Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Shark Zombies!

Nasyr Jun 2, 2015

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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, can this game get any weirder? The Exo suit jumping and rapid guns I thought was going to be enough but, nope. Now a new DLC installment will be unleashing the beast or, Zombie Sharks you can call them. As you see in the image above, they are very odd looking and the name of them alone pretty much sums they up. In my opinion it looks like they're following more of an Alien Isolation type of game with these creations. They look almost like the Aliens in the game mentioned and the movies if anyone has seen them. Just the structure and mouth really goes into depth with the same feel.

    The new DLC release entitled Carrier, part of the Imminent Supremacy DLC will be released as of June 2nd or today for some. The whole sales price for the content pack will be £11.99 / $14.99 and obviously being no charge if you have purchased the Season Pass already. And with the game and a new DLC release comes a story and here it mentions, “Our heroes are left desperate for answers after Sentinel pilot Captain Lennox executes one of their own,” says the blurb. “Before they can unravel the truth however, they must band together with their captor to survive the horrors aboard an Atlas research vessel.” Sounds fair enough to me, I may even give it a try myself.​

    As many of you may have taken notice of, the characters list stars The Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell which becomes a huge role within the game that he plays and leads his comrads. Grindhouse’s Rose McGowan the girl which you see tied up in the beginning while someone gets shot, with being John Malkovich’s daughter. John Malkovich, Aliens which follows the original series which came out a very long time ago. Bill Paxton, The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal which is basically a Left 4 Dead character if anyone can recall him. And the developed Zombie Shark which falls into nobodys hands besides itself.​
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