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Rocky Apr 15, 2013

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    New Battlefield 4 promotional material reportedly spotted at GameStop indicates that the game will feature the return of Commander mode and the ability to play as three different factions in multiplayer.

    Battlefield 2's Commander mode, which was absent from the last game in the series, gives one player per side a RTS-style overview of the map and control of various assets such as artillery strikes, vehicle and supply drops.

    The GameStop poster in question, which is viewable in the video below, also suggests that playable online factions will include Russia, China and the United States.

    The debut Battlefield 4 gameplay video lists a Battlefield 4 release date window of autumn 2013 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


    Publisher EA has said that the first Battlefield 4 DLC will arrive in the form of a "premium expansion pack" available to pre-order customers at no extra cost.

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