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BlitZxSiN Sep 22, 2012

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    There seems to be a bunch of the same questions coming up every day, so I figured I'd give this a shot.

    1. How do I hex edit my save?

    If you don't have experience with hex editing, then I suggest you wait until an editor comes out. People have reported problems finding the correct addresses. You will need a decompressor to decompress then save. Then you will need to hex edit what you want to change, then re-compress it.

    2. How do I use the duplication glitch to get more money and weapons?

    Check this tutorial:

    3. Are there any saves that are level 50? What about a save with just max money?

    Sure, check these places for the best saves:
    • Level 50 Starter Saves (Max Money, Max Skill Points) -
    • Level 50 Modded Inventory (200+ Item Backpack, Max Money, Max Skill Points) -
    • Level 6 (Max Money, Max Skill Points) -
    • Level 8 Gunzerker (Max Money) -

    4. Why isn't there save with golden keys and badass tokens?

    The golden keys and badass tokens are saved to your GPD (Profile), not your save.

    5. How do I get max golden keys then?

    If you have a Jtag/RGH, check here:

    For Retail, this will take a bit longer but it is possible. Follow these two tutorials:

    6. How do I get a bunch of badass tokens?

    For Jtag/RGH, check here:

    For retail, this will take a while, but it is possible. Follow this guide:

    7. You haven't said anything about Eridium, what gives?

    Currently, there are no saves with eridium. If you would like someone to mod eridium for you, check this thread:

    8. What if I'm too lazy to do all this myself, can someone do it for me?

    Sure, there's always someone willing to do the grunt work for a small donation. Go here:

    9. When will a save editor or mod tool be released?

    There is no set date as many great people on here are working hard to make a great tool for the rest of the community. It will be released when it is finished, be patient.

    10. What about Jtag/RGH mods?

    Check here:

    If you have any suggestions or see anything wrong, feel free to let me know.
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    That just about sums it up Blitz

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