BlackOps Recording Feature Dismantled

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    Left stick toggles controls
    B Toggle HUD on/off (Removes all HUD)
    Y Toggles 1st person (confirmed), Third person (not confirmed), and Free Roam (confirmed)
    Left/Right on your dpad along with LT-A-RT likely control your star/stop points in the clip your editing (A seems like it will control the speed of your video playback which is currently at 3.0x in the video)
    X starts recording the edited timeline
    Hold X to take a screenshot from the timeline

    Your view depends on the setting you choose 1st person/third/free roam as you replay the clip's timeline so that you can easily snag clips and add different angles and what not to your edited clip. Without playing it it looks similar to Skate 3's setup.

    At 1st when you watch the video you think that the following images below are how many videos you have saved which is not the case its actually how many clips you can have within the video you have created which looks to be limited to 10. So for instance if you want to do 1st person then on segment 2 you want to do a free roam then clip 3 you do third person so on and so forth you can easily go back in and edit each segment on its own.

    AND HERE IS One of the best things found while researching the record features. There is a "Friend Feed" so that while your in the menus of black ops or editing your videos it gives you updates as to what your friends are doing such as FRIENDS T8rSalad has just updated their emblem. (seen in the below image) And you can obviously name the video and give it a description and it looks to have an auto description feature that defaults to the game type you played and the date/time you played which is likely customizable to whatever you want as well
    Look below the B to go Back writing an dyou will see the FRIEND FEED update
    I would imagine that come September 1st we will also get more information as to how the uploading feature will work and what not. It will likely upload to your online profile on the site which is awesome and a much needed thing. Now those without capture cards can share videos with there friends

    thanks and credit to Vosty3

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