Call Of Duty: Ghosts Love It Or Hate It ?

Bullet Nov 1, 2013

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    Having finished the campaign on Veteran i figured i would write a little something about my thoughts on the game.
    I don't want to give anything away to those that haven't been lucky enough to get a hold of a copy yet, so this will not contain any spoilers that could ruin this game for others.


    I have to say that i was pleasantly surprised with the campaign and found it hard to put the controller down. The story kept me engrossed in the game from the start, and the graphics on the Xbox 360 were amazing.


    Without giving away the plot, the underwater and space portions of the game were really well done and you almost got a feeling you were actually playing in the atmospheres portrayed by the game.

    The new lighting and textures have given this Call of duty campaign a really clean fresh feel. Also the sounds seem to work better in game, as you will notice when firing guns inside of boats or buildings.

    I think that Infinity Ward pulled it out the bag with this one, and cant wait ot see the game running on a next gen console.

    My only complaints would be the usual really, campaign was a little too easy on Veteran mode, it was a little too short and had a couple of glitches in places.

    Other than that all in all a dam good game!

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