Black Ops 3: A Slow Start

Nasyr Nov 8, 2015

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    Black Ops 3 is now recently said to be experiencing server issues. Users have reported that they have trouble connecting or get kicked out of games. This is an issue Treyarch has said off their Twitter that they are aware of and currently trying to fix it. The server should be up in full functionality in a near 10-30 minutes in light of how much of an issue you are experiencing. This issue is also moving onto downloads as far s DLC's and the exclusive map that everyone has been dying for, Nuketown. If you are being promoted a message from the Xbox store telling you that you need to purchase or download the game again, it is false. Xbox has recently released a statement saying that this is in progress of being fixed and should be working fine within the time being. ​
    On the better side of all these issues, people have been most impressed with the campaign that Black Ops 3 offers. It goes back to the Call of Duty 4 times where you were able to choose a easy to hard mode on the games features. For example, when they gave cooperative missions that you could do online or with a friend that took you through side missions that would be fighting their main enemies. You would recognize this game type from the Modern Warfare 2 package. This gives a certain type of help to new members of the gaming community who are unfamiliar with first-person shooters. Now to maximize your campaign experience you can also unlock more guns and abilities quicker through out the game.​
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