Borderlands 2 Skin Mule Save? Willing to pay.

almostdeadly224 Oct 9, 2012

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    First off, I would like to introduce myself to the XPG community! I have been using this website to download gamesaves for a while now and I still have not made my own thread or posted on anything until now so HI! :)

    Now off to business, I am looking for a Borderlands 2 gamesave mule that has one of every dropable skin. I already have all the heads so you don't have to worry about those or the runner/technical skins right now. Here is a link to a spreadsheet with every skin and how to get it:

    And as I said before, I am willing to pay for this gamesave with 1600 Microsoft Points. I have already purchased them and am ready give the code to the first person that contacts me with a completed skin collection.

    So let's recap, each character (4 characters) has 88 skins each to collect. Gearbox gave us 19 to start with leaving us 69 to collect through drops and one of those is a Gearbox skin that I'm not even sure if regular players can obtain so you can forget about that one. That just leaves you 68 skins for 4 characters to collect adding up to a total of 272 skins. There are modded gamesaves you can easily download to hold 200 at a time instead of making 11 regular mules to hold them all!

    There are several methods of contacting me:
    email: [email protected]
    xbox gt: RG Cerberus
    or just post on this thread and I will check back as quickly as I can if you want additional details.

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