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    Sep 14, 2013
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    This has my Barb it uses bits and pieces from damn near every save out there I have most of the sets you could desire nearly full on my gem recipes learned he isnt modded just has the items including the ias set the 4,14,21k azure as well as a few other 18-20k weps. His stats are all normal the only thing I claim credit for is the lvl of the barb and all the gear he is wearing minus weapons. Obviously this save is for 360 edit it to PS3 if you wish. First and for most before you say corrupt after you rip it to your flash drive put it on the hard drive or it most likely wont work for you that being said if you screw that step up after it is explained I pity you. For those that don't understand game saves save your profile to a flash drive or a profile that you want the items on. Download horizon drag my d3save into horizon set your profile as the profile to be used rehash/resign it then upload it to flash.


    I may add more stuff as I come across it. Also make sure to check the enchantress I put some gear on her. Main people to thank Imakillaghost and katsu.

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