Call Of Duty: Ghosts Lean Glitch Patched

Bullet Nov 1, 2013

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    Gamers that have managed to get Call Of Duty Ghosts early may have noticed that there was a glitch with the lean function in the game.
    Basically if you lean out you couldn't be seen, therefore couldn't be shot!
    This worked for campaign and if you thought it was going to work online... think again!

    Image shows the lean glitch from both viewpoints.


    A gamer with an ealry copy posted video footage of the glitch on Twitter ( which has been removed already ) which was met with a response from Tina Palacios ( Call of Duty developer) confirming the TU1 would patch the glitch.
    The 104mb title update which rolled out today patched the lean glitch so you cant use it online.

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