Battlefield 3 Limited Edition details leak?

Burrows Feb 6, 2011

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    Premium edition to include "Back to Karkand" expansion according to leaked ad; content bundles updated weapons, vehicles, and maps from Battlefield 2.

    Source: A leaked ad for the limited edition of Battlefield 3, as seen on Battlefield fansite EnterBF3.

    What we heard: Last week Battlefield series developer DICE officially lifted the veil on the latest entry in the series, Battlefield 3. The Swedish studio said the title would arrive this fall in standard and limited edition iterations. Now, some new intel on the LE has crept out.

    the limited edition of the new shooter will come bundled with the "Back to Karkand" expansion, which will contain a heap of Battlefield 2 content including weapons, vehicles, and four multiplayer environments.

    The ad did not reveal which four maps will be included with the pack, however, Strike at Karkand was a popular multiplayer environment in Battlefield 2, and would seem a likely fit for the "Back to Karkand" expansion.

    The ad only shows the PC version of the title, but according to additional wording, it looks like the limited edition is coming to consoles. The ad says the limited edition will include additional trophies and achievements for players to unlock, which is a likely indicator that the edition will land on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

    Additionally, those who do not purchase a limited edition copy of Battlefield 3 can purchase and download the "Back to Karkand" expansion content about a month after the title releases, according to the leaked advertisement. Neither a price nor a more exact release date has been affixed to the content thus far.

    The official story: As of press time DICE has not responded to GameSpot's request for comment or clarification on the matter.

    Bogus or not bogus?: Looking very much not bogus that EA is planning a multiplatform limited edition for Battlefield 3. But whatever the case, answers will arrive soon, as DICE has said it will unveil the limited edition properly at this year's Game Developers Conference, which is set for the end of the month.


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