Evil
    0x421D6F0D 0x000363D9 21 Unique_SpiritStone_004 Gyana Na Kashu
    0x421D6F0B 0x000363DC 35 Unique_SpiritStone_002 The Mind's Eye
    0x421D6F0C 0x000363DD 47 Unique_SpiritStone_003 Erlang Shen
    0x421D6F0A 0x00036462 54 Unique_SpiritStone_001 Bezoar Stone
    0x421D6F0F 0x000363DA 57 Unique_SpiritStone_006 The Eye of the Storm
    0x421D6F10 0x00036461 61 Unique_SpiritStone_007 Tzo Krin's Gaze
    0x421D6F11 0x00036184 62 Unique_SpiritStone_008 Madstone
    0x10205ACD 0x00035FEF 13 Unique_VoodooMask_006 Split Tusk
    0x10205ACC 0x00031D68 29 Unique_VoodooMask_005 Quetzalcoatl
    0x10205AC8 0x000360C6 35 Unique_VoodooMask_001 Tiklandian Visage
    0x10205AC9 0x00035FEE 58 Unique_VoodooMask_002 The Grin Reaper
    0x10205ACF 0x00035FF0 62 Unique_VoodooMask_008 Visage of Giyua
    0x29F38CF6 0x00035639 41 Unique_WizardHat_003 The Swami
    0x29F38CF4 0x00036E8C 58 Unique_WizardHat_001 Dark Mage's Shade
    0x29F38CF7 0x00035E16 62 Unique_WizardHat_004 Storm Crow
    0x926EC070 0x000367AD 29 Unique_Cloak_001 Cape of the Dark Night
    0x926EC074 0x000367AE 54 Unique_Cloak_005 Beckon Sail
    0x926EC071 0x000367AF 62 Unique_Cloak_002 The Inquisitor
    0xB24C2C47 0x00033D08 21 Unique_BarbBelt_004 Girdle of Giants
    0xB24C2C49 0x0002F48C 29 Unique_BarbBelt_006 The Undisputed Champion
    0xB24C2C4A 0x0002F48A 35 Unique_BarbBelt_007 Kotuur's Brace
    0xB24C2C45 0x0002F489 47 Unique_BarbBelt_002 Pride of Cassius
    0xB24C2C44 0x0002F488 54 Unique_BarbBelt_001 Dread Iron
    0xB24C2C46 0x00033D06 57 Unique_BarbBelt_003 Thunder God's Vigor
    0xB24C2C4B 0x0002F48B 61 Unique_BarbBelt_008 Ageless Might
    0xB24C2C48 0x00033D0A 62 Unique_BarbBelt_005 Lamentation
    0x18908B92 0x000304BF 15 Unique_Amulet_014 Eye of Etlich
    0x18908B70 0x000304B5 23 Unique_Amulet_003 Moonlight Ward
    0x18908B8E 0x000304BB 27 Unique_Amulet_010 Squirt's Necklace
    0x18908B76 0x000304BA 33 Unique_Amulet_009 Rondal's Locket
    0x18908B90 0x000304BD 39 Unique_Amulet_012 Talisman of Aranoch
    0x18908B8F 0x000304BC 47 Unique_Amulet_011 The Murlocket
    0x18908B91 0x000304BE 52 Unique_Amulet_013 Holy Beacon
    0x18908B6E 0x0002F47B 56 Unique_Amulet_001 The Flavor of Time
    0x18908B6F 0x000304B4 59 Unique_Amulet_002 Kymbo's Gold
    0x18908B72 0x000304B7 61 Unique_Amulet_005 Ouroboros
    0x18908B73 0x000304B9 61 Unique_Amulet_006 The Star of Azkaranth
    0x18908B93 0x000304C0 62 Unique_Amulet_015 Mara's Kaleidoscope
    0x18908B71 0x000304B6 62 Unique_Amulet_004 Xephirian Amulet
    0xD465055E 0x00033E6A 12 Unique_Ring_018 Nagelring
    0xD4650537 0x000304CB 17 Unique_Ring_002 Leoric's Signet
    0xD4650578 0x00033E42 20 Unique_Ring_021 Manald Heal
    0xD465053A 0x000304CF 24 Unique_Ring_005 Stolen Ring
    0xD465053E 0x00033E7A 32 Unique_Ring_009 Band of Untold Secrets
    0xD465053B 0x00033E6D 37 Unique_Ring_006 Broken Promises
    0xD4650539 0x000304CD 42 Unique_Ring_004 Puzzle Ring
    0xD4650556 0x00033E65 46 Unique_Ring_010 Unity
    0xD465053D 0x00033E6E 51 Unique_Ring_008 Justice Lantern
    0xD465057A 0x00033E6C 55 Unique_Ring_023 Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
    0xD465053C 0x00033E79 59 Unique_Ring_007 Eternal Union
    0xD4650577 0x00033E7B 59 Unique_Ring_020 Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band
    0xD4650536 0x000304CA 61 Unique_Ring_001 Band of Hollow Whispers
    0xD4650538 0x000304CC 61 Unique_Ring_003 Hierophant's Seal
    0xD4650579 0x00033E8A 61 Unique_Ring_022 Skull Grasp
    0xD465055D 0x00033EA8 62 Unique_Ring_017 Oculus Ring
    0xD465055F 0x00033E66 62 Unique_Ring_019 Stone of Jordan
    0x6B682390 0x00032F83 61 Unique_Mighty_1H_010 Bul-Kathos's Sacred Charge
    0x6B682391 0x00032F87 61 Unique_Mighty_1H_011 Bul-Kathos's Tribal Guardian
    0x1EBE5281 0x00033B21 61 Unique_HandXBow_001 Danetta's Rage
    0x1EBE5282 0x00033B25 61 Unique_HandXBow_002 Danetta's Fury
    0x09A5FE32 0x0003362F 61 Unique_Wand_012 Chantodo's Sacred Protector
    0x0CD75EEA 0x00033D35 61 Unique_Orb_011 Chantodo's Elemental Seal
    0xCDE4147C 0x00033002 61 Unique_Fist_010 Shenlong's Endless Wave
