Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Leaks and Rumors!

Nasyr Nov 3, 2014

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    There has been some sparks of quick excitement among general fans and just roamers looking for games to play. Not only are we 2 days away from the initial release of AW but, the leaks have been extraordinary. Those of you who have never heard of this game and or just don't know what to think? Check out the trailer of this game here. I feel like this game could be in the correct step or getting them back on track to where they should have been awhile ago. Only set back I think is the jumping mechanisms they have engaged within this game. Almost like they just combined Halo and Titanfall but, it's too soon to judge, too soon.

    As for my first rumor/leak there has been an initial release of information seeking that there will be the ability to make your character a zombie. As hyped or exciting that got me, I always have to question how real this rumor could be. Take a look for yourself at the picture here. After doing some little bits of research I haven't really found much on it but, really looking at the picture makes me think it has real intentions. From the detail and side effects it has on it I do personally think it is real. I don't know if this could lead into saying they have Character customizing, or just choosing of ones already designed? Or if this is a character for only zombies or online or if this even concludes that you can play as a zombie???

    As for my last rumor/leak I will share with you, it has to do with there actually being zombies on AW or not. Seems interesting after recent releases or sneak peeks if there truly is or isn't? Some have said it's just a Co-op or that it is actually Zombies, the game type. In fact I think there is actually both, a Co-Op and Zombies. I feel like there just evolving Co-Op to be more hands on with some challenges or objectives and maybe some zombies. As for Zombies it self, I feel there has been some most recent releases to prove that there for sure is. Check out a picture release of one of the zombies here. I hope that this version of zombies is different from the most recent ones they have had.

    Game Releases November 3rd, 2014 for Day Zero and November 4th, 2014 for regular release.

    What do you think? What are your thoughts/hopes?
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