c4eva Spoke! (2010-12-30 #psgroove)

Bezza Dec 30, 2010

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    [2010-12-30 03:14AM UTC] #psgroove * Mathieulh wonders how c4eva plans on hacking the ps3 bd drive when he talks of it as if it’s a 360 drive
    [2010-12-30 03:14AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> just saying…
    [2010-12-30 03:14AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> not that we really even need to hack into that in the first place
    [2010-12-30 03:14AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> but the drive is actually well protected
    [2010-12-30 03:14AM UTC] #psgroove <c4eva> thats right [​IMG] now
    [2010-12-30 03:15AM UTC] #psgroove <eddyz> hows slim drive work commin c4
    [2010-12-30 03:16AM UTC] #psgroove <c4eva> slim coming along nicely, almost done! too much to do, not enought spare time
    [2010-12-30 03:20AM UTC] #psgroove <eddyz> c4 is there anything technical or roadblocks  preventing the 3 new slim drives or is it basically time
    [2010-12-30 03:19AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> c4eva did you figure how the bd auth data is stored into the pic zone yet ?
    [2010-12-30 03:20AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> and how you have to patch the drive’s ram with a valid piczone data for the drive to see a “genuine” disc
    [2010-12-30 03:21AM UTC] #psgroove <c4eva> eddy:time
    [2010-12-30 03:24AM UTC] #psgroove <c4eva> math:yes auth data/pic zone not a problem with bd, yes there are routines to do this!
    [2010-12-30 03:24AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> c4eva you do know the auth to ps3 is encrypted right ? with a per bd drive key which is hellish to get from the drive side
    [2010-12-30 03:24AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> (though it’s actually easy to get from the ps3 side if you exploit and know how)
    [2010-12-30 03:24AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> I grabbed the key
    [2010-12-30 03:24AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> and sniffed all the auth
    [2010-12-30 03:25AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> and decrypted [​IMG]
    [2010-12-30 03:25AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> actually
    [2010-12-30 03:25AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> getting the key
    [2010-12-30 03:25AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> from ps3
    [2010-12-30 03:25AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> is documented
    [2010-12-30 03:25AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> check the ps3wiki
    [2010-12-30 03:25AM UTC] #psgroove <Mathieulh> https://ps3wiki.lan.st/index.php/Hypervisor_Reverse_Engineering#ENCDEC_device
    [2010-12-30 03:26AM UTC] #psgroove <c4eva> math:doesnt matter

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