Assault Heroes +3 Cheat Trainer {XBLA}

Rocky Jan 17, 2014

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    This download is a cheat trainer for Xbox Live Arcade game Assault Heroes. This trainer created by Rocky is free to download and will make beating the game a breeze.

    About Assault Heroes:

    Assault Heroes is an arcade-style, top-down shooter video game developed by Wanako Studios. The game has the player driving 4x4 vehicles, piloting speedboats, or proceeding on foot against enemy hordes. Players can play alone or co-operatively, including both online and offline 2-player co-operative modes.
    Assault Heroes was originally available as an Xbox Live Arcade title. On March 19, 2008, its price was lowered when the game joined the Arcade Hits lineup. A Microsoft Windows retail version was released on October 23, 2007 and the PS3 retail version was added to the PlayStation Network on January 28, 2010 by Konami.

    About Assault Heroes Cheat Trainer:

    File Name: ~ TeamXPG ~ Assault Heroes +3 Trainer {XBLA}
    File Submitter: Rocky
    File Submitted: 17 Jan 2014
    File Category: XBOX 360 Trainers
    Title ID : 584107FE
    TU Required: No
    TU : No
    DLC required ?: No
    DLC required.: No

    Team Media Video:​


    Download Trainer

    Extract it

    Transfer To your Xbox via your usual method

    Launch Trainer_Loader.xex

    Launch your Assault Heroes Game

    Press Start & Back

    Activate your Codes

    Trainer Options:

    LB & B - Infinite Grenades

    LB & Y - Infinite Lives

    LB & D-Pad Left - Infinite Nukes


    Created by Rocky

    TeamXPG Sr

    - ADDZ - XPGObyto - Bullet - BxRKings - begallegal1 -

    - XPGSensi420 - GoldZ - alexkyori - f1l3gr3n -

    TeamXPG Devs

    XPGAurora - RedHulk - JohnAKAGoldGiver - MastaOfEvil

    - losparo - t3fury - Rocky - Pope - AAW - Froody


    Title ID 584107FE

    TU - None


    Click here to download this file
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    Great work I'll have to give this a go, I have every xbla game on my rgh which is over 300GB and I've never played it but will now, cheers

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