Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Maps and Modes Leaked information

Bullet Apr 14, 2015

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    We have some more leaked Black Ops 3 information for you, this time pertaining to the multiplayer portion of the anticipated title, more specifically the multiplayer maps, game modes and graphics details.
    Jezzyfartpants has revealed to us information about three of the multiplayer maps, the first of which is is based upon the Chernobyl reactor in the Ukraine. The second map is said to be based on Televieve in Israel, following a Nuclear bast. Lastly the third map will be set on a mining platform which descends during gameplay, taking players deep underground into the darkness.
    One thing all of these maps have in common is the harsh conditions, nuclear fallout, radioactivity and darkness which are all perfect environments a unit of soldiers known as EVO.

    With regards to the augmentations available to the players, we do know that they will assist in super human dashing and sliding, however it is believed we will not see boost assisted jumping, such as the super jump in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

    We also know that given the hazardous environments of some of the maps, we will see improved strength, among other things. The question appears to be, “How far are we willing to go”, a line taken from the teaser trailer from Treyarch which suggests we will have many augmentations to choose from.
    This futuristic breed of super soldier from the Evolved Variable Operator, Program are the only type of soldier that could withstand these harsh fighting conditions. These soldiers are part of a program that augments and replaces body parts with cybernetics to create the ultimate fighting machines.

    All of the maps on Black Ops 3 will be dynamic, meaning that the environment and surroundings will change during the course of a match. All game modes from the previous Call Of Duty titles will return in BO3, as was to be expected, along with the addition of some tweaks to the Groundwar mode, which will become 20 versus 20, making this a much bigger match.
    Graphics and framerate paly a big part in the gaming experience these days for most gamers, so you will be pleased to know that BO3 will be running on a new and improved engine which will run at a consistent 60FPS and 1080p on all platforms.

    Rumors suggest that we will see the return of maps from Call Of Duty 4, what would you really like to see return to Black Ops 3? Let us know in the comments below.
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    Nice info, Can't see Infinity Ward letting Treyarch use there maps ;)
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    If they f**k up zombies like AW, I think I will be done with playing COD.

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