    0xCDE4147D 0x00033064 61 Unique_Fist_011 Shenlong's Crashing Tide
    0x17866737 0x00036885 61 Unique_CeremonialDagger_009 Manajuma's Ritual Cutter
    0xFC356AFB 0x00033831 61 Unique_Mojo_010 Manajuma's Ritual Prize
    0x61AC0334 0x000337A3 61 Unique_Helm_009 Natalya's Gaze
    0x1EBE5283 0x000337BA 61 Unique_HandXBow_003 Natalya's Redemption
    0x926EC075 0x00033026 61 Unique_Cloak_006 Natalya's Shadow
    0xD4650557 0x00033E41 61 Unique_Ring_011 Natalya's Mark
    0x0F9A962E 0x00030267 61 Unique_Boots_011 Natalya's Soul
    0x61AC0333 0x00033559 61 Unique_Helm_008 Immortal King's Will
    0x6DBD4C31 0x000336F6 61 Unique_Mighty_2H_010 Immortal King's Stone Crusher
    0x0A40C560 0x0003232D 61 Unique_Chest_013 Immortal King's Soul Cage
    0xB24C2C4C 0x00033D0B 61 Unique_BarbBelt_009 Immortal King's Detail
    0x347CCAFD 0x0003233F 61 Unique_Gloves_008 Immortal King's Forge
    0x0F9A962F 0x00032339 61 Unique_Boots_012 Immortal King's Pillar
    0x0CD75EEB 0x00033F2C 61 Unique_Orb_012 Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye
    0x61AC034C 0x00033A4B 61 Unique_Helm_010 Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
    0x0A40C561 0x00033AAA 61 Unique_Chest_014 Tal Rasha's Guardianship
    0xD89FB172 0x00033EB1 61 Unique_Belt_006 Tal Rasha's Finespun Cloth
    0x18908B74 0x00036516 61 Unique_Amulet_007 Tal Rasha's Adjudication
    0x421D6F12 0x00036463 61 Unique_SpiritStone_009 Inna's Splendor
    0xEC848BA9 0x00033CF0 61 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_001 Inna's Justice
    0x0A40C562 0x0003232E 61 Unique_Chest_015 Inna's Refuge
    0xD89FB173 0x00036517 61 Unique_Belt_007 Inna's Blessing
    0x35D4E313 0x0003234E 61 Unique_Pants_008 Inna's Glory
    0x10205ACE 0x00036012 61 Unique_VoodooMask_007 Zunimassa's Attunement
    0x0A40C563 0x0003232F 61 Unique_Chest_016 Zunimassa's Vessel
    0xFC356AFC 0x00034DCD 61 Unique_Mojo_011 Zunimassa's Ferocity
    0xD4650558 0x00033E63 61 Unique_Ring_012 Zunimassa's Plague
    0x0F9A9630 0x0003233B 61 Unique_Boots_013 Zunimassa's Journey
    0x18908B94 0x00036BBD 61 Unique_Amulet_016 Blackthorne's Medal
    0x0F9A9636 0x000364FF 61 Unique_Boots_019 Blackthorne's Boots
    0x4B447CA7 0x000364F8 61 Unique_ChestArmor_028 Blackthorne's Jacket
    0xD89FB192 0x00036BBF 61 Unique_Belt_015 Blackthorne's Scabbard
    0x35D4E32F 0x0003650D 61 Unique_Pants_013 Blackthorne's Breeches
    0x18908B75 0x0003651A 61 Unique_Amulet_008 Spirit of Adventure
    0xD4650559 0x00033E6B 61 Unique_Ring_013 Wanderlust
    0xD465055A 0x00033EAA 61 Unique_Ring_014 Screaming Chain
    0xD465055B 0x00033EAB 61 Unique_Ring_015 Band of Fallen Heroes
    0x0A40C583 0x0003024F 23 Unique_Chest_025 Born's Carapace
    0x0E3ACAD1 0x000366E4 23 Unique_Shoulder_006 Born's Pauldrons
    0x24410A35 0x000368B0 23 Unique_Sword_1H_018 Born's Seething Rage
    0x61AC034E 0x0003655F 25 Unique_Helm_012 Cain's Laurel
    0x35D4E32C 0x00030262 25 Unique_Pants_010 Cain's Raiment
    0x347CCB1B 0x0003025A 25 Unique_Gloves_015 Cain's Warmers
    0x0F9A9632 0x00030269 25 Unique_Boots_015 Cain's Slippers
    0x0F9A9634 0x00030265 32 Unique_Boots_017 Captain Crimson's Deck Boots
    0xD89FB18F 0x000366FE 32 Unique_Belt_012 Captain Crimson's Brace
    0x35D4E32E 0x0003025E 32 Unique_Pants_012 Captain Crimson's Codpiece
    0x0E3ACAD3 0x00036B33 43 Unique_Shoulder_008 Aughild's Triumph
    0x38F45C3D 0x000366FC 43 Unique_Bracer_009 Aughild's Demands
    0x0A40C584 0x00030249 43 Unique_Chest_026 Aughild's Vestments
    0x61AC0350 0x00036AE4 43 Unique_Helm_014 Aughild's Brow
    0x0E3ACAF3 0x00036F6C 53 Unique_Shoulder_017 Asheara's Vigilance
    0x347CCAFE 0x00032344 53 Unique_Gloves_009 Asheara's Clasp
    0x35D4E314 0x0003309E 53 Unique_Pants_009 Asheara's Cradle
    0x0F9A9631 0x00032332 53 Unique_Boots_014 Asheara's Lock
    0x38F45C55 0x00036705 56 Unique_Bracer_010 Guardian's Bands
    0xD89FB190 0x00036700 56 Unique_Belt_013 Guardian's Scabbard
    0x61AC0351 0x0003614E 56 Unique_Helm_015 Guardian's Watch
    0x0A40C585 0x0003232C 61 Unique_Chest_027 Demon's Cage
    0xD89FB191 0x00036614 61 Unique_Belt_014 Demon's Binding
