Configurable USB Loader v57

Bezza Aug 3, 2010

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    This version of the loader allows you to customize numerous options to better suit your preferences. (keyword: cfg usb loader / cfg loader) Based on Wanikoko SD/USB Loader 1.5, Kwiirk Yal & cios 222, Hermes uLoader 1.6 & cios 222/223+mload + many others (Sorg, nIxx, fishears, usptactical, 56Killer, WiiShizzza, hungyip84, Narolez, ...). (keyword: usb loader) Features:

    - SDHC and USB HDD device support
    - GUI (Grid / Coverflow) and Console mode (switchable at runtime)
    - Background Music (.mp3 or .mod)
    - Themes (switchable at runtime)
    - Themes Browser - Widescreen (auto-detect)
    - Transparency (covers and console)
    - Cover images download
    - Cover styles: 2d, 3d, disc and full
    - Automatic resize of covers
    - Renaming game titles (using titles.txt, custom-titles.txt and/or
    - Per game configuration of Video mode, Language, Ocarina cheating
    - Light up DVD slot when install finishes, optional eject
    - Childproof and parental guidance
    - USB HDD with multiple partitions supported (WBFS for games and FAT for config,covers and other(resources)
    - SDHC with multiple partitions supported (WBFS for games and FAT for resources...)
    - Custom IOS selection for better compatibility with USB drives and other USB devices.
    - cIOS supported: waninkoko's 249 & 250, Hermes 222, 223 & 224 (mload), kwiirk 222 & 223 (yal)
    - Banner sounds
    - Saving game play time to Wii's play log
    - Multiple WBFS partitions support
    - Loading games from a FAT or NTFS partition (cIOS 222/223 rev4+ or cIOS 249 rev18+ required)
    - Supported game disc file formats: .wbfs and .iso
    - Configurable

    Author: oggzee, usptactical, gannon & Dr. Clipper

    Download Here

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