Batman: Arkham Origins I Am The Night Mode

Bullet Sep 30, 2013

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    It has been confirmed that Batman: Arkham Origins will include a new extra hard mode called " I am the night mode". The new extra hard mode will only be available after completing the main game and New Game Plus.
    Producer Guillaume Voghel said that I Am The Night Mode will not allow you to save the game at any point and that you will only have one life. Voghel says that the main game in Batman Arkham Origins will take the average gamer around 12 hours to complete so the new game mode will add some longevity to the game:

    I personally cant wait for the game ot release, but im not sure that i will be going of for the " I am Night Mode"

    Batman Arkham Origins has a confirmed release date of October 25. It is the first in the series to feature multiplayer.
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