    0x35D4E330 0x0003234C 61 Unique_Pants_014 Demon's Flesh
    0x0E3ACAD4 0x00036C8D 61 Unique_Shoulder_009 Demon's Wings
    0x38F45C56 0x00036615 61 Unique_Bracer_011 Demon's Manacles
    0x347CCB1D 0x00032340 61 Unique_Gloves_017 Sage's Grasp
    0x0F9A9635 0x0003233A 61 Unique_Boots_018 Sage's Seekers
    0x61AC0352 0x000361B8 61 Unique_Helm_016 Sage's Stones
    0xFC257B61 0x00036A0E 61 Unique_Shield_012 Hallowed Barrier
    0x6B682395 0x0003698B 61 Unique_Mighty_1H_015 Hallowed Destroyer
    0x09A5FE38 0x00036BB8 61 Unique_Wand_018 Hallowed Rod
    0x17866750 0x000368A4 61 Unique_CeremonialDagger_011 Hallowed Sacrifice
    0x1EBE52A7 0x00036A13 61 Unique_HandXBow_016 Hallowed Avenger
    0xCDE41481 0x00036926 61 Unique_Fist_015 Hallowed Touch
    0xF2F19BFF 0x000368E5 61 Unique_Axe_1H_013 Hallowed Divide
    0x4239EDB7 0x0002E5CB 17 Unique_Dagger_008 The Clipper
    0x93A451DC 0x00030F1C 32 Unique_Offhand_001 The Horadric Hamburger
    0x24410A0D 0x0000158C 3 Unique_Sword_1H_001 Griswold's Worn Edge
    0x24410A2D 0x0001B168 19 Unique_Sword_1H_010 Rakanishu's Blade
    0x24410A4F 0x00030F6E 32 Unique_Sword_1H_021 Spectrum
    0x269632D2 0x0000E914 51 Unique_Sword_2H_014 Splintered Oar
    0x2A847A54 0x0002DE30 22 Unique_Mace_1H_010 Wirt's Original Leg
    0x84326586 0x0002FA66 14 Unique_Dagger_003_104 The Barber
    0x847AC78A 0x00036081 35 Unique_Dagger_007_104 Pig Sticker
    0x84204D05 0x0002F043 56 Unique_Dagger_002_104 Kill
    0x8468AF09 0x0002FC47 61 Unique_Dagger_006_104 Blood-Magic Blade
    0x865144A4 0x000358C1 63 Unique_Dagger_010_104 Wizardspike
    0xB60D8685 0x0002F399 19 Unique_CeremonialDagger_003_104 Moon Slayer
    0xB643D008 0x0002F01C 28 Unique_CeremonialDagger_006_104 Umbral Oath
    0xB61F9F06 0x00036702 43 Unique_CeremonialDagger_004_104 Ziggurat Tooth
    0xB5E95583 0x0002FE9A 53 Unique_CeremonialDagger_001_104 Anessazi Edge
    0xB5FB6E04 0x0003315E 61 Unique_CeremonialDagger_002_104 The Gidbinn
    0xB668010A 0x0002FB2A 63 Unique_CeremonialDagger_008_104 Last Breath
    0x1597F308 0x0001C1C4 24 Unique_Sword_1H_017_104 Monster Hunter
    0x12E84FE2 0x00036646 39 Unique_Sword_1H_002_104 Wildwood
    0x12FA6863 0x0002F7B1 47 Unique_Sword_1H_003_104 The Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis
    0x1561A985 0x0002D435 60 Unique_Sword_1H_014_104 Doombringer
    0x130C80E4 0x0002C84B 60 Unique_Sword_1H_004_104 Skycutter
    0x15BC240A 0x000364C5 61 Unique_Sword_1H_019_104 Griswold's Masterpiece
    0x1342CA67 0x0001C1C5 62 Unique_Sword_1H_007_104 Sever
    0x152B6002 0x0002E470 63 Unique_Sword_1H_011_104 Devil Tongue
    0x153D7883 0x0002EFFF 63 Unique_Sword_1H_012_104 Azurewrath
    0x16F2E103 0x0000E911 19 Unique_Sword_2H_002_104 The Zweihander
    0x194809A4 0x00030930 30 Unique_Sword_2H_012_104 Faithful Memory
    0x17171205 0x0002C507 38 Unique_Sword_2H_004_104 Scourge
    0x1935F123 0x000359F2 50 Unique_Sword_2H_011_104 Blackguard
    0x174D5B88 0x0002CF78 56 Unique_Sword_2H_007_104 Blade of Prophecy
    0x175F7409 0x0002CF7E 60 Unique_Sword_2H_008_104 The Sultan of Blinding Sand
    0x1704F984 0x0002C4F7 62 Unique_Sword_2H_003_104 Warmonger
    0x1923D8A2 0x0002CF7B 63 Unique_Sword_2H_010_104 Maximus
    0x16E0C882 0x0002E798 63 Unique_Sword_2H_001_104 The Grandfather
    0x082D49B2 0x0001C6A2 12 Unique_Axe_1H_003_104 Genzaniku
    0x083F6233 0x0001C6A3 41 Unique_Axe_1H_004_104 The Wedge
    0x080918B0 0x0001C6A4 49 Unique_Axe_1H_001_104 Flesh Tearer
    0x08639335 0x0002E615 60 Unique_Axe_1H_006_104 The Butcher's Sickle
    0x0875ABB6 0x0002C4EC 62 Unique_Axe_1H_007_104 The Burning Axe of Sankis
    0x08517AB4 0x0001C6A5 63 Unique_Axe_1H_005_104 Sky Splitter
    0x0C37DAD3 0x0002D8C0 19 Unique_Axe_2H_003_104 The Executioner
    0x0C13A9D1 0x0002D87E 36 Unique_Axe_2H_001_104 Butcher's Carver
    0x0E68D272 0x0002EA59 60 Unique_Axe_2H_011_104 Messerschmidt's Reaver
    0x0E56B9F1 0x000018B9 61 Unique_Axe_2H_010_104 Fire Brand
    0x0CA46DD9 0x0002F177 63 Unique_Axe_2H_009_104 Skorn
    0x70257B89 0x0002DF19 26 Unique_Mace_1H_002_104 Odyn Son
    0x705BC50C 0x0002DF09 41 Unique_Mace_1H_005_104 Nutcracker
