YouTube Clash of clans hack (Working)

iTRiickztv Apr 28, 2013

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    About The Hack

    I found this hack from a topic i read on here. This hack is on a app called imodgame. What this hack does is it allows you to search for raids over a certain amount of gold loots. You can change the amount you search for in the list it gives you. ALSO what the hack does is has a switch for keep active, what this does is when you are on the game and leave it and the message "anyone there" pops up is it disables this and makes it so the game thinks that you are always playing so you dont get raided. (Note this feature doesnt work if you go off the game, IT ONLY works whilst on the is running. [/size]

    How to get this Hack

    Right so now on to getting this hack. What you have to do is as follows:

    Open Cydia
    Find sources on the bottom navigation bar
    Press edit Add source
    Type the Following: "
    Then add the soruce
    Once the source has added go in to it, there you should see something called "imodgame"
    Press this and install it (your device will respring)
    Now go in to the app and sign up, there will be a referal code that you have to put in use the ones at the bottom of the topic

    This will give yourself 50 mod points, you need 100 for the hack. [/b

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