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Bullet Feb 5, 2014

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    There has been a sharp increase in people adding staff / admins to their private messages and asking them to be a middle man in transactions.

    I fell it necessary to point out that we have a trading system in place where by after conducting 'X' amount of lobbies or sales of any type those members will receive either the 'Trusted seller' or 'Legit host' badge.

    These badges are awarded to members with a proven track record and you should seek out to deal with these members over anyone else on the site.

    We also have a set of rules specific to the Marketplace and trading on site:


    2.7 / The marketplace forum is where you can sell, buy, or trade items with your fellow xpgamesaves members. Please only post item threads in these forums. They may be deleted anywhere else. You may also include pictures of your item. No selling of stolen items permitted, or selling for a friend! If you dont own it you dont sell it!

    2.7 a / Before selling anything on the site you must have 15 constructive posts. No Booters, no cracks , no warez.

    2.7 b / Sales may only be conducted via the thread you created for you're sale.

    2.8 / Xpgamesaves is in no way involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers in the marketplace. Xpgamesaves accepts no responsibility for the legality, safety, accuracy, or legitimacy of the items listed on the Classified boards. Since we cannot guarantee that a buyer or seller will complete a transaction, both parties accept full responsibility for any transactions occuring through the marketplace.

    Please note the highlighted parts of the rules above.

    All trading and sales are your responsibility...please do not involve Staff members as middlemen to monitor your sales, that is not part of the staff members roles here and given the amount of lobbies and sales that take place on this site it is needless to say they do not have the time to monitor all sales.

    It is upto you to make sure you protect yourself during sales/ trades on XPG.

    Predominantly common sense should keep you safe, and sending payments as gifts does not protect the sellers from claw backs!

    Having said this is there is an issue with a sale then please report the member and we will deal with it.

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