    0x707FF60E 0x0002DF1D 47 Unique_Mace_1H_007_104 Telranden's Hand
    0x7037940A 0x00019109 52 Unique_Mace_1H_003_104 Neanderthal
    0x70920E8F 0x0002DEFE 60 Unique_Mace_1H_008_104 Nailbiter
    0x70A42710 0x0002DF11 61 Unique_Mace_1H_009_104 Earthshatter
    0x70136308 0x0002DF15 62 Unique_Mace_1H_001_104 Echoing Fury
    0x72688BA9 0x0002DF0D 63 Unique_Mace_1H_011_104 Sun Keeper
    0x7442252B 0x0000E8F1 17 Unique_Mace_2H_003_104 Boneshatter
    0x741DF429 0x0001839B 29 Unique_Mace_2H_001_104 Crushbane
    0x7685354B 0x0002EC60 35 Unique_Mace_2H_012_104 Wrath of the Bone King
    0x76610449 0x0002E978 43 Unique_Mace_2H_010_104 Skywarden
    0x74786EAE 0x0002E994 53 Unique_Mace_2H_006_104 Cataclysm
    0x74300CAA 0x0002E992 62 Unique_Mace_2H_002_104 Sledge of Athskeleng
    0x74AEB831 0x00030455 63 Unique_Mace_2H_009_104 Schaefers's Hammer
    0xB9ACBA0B 0x0002FFDA 25 Unique_Polearm_002_104 Pledge of Caldeum
    0xB9D0EB0D 0x0002EC52 36 Unique_Polearm_004_104 Standoff
    0xB9BED28C 0x0002F039 60 Unique_Polearm_003_104 Heart Slaughter
    0xB99AA18A 0x0002FBA3 63 Unique_Polearm_001_104 Vigilance
    0x67AAC0D8 0x000301E7 18 Unique_Spear_004_104 Scrimshaw
    0x67747755 0x0002EBD6 41 Unique_Spear_001_104 Arreat's Law
    0x67868FD6 0x0003001E 60 Unique_Spear_002_104 The Three Hundredth Spear
    0x6798A857 0x0002F6C1 63 Unique_Spear_003_104 Empyrean Messenger
    0x10694986 0x0002ADDC 11 Unique_Bow_005_104 Uskang
    0x108D7A88 0x00035DEE 22 Unique_Bow_007_104 Longshot
    0x109F9309 0x000362F2 35 Unique_Bow_008_104 The Raven's Wing
    0x1020E782 0x0002ADDD 43 Unique_Bow_001_104 Etrayu
    0x12BE7227 0x0002ADDE 52 Unique_Bow_015_104 Cluckeye
    0x1263F7A2 0x000362C5 61 Unique_Bow_010_104 Venomhusk
    0x10B1AB8A 0x0002F05A 63 Unique_Bow_009_104 Windforce
    0xA9BCF63F 0x00017F73 11 Unique_XBow_006_104 Bakkan Caster
    0xA9627BBA 0x0003644E 26 Unique_XBow_001_104 Demon Machine
    0xABB7A45B 0x0002F6AB 42 Unique_XBow_011_104 Buriza-Do Kyanon
    0xA998C53D 0x0002F98D 58 Unique_XBow_004_104 Starspine
    0xABC9BCDC 0x0003204A 60 Unique_XBow_012_104 Pus Spitter
    0xA974943B 0x0002F144 61 Unique_XBow_002_104 Hellrack
    0xA986ACBC 0x00036240 63 Unique_XBow_003_104 Manticore
    0x2345145A 0x0002FA06 42 Unique_HandXBow_006_104 Deadeye
    0x2332FBD9 0x0002EFD3 57 Unique_HandXBow_005_104 Izzuccob
    0x2320E358 0x0002F010 60 Unique_HandXBow_004_104 Balefire Caster
    0x23572CDB 0x0002FF39 62 Unique_HandXBow_007_104 Dawn
    0x2551DAF7 0x00036F9D 63 Unique_HandXBow_012_104 Calamity
    0x613BC4C9 0x0002EE69 29 Unique_Mighty_1H_006_104 Fjord Cutter
    0x63488B66 0x0002F3CE 48 Unique_Mighty_1H_012_104 Ambo's Pride
    0x60E14A44 0x0002F0C1 55 Unique_Mighty_1H_001_104 Harvest Moon
    0x6129AC48 0x0002F44B 63 Unique_Mighty_1H_005_104 Blade of the Warlord
    0x67531C87 0x0002FED4 25 Unique_Mighty_2H_012_104 Unending War
    0x652224E8 0x0002FC6A 37 Unique_Mighty_2H_004_104 Bastion's Revered
    0x64EBDB65 0x0002F479 60 Unique_Mighty_2H_001_104 The Gavel of Judgment
    0x654655EA 0x0002FA42 63 Unique_Mighty_2H_006_104 Fury of the Vanished Peak
    0x90A80232 0x0002FF78 19 Unique_Fist_003_104 Rabid Strike
    0x90F06436 0x000239BA 28 Unique_Fist_007_104 Fleshrake
    0x92FD2AD3 0x0001FDFD 38 Unique_Fist_013_104 Scarbringer
    0x92EB1252 0x0002AF42 49 Unique_Fist_012_104 Sledge fist
    0x90BA1AB3 0x0002F3B3 53 Unique_Fist_004_104 Demon Hand
    0x90CC3334 0x000239B9 57 Unique_Fist_005_104 Logan's Claw
    0x90DE4BB5 0x000239BB 62 Unique_Fist_006_104 Won Khim Lau
    0x91027CB7 0x0002AF43 63 Unique_Fist_008_104 Crystal Fist
    0x91149538 0x0002AF41 63 Unique_Fist_009_104 The Fist of Az'Turrasq
    0x6E0B3F7E 0x0002FA49 13 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_002_104 Balance
    0x6E77D284 0x0003313E 25 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_008_104 Lai Yui's Taiji
    0x6E418901 0x000301D0 39 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_005_104 The Clouds and the Moon
    0x6E65BA03 0x000301CC 45 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_007_104 The Paddle
