Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies: Character & Map Information

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    I hope you enjoy the following post, it will take me a long time to make so enjoy.

    Note:All information in this thread is real and has been mentioned in game.

    Samuel's full name is Samuel J Stuligher, he is a German and he is kind of the main character of the Green Run group as he can hear Rictofen. Before the outbreak he was a conspirerist/theory kind of guy. When the outbreak started Samuel joined a group called The Flesh, members of The Flesh eat zombies to thrive and survive and eating zombie flesh is what has enabled Rictofen to communicate with him. Later he went travelling alone and met up with Russman and then they engineerd a Robotic bus. They then met up with Marlton and Misty. Overtime after time it is apparent that he is turning into a zombie apparent from his moans and groans. Samuel and Russman are friends but he dislikes Marlton and hates Misty as she is a girl.

    Marlton Johnson is a highly intelligent scientist, he comes from the Harp Research Centre which is located near Green Run. Although he is the most intelligent of the group judging by his appearance it seems he is not the highest ranking person. Marlton is currently in a relationship with "Misty." He was fighting a swarm of zombies with Misty until Russman and Samuel spotted them and picked them up in Green Run. Marlton and Samuel don't like each other.

    Russman is a former operative of Broken Arrow when the rockets hit he was chucked out due to an "accident". His character progression is slightly weird as in Green Run and the Great Leap Forward he is portrayed as a kind of Nikolia character not taking things seriously but then he jumps to being the leader of the group and knowing so much in Buried. He and Samuel found eachover when the outbreak started and they enginerd a robotic bus to travel the surface, then they met up with the other 2 characters in Green Run

    Abigail "Misty" Briarton is the female of this group, she works at the farm in Green Run and she also goes down the the Garage next to the Diner. She is currently in a relationship with Marlton and she is the only one in the group to dispice Samuel. She favours Shotguns which fits in with the Farm background.

    Green Run
    Green Run is set in Hansford, it features a zombie boss the avorgado, this is a man made of electricity, he was made by the harp research centre as there was a conspiricy that they were trying to control weather and Treyarch being them they used that.

    Great Leap Forward
    The Great Leap Forward is set in China they where teleported there from Green Run, there we are told to Mend the Rift and we are told about Samuel and the Flesh.

    Buried is set underground in an old western mining town, in this map you open the portal to the Ather.

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