Batman Arkham Knight will have a ''lot more Personal story''

FreddyZVoorhees May 28, 2015

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    The last games of the series Batman: Arkham (developed by Rocksteady Studios) transcended the humble beginnings proposal in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Since, on the other hand, Batman can explore great scenery rather than be confined to a single location. In Batman: Arkham Knight, entire Gotham is about the domain of organized legions of evildoers - so where Arkham, properly, falls within the story?

    According to Dax Ginn, marketing director of Arkham Knight, the word "Arkham" appeared to represent an aesthetic and philosophical concept: "Our games are very 'real' - not ultra-realistic But there is a certain realism in the behavior. their characters. A little subtlety of aspects. The word connotations 'Arkham' untied is a literal connection to Arkham Asylum, gave her a meaning that goes beyond the simple 'geography' of the place. A meaning that extends to interpretation the fluid reality that is into the world. "

    "Arkham" can also refer to the interpretation of Rocksteady about Batman itself. According to Ginn, "assume its control generates a sense of authority."


    "We have come a progressive way from Arkham Asylum to Arkham Knight, each game a gradual step in the advancement of threats that Batman affront and therefore attracts. The tree of skills possessed in terms of combat and equipment as well as the addition of the Batmobile , make Batman more powerful than ever. But on the other hand, the dangers exercised over the hero generate proportionally threatening challenges. This is the essence of this series of clashes that has been the plan over the three games. "


    If this sounds to you as an irrepressible force about to collide with an immovable object, you are not far from the proposed. The eponymous Arkham Knight was designed to be the antagonistic version of Batman. So when the inevitable encounters between both come to light, Ginn suggests that the result is "a fascinating experience."

    And yet, within the series, are rare moments in which Batman feels about the true state of danger. This is part of the powerful sense described by Ginn and is an essential aspect of the character; Batman is equipped to handle any kind of situation. So what is the nature of the new threat he affronted and, after all, why should a threat if Batman is more powerful than ever? This time, Batman is affiliated with that Ginn calls "Bat-family" - Nightwing, Robin, Oracle, Commissioner Gordon, Alfred, Lucius Fox and Catwoman - characters who can not oppose the 'unbeatable' force.


    "The Batman's allies become more important, but the importance does not make them as capable as him; get involved in conflicts due to decisions made about Batman attracted the war for themselves through their own moral intuitions This is a fascinating aspect. Batman's personality that had not been explored so far. regarding the background, this is a much more personal story. "

    At the center of Arkham Knight plot lies the question: Batman is a lonely character or is part of an alliance? According to Ginn, even if other interpretations have seen Batman as part of a superhero group, this is an open question, but one that Arkham Knight might help you answer.
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