    0x6E1D57FF 0x0002EF56 53 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_003_104 Incense Torch of the Grand Temple
    0x6E2F7080 0x00030110 61 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_004_104 Rozpedin's Staff
    0x6E89EB05 0x000301C9 63 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_009_104 Flying Dragon
    0xB4AD4CF5 0x0002CFA4 34 Unique_Staff_008_104 Autumn's Call
    0xB440B9EF 0x0000E8DC 37 Unique_Staff_002_104 The Magi
    0xB42EA16E 0x0000E8D1 48 Unique_Staff_001_104 The Broken Staff
    0xB4891BF3 0x0002F528 56 Unique_Staff_006_104 Maloth's Focus
    0xB452D270 0x0002FB4F 60 Unique_Staff_003_104 Wormwood
    0xB49B3474 0x0002F22A 61 Unique_Staff_007_104 The Tormentor
    0xB4BF6576 0x0002EEA7 63 Unique_Staff_009_104 The Grand Vizier
    0x49EFA5E6 0x0002C73A 29 Unique_Wand_003_104 Starfire
    0x4A25EF69 0x0002F34B 36 Unique_Wand_006_104 Blackhand Key
    0x49DD8D65 0x0002C737 54 Unique_Wand_002_104 Gesture of Orpheus
    0x4C0E8504 0x0002C6EB 60 Unique_Wand_010_104 Fragment of Destiny
    0x4A5C38EC 0x0002C741 61 Unique_Wand_009_104 Ruinstoke
    0x4C44CE87 0x0002C6DE 63 Unique_Wand_013_104 Slorak's Madness
    0x9CAE8031 0x0002F9B3 13 Unique_Mojo_003_104 Gazing Demise
    0x9C9C67B0 0x0002F9AC 32 Unique_Mojo_002_104 Bitterness
    0x9CC098B2 0x0002F9AF 57 Unique_Mojo_004_104 Homunculus
    0x9D1B1337 0x0002EFD4 62 Unique_Mojo_009_104 Thing of the Deep
    0x9D08FAB6 0x0002EB2E 63 Unique_Mojo_008_104 Uhkapian Serpent
    0x5408EC21 0x0002CF87 13 Unique_Orb_005_104 Winter Flurry
    0x53F6D3A0 0x0002FA37 51 Unique_Orb_004_104 Singularity
    0x53E4BB1F 0x0002FAFD 62 Unique_Orb_003_104 Triumvirate
    0x53C08A1D 0x0002EF40 63 Unique_Orb_001_104 The Oculus
    0xEC2551D7 0x000303F9 11 Unique_Quiver_002_104 Sin Seekers
    0xEC6DB3DB 0x000303FD 23 Unique_Quiver_006_104 Fletcher's Pride
    0xEC5B9B5A 0x000303FC 33 Unique_Quiver_005_104 Silver Star Piercers
    0xEC4982D9 0x000303FB 43 Unique_Quiver_004_104 Holy Point Shot
    0xEC133956 0x000303F8 54 Unique_Quiver_001_104 Flint Ripper Arrowheads
    0xEC376A58 0x000303FA 61 Unique_Quiver_003_104 Black Bone Arrows
    0xEC7FCC5C 0x000303FE 63 Unique_Quiver_007_104 Dead Man's Legacy
    0x3F691A34 0x0002545B 25 Unique_Shield_011_104 Wall of Bone
    0x3D808499 0x0002545A 36 Unique_Shield_007_104 Denial
    0x3D4A3B16 0x0000F06E 52 Unique_Shield_004_104 Centurion
    0x3D929D1A 0x0002FB3D 56 Unique_Shield_008_104 Lidless Wall
    0x3D260A14 0x00030366 61 Unique_Shield_002_104 Ivory Tower
    0x3DA4B59B 0x0002EFE4 63 Unique_Shield_009_104 Stormshield
    0x9146A800 0x00035DD6 19 Unique_Helm_001_104 Broken Crown
    0x9158C081 0x0002FDB8 25 Unique_Helm_002_104 Leoric's Crown
    0x91B33B06 0x000301AD 47 Unique_Helm_007_104 Blind Faith
    0x917CF183 0x00035D85 53 Unique_Helm_004_104 Giant Skull
    0x916AD902 0x0003057E 62 Unique_Helm_003_104 Andariel's Visage
    0x939BD0A1 0x000366A9 62 Unique_Helm_011_104 The Helm of Command
    0x91A12285 0x00036959 63 Unique_Helm_006_104 Mempo of Twilight
    0x6DF5B6EE 0x00030256 19 Unique_Gloves_014_104 Magefist
    0x6B6A44CA 0x00030257 35 Unique_Gloves_001_104 Pendergrasps
    0x6BD6D7D0 0x00032348 56 Unique_Gloves_007_104 Stone Gauntlets
    0x6DBF6D6B 0x00032343 61 Unique_Gloves_011_104 Gladiator Gauntlets
    0x6B7C5D4B 0x00030255 62 Unique_Gloves_002_104 Frostburn Gauntlets
    0x6B8E75CC 0x0003234A 63 Unique_Gloves_003_104 Tasker and Theo
    0xEA58D381 0x00032334 6 Unique_Boots_010_104 The Crudest Boots
    0xE8A68769 0x00032336 21 Unique_Boots_009_104 Lut Socks
    0xE815C361 0x00030268 41 Unique_Boots_001_104 Boj Anglers
    0xE85E2565 0x00032335 51 Unique_Boots_005_104 Lost Boys
    0xE8825667 0x00032338 62 Unique_Boots_007_104 Fire Walkers
    0xE8946EE8 0x00036500 63 Unique_Boots_008_104 Ice Climbers
    0x9B0BA742 0x0002F481 8 Unique_Belt_002_104 Vigilante Belt
    0x9B2FD844 0x0002F483 28 Unique_Belt_004_104 Quick Draw Belt
    0x9D3C9EE1 0x0002F487 35 Unique_Belt_010_104 Goldwrap
    0x9AF98EC1 0x0002F480 43 Unique_Belt_001_104 Saffron Wrap
    0x9B783A48 0x0002F485 53 Unique_Belt_008_104 String of Ears
