Preview Battlefield 3 End Game Details Confirmed, New Trailer Released

Rocky Jan 31, 2013

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    DICE has confirmed the contents of Battlefield 3’s fifth and final expansion, End Game.

    The DLC marks the return of two game modes found in earlier iterations of the series; Capture the Flag and Air Superiority.

    Air Superiority returns from Battlefield 1943 and sees players taking to the skies for aerial dogfights. Meanwhile, Capture the Flag is Capture the Flag. We’re guessing you already know what that is.

    In addition to this, there’s a new dirt bike, a new vehicle equipped with a rocket launcher, a dropship that allows players to parachute in behind enemy lines and more.

    All this with new cheevos, Dogtags and Challenges. All the usual stuff.

    See Capture the Flag in action below.

    Vid >>

    Source - X360A

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