Black Ops 3: Leaked Killstreaks, release date and more

Bullet Apr 17, 2015

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    Yet more information has leaked about Treyarchs Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3, this time we have got some amazing information for you,
    killstreaks revealed along with a release date and much more...

    Modern Warfare 2 fans will recall the Nuke, its making a return to BO3 and you will get a nuke when you get a 30 kill streak.
    Along with the Nuke, we will also see the EMP which will be available on a 10-12 killstreak, and we will see the return of dogs which can be called in after getting a 12-14 killstreak.

    We also now know the release date of BO3 to be November the 3rd thanks to another Amazon slip up, which can be seen in the image below:

    Again we would like to thank JezzyFartpants for this leak information. If you like this info please do go check out his channel and subscribe, he has a lot more leak info coming, so go check him out!
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