    0x9B1DBFC3 0x0002F482 56 Unique_Belt_003_104 Angel Hair Braid
    0x9B41F0C5 0x0002F484 61 Unique_Belt_005_104 Hellcat Waistguard
    0x9B8A52C9 0x0002F486 63 Unique_Belt_009_104 The Witching Hour
    0x17ECA70C 0x0002F496 11 Unique_Bracer_004_104 Steady Strikers
    0x1810D80E 0x0002F498 26 Unique_Bracer_006_104 Gungdo Gear
    0x17DA8E8B 0x0002F495 35 Unique_Bracer_003_104 Slave Bonds
    0x17C8760A 0x0002F494 60 Unique_Bracer_002_104 Promise of Glory
    0x17B65D89 0x0002F493 61 Unique_Bracer_001_104 Wondrous Deflectors
    0x1822F08F 0x0002F49C 62 Unique_Bracer_007_104 Strongarm Bracers
    0x17FEBF8D 0x0002F497 63 Unique_Bracer_005_104 Lacuni Prowlers
    0x1E074BB3 0x00030253 18 Unique_Chest_012_104 Aquila Cuirass
    0x1E73DEB9 0x00032327 30 Unique_Chest_018_104 Heart of Iron
    0x1DE31AB1 0x00030254 38 Unique_Chest_010_104 Chaingmail
    0x1BA00A91 0x00032330 52 Unique_Chest_001_104 Goldskin
    0x1BFA8516 0x000364F7 60 Unique_Chest_006_104 Cindercoat
    0x1E85F73A 0x00032329 61 Unique_Chest_019_104 Robes of the Rydraelm
    0x1BB22312 0x00032328 63 Unique_Chest_002_104 Tyrael's Might
    0x0D090AE6 0x00030264 12 Unique_Pants_007_104 Pox Faulds
    0x0CAE9061 0x000330A3 43 Unique_Pants_002_104 Hammer Jammers
    0x0C9C77E0 0x000330A1 53 Unique_Pants_001_104 Swamp Land Waders
    0x0CE4D9E4 0x0003650C 61 Unique_Pants_005_104 Generic_Proxy-13745
    0x0CF6F265 0x00030260 63 Unique_Pants_006_104 Depth Diggers
    0xF1303FA0 0x000307AD 43 Unique_Shoulder_001_104 Barter Town Pads
    0xF1425821 0x00030E76 58 Unique_Shoulder_002_104 Death Watch Mantle
    0xF19CD2A6 0x00036983 61 Unique_Shoulder_007_104 Seven Sins
    0xF15470A2 0x0003126D 63 Unique_Shoulder_003_104 Vile Ward
    0xE26F34E2 0x000363DB 13 Unique_SpiritStone_005_104 See No Evil
    0xE25D1C61 0x000363D9 21 Unique_SpiritStone_004_104 Gyana Na Kashu
    0xE238EB5F 0x000363DC 35 Unique_SpiritStone_002_104 The Mind's Eye
    0xE24B03E0 0x000363DD 47 Unique_SpiritStone_003_104 Erlang Shen
    0xE226D2DE 0x00036462 54 Unique_SpiritStone_001_104 Bezoar Stone
    0xE2814D63 0x000363DA 57 Unique_SpiritStone_006_104 The Eye of the Storm
    0xE29365E4 0x00036461 61 Unique_SpiritStone_007_104 Tzo Krin's Gaze
    0xE2A57E65 0x00036184 63 Unique_SpiritStone_008_104 Madstone
    0x8B6FE821 0x00035FEF 13 Unique_VoodooMask_006_104 Split Tusk
    0x8B5DCFA0 0x00031D68 29 Unique_VoodooMask_005_104 Quetzalcoatl
    0x8B27861D 0x00035FEE 58 Unique_VoodooMask_002_104 The Grin Reaper
    0x8B156D9C 0x000360C6 62 Unique_VoodooMask_001_104 Tiklandian Visage
    0x8B941923 0x00035FF0 63 Unique_VoodooMask_008_104 Visage of Giyua
    0xE27206CA 0x00035639 41 Unique_WizardHat_003_104 The Swami
    0xE24DD5C8 0x00036E8C 58 Unique_WizardHat_001_104 Dark Mage's Shade
    0xE2841F4B 0x00035E16 63 Unique_WizardHat_004_104 Storm Crow
    0xB3EE6744 0x000367AD 29 Unique_Cloak_001_104 Cape of the Dark Night
    0xB436C948 0x000367AE 54 Unique_Cloak_005_104 Beckon Sail
    0xB4007FC5 0x000367AF 63 Unique_Cloak_002_104 The Inquisitor
    0x19BBE69B 0x00033D08 21 Unique_BarbBelt_004_104 Girdle of Giants
    0x19E0179D 0x0002F48C 29 Unique_BarbBelt_006_104 The Undisputed Champion
    0x19F2301E 0x0002F48A 35 Unique_BarbBelt_007_104 Kotuur's Brace
    0x1997B599 0x0002F489 47 Unique_BarbBelt_002_104 Pride of Cassius
    0x19859D18 0x0002F488 54 Unique_BarbBelt_001_104 Dread Iron
    0x19A9CE1A 0x00033D06 57 Unique_BarbBelt_003_104 Thunder God's Vigor
    0x1A04489F 0x0002F48B 61 Unique_BarbBelt_008_104 Ageless Might
    0x19CDFF1C 0x00033D0A 63 Unique_BarbBelt_005_104 Lamentation
    0xBBFDB244 0x000304B5 23 Unique_Amulet_003_104 Moonlight Ward
    0xBE1C9162 0x000304BB 27 Unique_Amulet_010_104 Squirt's Necklace
    0xBE64F366 0x000304BF 32 Unique_Amulet_014_104 Eye of Etlich
    0xBC6A454A 0x000304BA 33 Unique_Amulet_009_104 Rondal's Locket
    0xBE40C264 0x000304BD 39 Unique_Amulet_012_104 Talisman of Aranoch
    0xBE52DAE5 0x000304BE 52 Unique_Amulet_013_104 Holy Beacon
    0xBBD98142 0x0002F47B 56 Unique_Amulet_001_104 The Flavor of Time
    0xBBEB99C3 0x000304B4 59 Unique_Amulet_002_104 Kymbo's Gold
    0xBC21E346 0x000304B7 61 Unique_Amulet_005_104 Ouroboros
