Black Ops Prestige Levels

villan4eva Oct 23, 2010

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    I Know Gez Did A Topic Similar But I Cant Find It So I Posted A New One With A Tiny Bit More Info

    Finally David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar confirmed » how many prestige levels it will take you to earn the most prestigious award of 'em all... max prestige!

    Vahn also notes that it basically will take the same amount of time to get to max prestige, but you'll just earn more rewards along the way.

    "Ironically this wasn't supposed to be any sort of big secret.
    Only 50 levels in the game, folks. If you work the math out (and some of you have) people who like to go to max Prestige will get more rewards along the way because of the extra 5 levels ... but this doesn't necessarily mean it will take you any longer or become any more of a grind than it has been." -- David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar

    Among Other News............

    RC:XD vs. Jammer

    Apparently putting the jammer in your load-out might be your best chance on surviving the RC:XD... We sure hope Vahn was not being sarcastic (he does that, a lot) when confirming it on the COD:HQ ».

    "This is exactly why the Jammer is a counter to the RC-XD. It screws up the signal making the car harder to control / operate." -- Vahn

    [PC] Pre-matches

    Don't you hate it when you have to wait in the lobby until there are enough guys to play with in Modern Warfare 2 on PC? Well, Treyarch does too... They came up with a pre-match system:

    "Basically, you can run round a bit in a black and white free for all faux gamemode till the server fills up to the minimum required players and then the game starts.
    I love it. It's effin cool and solves a lot of problems for the PC since dedicated servers are more interesting than lobbies for a lot of people." -- Vahn »

    Leaked footage, where from?

    Last week or so, there has been a lot of leaked Black Ops footage floating around. They have been removed by Activision's copyright claims most of the time. But question is, how can this footage been leaked? Vahn explained » that the only people that could play Black Ops in the retail environment (XBL/PSN) are those that are associated with Black Ops from Treyarch, Activision, Microsoft and Sony.

    So what's up with that hard copy that got stolen »? Vahn explains » that to get the game through certification (approval process at Microsoft), one of the steps is to be sure the game runs from the disc. A very limited set of test media called "Green Discs" are made. These are fairly similar, but not identical, to the version that will come in the box.

    "Additionally, we can see the GamerTag/accounts of everyone who has connected. The list was audited just recently to be sure it is people we know." -- Vahn
    Leaderboards specifics

    As Vahn » states it, it's Treyarch's most aggressive leaderboards effort to date:

    "Leaderboards are now sorted on Score per minute averages (which will reward objective mode players better for taking objectives and not just getting kills).

    Game mode objective show Score per minute followed by key game mode stats. For example, in Search and Destroy it's Plants, Defuse, and Defends.

    We also have weekly, monthly, and all time variants each with a minimum game played (5, 25, and 50, respective) requirements to be listed on the board.

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