Crackdown 2 Demo has Achievements

GamrInsanity Jun 22, 2010

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    Microsoft released the Crackdown 2 demo to the public yesterday and many are playing the game for one reason: Achievements. This is the first Xbox 360 game demo that allows you collect in game achievements and once you put the full retail release in your system, you'll unlock 100 Achievement Points with no additional effort. The catch is that the demo is locked to 30 minute game intervals, but, of course, there is a work around that will give you unlimited amount of time to collect the achievements and gallivant through the demo completing all the missions you want.

    A clever individual on the NeoGAF forums discovered this glitch:

    1. Start the demo.
    2. Choose your agent and his colour up until you press A to "deploy agent".
    3. Disconnect from the internet. I personally pulled out the ethernet cable in the back.
    4. Quickly press A after disconnecting from the internet. When trying to join the game is should pop up a menu saying that friends can't join because you're online or something.
    5. Hit B to cancel.
    6. Reconnect to the internet and start up another game.
    7. Demo time remaining will be stuck at 30 minutes for as long as you don't start any races or things like that.

    Co-op works too.

    Woohoo!!!! They need more demos like this!

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