    0xBC33FBC7 0x000304B9 61 Unique_Amulet_006_104 The Star of Azkaranth
    0xBE770BE7 0x000304C0 62 Unique_Amulet_015_104 Mara's Kaleidoscope
    0xBC0FCAC5 0x000304B6 62 Unique_Amulet_004_104 Xephirian Amulet
    0xE0397332 0x00033E6A 26 Unique_Ring_018_104 Nagelring
    0xDD77B78B 0x000304CB 17 Unique_Ring_002_104 Leoric's Signet
    0xE20FF04C 0x00033E42 20 Unique_Ring_021_104 Manald Heal
    0xDDAE010E 0x000304CF 24 Unique_Ring_005_104 Stolen Ring
    0xDDF66312 0x00033E7A 32 Unique_Ring_009_104 Band of Untold Secrets
    0xDDC0198F 0x00033E6D 37 Unique_Ring_006_104 Broken Promises
    0xDD9BE88D 0x000304CD 42 Unique_Ring_004_104 Puzzle Ring
    0xDDE44A91 0x00033E6E 51 Unique_Ring_008_104 Justice Lantern
    0xE234214E 0x00033E6C 55 Unique_Ring_023_104 Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
    0xDDD23210 0x00033E79 59 Unique_Ring_007_104 Eternal Union
    0xE1FDD7CB 0x00033E7B 59 Unique_Ring_020_104 Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band
    0xDD659F0A 0x000304CA 61 Unique_Ring_001_104 Band of Hollow Whispers
    0xDD89D00C 0x000304CC 61 Unique_Ring_003_104 Hierophant's Seal
    0xE22208CD 0x00033E8A 61 Unique_Ring_022_104 Skull Grasp
    0xE0275AB1 0x00033EA8 62 Unique_Ring_017_104 Oculus Ring
    0xE04B8BB3 0x00033E66 62 Unique_Ring_019_104 Stone of Jordan
    0xDFA8AF2A 0x00033E65 62 Unique_Ring_010_104 Unity
    0x63245A64 0x00032F83 63 Unique_Mighty_1H_010_104 Bul-Kathos's Solemn Vow
    0x633672E5 0x00032F87 63 Unique_Mighty_1H_011_104 Bul-Kathos's Warrior Blood
    0x22EA99D5 0x00033B21 63 Unique_HandXBow_001_104 Danetta's Spite
    0x22FCB256 0x00033B25 63 Unique_HandXBow_002_104 Danetta's Revenge
    0x4C32B606 0x0003362F 63 Unique_Wand_012_104 Chantodo's Will
    0x5615B2BE 0x00033D35 63 Unique_Orb_011_104 Chantodo's Force
    0x92C6E150 0x00033002 63 Unique_Fist_010_104 Shenlong's Relentless Assault
    0x92D8F9D1 0x00033064 63 Unique_Fist_011_104 Shenlong's Fist of Legend
    0xB67A198B 0x00036885 63 Unique_CeremonialDagger_009_104 Manajuma's Carving Knife
    0x9ECD5F4F 0x00033831 63 Unique_Mojo_010_104 Manajuma's Gory Fetch
    0x91D76C08 0x000337A3 63 Unique_Helm_009_104 Natalya's Sight
    0x230ECAD7 0x000337BA 63 Unique_HandXBow_003_104 Natalya's Slayer
    0xB448E1C9 0x00033026 63 Unique_Cloak_006_104 Natalya's Embrace
    0xDFBAC7AB 0x00033E41 62 Unique_Ring_011_104 Natalya's Reflection
    0xEA6AEC02 0x00030267 63 Unique_Boots_011_104 Natalya's Bloody Footprints
    0x91C55387 0x00033559 63 Unique_Helm_008_104 Immortal King's Triumph
    0x672EEB85 0x000336F6 63 Unique_Mighty_2H_010_104 Immortal King's Boulder Breaker
    0x1E196434 0x0003232D 63 Unique_Chest_013_104 Immortal King's Eternal Reign
    0x1A166120 0x00033D0B 63 Unique_BarbBelt_009_104 Immortal King's Tribal Binding
    0x6BE8F051 0x0003233F 63 Unique_Gloves_008_104 Immortal King's Irons
    0xEA7D0483 0x00032339 63 Unique_Boots_012_104 Immortal King's Stride
    0x5627CB3F 0x00033F2C 63 Unique_Orb_012_104 Tal Rasha's Unwavering Glare
    0x9389B820 0x00033A4B 63 Unique_Helm_010_104 Tal Rasha's Guise of Wisdom
    0x1E2B7CB5 0x00033AAA 63 Unique_Chest_014_104 Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit
    0x9B540946 0x00033EB1 63 Unique_Belt_006_104 Tal Rasha's Brace
    0xBC461448 0x00036516 62 Unique_Amulet_007_104 Tal Rasha's Allegiance
    0xE2B796E6 0x00036463 63 Unique_SpiritStone_009_104 Inna's Radiance
    0x6DF926FD 0x00033CF0 63 Unique_CombatStaff_2H_001_104 Inna's Reach
    0x1E3D9536 0x0003232E 63 Unique_Chest_015_104 Inna's Vast Expanse
    0x9B6621C7 0x00036517 63 Unique_Belt_007_104 Inna's Favor
    0x0D1B2367 0x0003234E 63 Unique_Pants_008_104 Inna's Temperance
    0x8B8200A2 0x00036012 63 Unique_VoodooMask_007_104 Zunimassa's Vision
    0x1E4FADB7 0x0003232F 63 Unique_Chest_016_104 Zunimassa's Marrow
    0x9EDF77D0 0x00034DCD 63 Unique_Mojo_011_104 Zunimassa's String of Skulls
    0xDFCCE02C 0x00033E63 62 Unique_Ring_012_104 Zunimassa's Pox
    0xEA8F1D04 0x0003233B 63 Unique_Boots_013_104 Zunimassa's Trail
    0xBE892468 0x00036BBD 62 Unique_Amulet_016_104 Blackthorne's Duncraig Cross
