Batman: Arkham Knight, Director Play

Nasyr Aug 11, 2015

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    In a recently disbursed citing of news, you can now play as the director of this retro active Batman game. This mod has many capabilities and is quite funny just to have a look at. I will be supplying a video that shows this feature in action. The video is about 7 minutes long and is kind of goofy, for a lack of better words. It mainly shows the director running around fighting people, not to spoil it too much for you, if you were playing on giving it a watch. Also, I will be adding the picture shot of the director standing there within the game. I find it quite funny how creative some people get now-a-days.


    The image is practically a screenshot from the video. You can still do regular attacking and defensive motions when playing the game. As well as being able to drive the bat-mobile and so on. It's as if playing as Batman but, obviously the character is switched. In the video I will link below this you can see all that I have said above.​

    I'm not necessarily a fan of Batman but, this game is pretty wicked. I wouldn't mind going for a spin on it as I have done trials of others games and do find it decent. Have seen and heard many great reviews about this game. Also, seeing that there is going to be another DLC possibly on the way.​
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