Beachhead Talks About Modern Warfare 3 Cheating Policy

ADDZ Sep 5, 2011

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    Beachhead Talks About Modern Warfare 3 Cheating Policy

    Call of Duty Elite will help Infinity Ward enforce Modern Warfare 3's anti-cheating policies according to Beachhead Noah Heller.

    Boosters beware - Call of Duty Elite's stats tracking can flag you up.

    "Another thing Call of Duty: Elite is helpful for is cheating," Heller told NowGamer. "When you have the data, you can analyse... like hey, every time I get in a match, that guy is killing the same four people over and over. When we run competitions, we can make it fairer. We can crack open the data and understand what's going [on]. If you see someone you suspect of cheating and you analyse the data, it's like there you go, they all stand in a line and he shoots a bullet through all of them. so it's really valuable for us."

    The repercussions for cheating could range from having your stats altered to a ban, Heller added.

    "In terms of the competition, invalidating the terms of service, we might ban you, we might invalidate your results. If someone gets 100 headshots in an hour... you know? We have a 24/7 live ops team, they're multilingual, we've got folks in Europe, folks in the States. we've learnt a lot by talking to the Blizzard guys. What we do is we'll be running a lot of competitions, we'll be looking at the leaderboards. We do a lot of cheat detection."

    Call of Duty Elite competitions include things such as most flag captures on Friday night, grenade kills in an hour, and the like with prizes including iPads, Oakley merchandise and more.

    "We've got constant detection that's going on. We are always looking at people in competitions. If something looks awry, we will we will jump into that game to see if something is up," confirmed Heller.

    The live ops may even join the game to see what's happening first-hand. "They can join as a physical player, that's usually what we'll do. we also look at their last games. Heat maps instantly show up when something is off," said Heller. "You know, some people just want to level each other up and you know what? People can do that. It's kinda lame. But as long as you're not interfering with something, we don't want to go crazy about it. But with competitions, we want people to feel that competition is fair."
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    As long as I can mod spec ops its good! Guess I'm going to have to leave the Prestige mod idea lol

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