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    Burning Xbox Games Guide - Tutorial for Making Xbox Backups on DVD

    Once you can ftp into the xbox, you will see 6 folders.
    The C: is the main folder.
    The D: is your XBOX's DVD Drive (thus where the game we are trying to backup is located)
    Now you want to download all the files from the D: to your computers HD.

    After it finishes, you need to create an XBOX iso file (xbox games will not read in your pc's dvd drive, just will show you a layout similar to dvds just a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder).

    Use xISO for this (see EvolutionX tutorial for more information on xISO).

    Once you create ISO, burn it to a blank dvd+rw with nero (this way you can test it before you actually use a dvd+r).

    Then try to play it in your modded xbox, hopefully it will work.

    The hardest part of this whole thing is finding the programs to do this and also finding BIOS's for your mod chip and finding an evolution x dashboard. i would search google or other various xbox forums.

    here's what i use and it works:

    -Matrix Mod Chip with Evox D6 Bios
    -Evolution X Dashboard v 1.8.3285 installed on XBOX
    -40GB Seagate 5400RPM HD (replaced original ms hd to get more space for games!)
    -XBOX - Version 1.0
    -Dvd Burner: HP DVD200i DVD+R/+RW
    -Media: Meromerox DVD+R and Verbatim DVD+R
    For Boot discs, i use Memorex CD+RW

    I am not sure if there is a major difference between DVD-R and DVD+R readability on the XBOX. If thats the case, you can always replace the XBOX's DVD Drive with a PC DVD Drive so it can read more types of media and dvds.

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