Black Ops 2 Origins: Panzer Soldat Guide. What to do and how to defeat him.

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    Now i'm sure we all have been in the situation were your the last man and the soldat spawns and kills you...
    Well now with this guide this shouldn't happen again.
    The Panzer Soldat is the boss in Origins, he acts like the warden from Motd but with a few more features. He spawns on round 8. Once you kill him you will get a Fire staff part. After afew more rounds (2-4) He will spawn again. Then after you kill him after a few more rounds 2 will spawn and this continues. To kill the Panzer Soldat you first need to shoot his power source. This is located just above his head, it looks like a bright light. It takes about 3 shots with the Mp40. After this just shoot the Soldat's head and he will die. After you get the Fire staff part he could possibly drop a power drop.

    Things to look out for:
    The Soldat has a claw he can shoot out and grab you with, it has a short to medium range and once he grabs you he cant move. If he pulls you into a train of zombies they can hit you which can be annoying. To get out of his claw you have to shoot the red glowing button on his hand or knife him. The Soldat also has a flame thrower which can be deadly and he can also shoot zombies with it too. Also once you kill the Soldat he will drop down and explode which will hurt you and kill zombies within range.

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