Borderlands 2 Infinite Bad Ass Tokens

azureblade009 Sep 26, 2012

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    Sep 13, 2012
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    I haven't seen anything like this posted anywhere so here's a little glitch to exploit.
    Ok I just tried this messing around and I now have a bad ass score a little over 20,000 ;)

    So what you will need: 1) A save on your 360 hard drive. 2) A copy of the save on a 360 formatted USB drive.

    3) At least one (I have three) challenges near level 5 that can easily be finished. I chose gun runner, another man's treasure, and knee-deep in brass.

    Steps: 1) First at the main menu start by using Y to choose your character. Use X to choose your flash drive. Choose your copied character there.

    2) Continue game with this character. Once in game press pause and head to options and change storage device back to hard drive.

    3) Complete the challenge and receive your hundred bad ass points. (or more based on the number of challenges you set up for this)

    4) Quit game and let it save.

    5) Restart at step number 1. If done correctly you should have your character without those challenges completed and ready to be completed again. Since these points carry over to all your characters you will be receiving bad ass tokens and score.

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