    0xEAFBB00A 0x000364FF 63 Unique_Boots_019_104 Blackthorne's Spurs
    0x1D2566FB 0x000364F8 63 Unique_ChestArmor_028_104 Blackthorne's Surcoat
    0x9D971966 0x00036BBF 63 Unique_Belt_015_104 Blackthorne's Notched Belt
    0x0F15D183 0x0003650D 63 Unique_Pants_013_104 Blackthorne's Jousting Mail
    0xBC582CC9 0x0003651A 62 Unique_Amulet_008_104 The Traveler's Pledge
    0xDFDEF8AD 0x00033E6B 62 Unique_Ring_013_104 The Compass Rose
    0xDFF1112E 0x00033EAA 62 Unique_Ring_014_104 The Wailing Host
    0xE00329AF 0x00033EAB 62 Unique_Ring_015_104 Litany of the Undaunted
    0x2092BDD7 0x0003024F 23 Unique_Chest_025_104 Born's Heart of Steel
    0xF18ABA25 0x000366E4 23 Unique_Shoulder_006_104 Born's Impunity
    0x15AA0B89 0x000368B0 23 Unique_Sword_1H_018_104 Born's Searing Spite
    0x93ADE922 0x0003655F 25 Unique_Helm_012_104 Cain's Memory
    0x0EDF8800 0x00030262 25 Unique_Pants_010_104 Cain's Robes
    0x6E07CF6F 0x0003025A 25 Unique_Gloves_015_104 Cain's Scribe
    0xEAB34E06 0x00030269 25 Unique_Boots_015_104 Cain's Sandals
    0xEAD77F08 0x00030265 32 Unique_Boots_017_104 Captain Crimson's Whalers
    0x9D60CFE3 0x000366FE 32 Unique_Belt_012_104 Captain Crimson's Satin Sash
    0x0F03B902 0x0003025E 32 Unique_Pants_012_104 Captain Crimson's Bowsprit
    0xF1AEEB27 0x00036B33 43 Unique_Shoulder_008_104 Aughild's Reign
    0x18472191 0x000366FC 43 Unique_Bracer_009_104 Aughild's Ultimatum
    0x20A4D658 0x00030249 43 Unique_Chest_026_104 Aughild's Dominion
    0x93D21A24 0x00036AE4 43 Unique_Helm_014_104 Aughild's Peak
    0xF3F1FB47 0x00036F6C 53 Unique_Shoulder_017_104 Asheara's Guard
    0x6BFB08D2 0x00032344 53 Unique_Gloves_009_104 Asheara's Iron Fist
    0x0D2D3BE8 0x0003309E 53 Unique_Pants_009_104 Asheara's Gait
    0xEAA13585 0x00032332 53 Unique_Boots_014_104 Asheara's Tracks
    0x19F96DA9 0x00036705 56 Unique_Bracer_010_104 Guardian's Deflector
    0x9D72E864 0x00036700 56 Unique_Belt_013_104 Guardian's Sheath
    0x93E432A5 0x0003614E 56 Unique_Helm_015_104 Guardian's Foresight
    0x20B6EED9 0x0003232C 62 Unique_Chest_027_104 Demon's Heart
    0x9D8500E5 0x00036614 62 Unique_Belt_014_104 Demon's Lock
    0x0F27EA04 0x0003234C 62 Unique_Pants_014_104 Demon's Scale
    0xF1C103A8 0x00036C8D 62 Unique_Shoulder_009_104 Demon's Flight
    0x1A0B862A 0x00036615 62 Unique_Bracer_011_104 Demon's Revenge
    0x6E2C0071 0x00032340 62 Unique_Gloves_017_104 Sage's Gesture
    0xEAE99789 0x0003233A 62 Unique_Boots_018_104 Sage's Journey
    0x93F64B26 0x000361B8 62 Unique_Helm_016_104 Sage's Orbit
    0x3F7B32B5 0x00036A0E 62 Unique_Shield_012_104 Hallowed Defender
    0x637ED4E9 0x0003698B 62 Unique_Mighty_1H_015_104 Hallowed Reckoning
    0x4C9F490C 0x00036BB8 62 Unique_Wand_018_104 Hallowed Scepter
    0xB83E7E24 0x000368A4 62 Unique_CeremonialDagger_011_104 Hallowed Salvation
    0x259A3CFB 0x00036A13 62 Unique_HandXBow_016_104 Hallowed Judgment
    0x93215BD5 0x00036926 62 Unique_Fist_015_104 Hallowed Hand
    0x0A827253 0x000368E5 62 Unique_Axe_1H_013_104 Hallowed Storm
    0x848CE00B 0x0002E5CB 17 Unique_Dagger_008_104 The Clipper
    0x8F26CEB0 0x00030F1C 32 Unique_Offhand_001_104 The Horadric Hamburger
    0x12D63761 0x0000158C 3 Unique_Sword_1H_001_104 Griswold's Worn Edge
    0x15194781 0x0001B168 19 Unique_Sword_1H_010_104 Rakanishu's Blade
    0x178088A3 0x00030F6E 32 Unique_Sword_1H_021_104 Spectrum
    0x196C3AA6 0x0000E914 51 Unique_Sword_2H_014_104 Splintered Oar
    0x72567328 0x0002DE30 22 Unique_Mace_1H_010_104 Wirt's Original Leg
    0xBE2EA9E3 0x000304BC 47 Unique_Amulet_011_104 The Murlocket
    0xE24639CF 0x0003F8E6 63 Unique_Ring_024_104 Hellfire Ring
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    Thank you
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    do you have a list of codes for effects and not just items i already had all the item codes but i don't know if i have all the effect codes
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    Do I need hex editor or can I simply add it using some kind of d3 save editor?
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