Battlefield 4 FREE on PC for the next week

Bullet Aug 8, 2014

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    The best things in life are FREE and everyone loves a freebie right? Well we have got great news for you, because
    EA has just announced that Battlefield 4 will be absolutely free, zilch, nada, for the next week on PC.

    As from today today, you can download DICE's massive first-person shooter and begin playing it free of charge thanks to Origins Game time program.

    As long as you are signed up to Origin you can follow the link below and download Battlefield 4 and play it for free, this offer is valid until August the 14th. The countdown timer on this offer runs in real time and not gameplay hours so as soon as you download it your 7 days will begin, go fill your boots.

    As well as Battlefiled 4 you can also get 48 hours free play time on Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning. Your first 48 hours won't cost a thing. Use Game Time to sharpen your swords and explore the open world of Amalur.

    Download Battlefield 4 for free.
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    nice this would be great if i didnt already got it lol i got it free with my video card when the game came out

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