Can somebody please mod this Skyrim gamesave for me? It's really important. :(

streetmentioner Sep 3, 2013

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    Sep 3, 2013
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    Hey there, guys! I am a newbie around here.

    So, the thing is that I use Linux, and haven't used Windows for a while, and I have a really bad internet connection so I can't get VMWare or anything else either, and my DVD ROM doesn't work either so I can't install Windows.

    I play Skyrim, and I've been trying to change my gold from 1297 to 999,999,999 for some MONTHS! and I haven't found a solution yet. [​IMG] Modio/Horizon and all other .exe's don't work on Linux (wine or mono can't run them either due to the 4.0 runtime)

    but, now. can you guys mod this gamesave for me? It would be like, so much great! I would appreciate it alot.

    Here's the gamesave: - Save 17 - Abdullah Jorrvaskr 09.16..exs
    (I chose ZippyShare instead of Mediafire because Mediafire is kinda laggy.)

    I put 1297 pieces of gold in a barrel, and can you guys turn that gold into 999999999999?

    also, when you're done with that, can you also please rehash & resign the gamesave. [​IMG]

    when you're done, send me the modded gamesave download link.

    I would really appreciate it, guys.

    thanks in advance.
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    Jul 17, 2010
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    I have the PC version of skyrim, if you want I can just you whatever items, armor, and stats you want too...

    Also I already have 2 saves as a default-ish M/F Nord at level 81, w/ all perk points and health/magicka ect. unassigned. Reason I say default -ish is because I only made the hair a few shades darker. They are right outside the cave after escaping Helgan in poster boy Dovahkiin gear. (Iron helmet/boots/gloves, banded iron shield, studded armor, steel sword/dagger.)

    Lastly I have the same 2 saves as above but at level 99 with 500 H/M/S and an extra hundred carryweight, but with only certian perks and enough perk points to get all the perks, so you can skip some of the cheap/broken ones. I forget off the top of my head which ones, but it was so I could use the sword/shield/bow skills and such without having to increase the damage they do, or have the magick damage boosting spells without having them cost half magicka... basically so I could make the game as hard/easy as I wanted while skipping perks that would do the opposite by strategically having certian perks so I can skip the ones before it because they made it too easy, but if I want them or all of the perks I could do that too.

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